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What Michael Jordan Apparently Told LeBron James At The NBA Top 75 Event: "You Can Do It. You Can Do It. Good Luck."

What Michael Jordan Apparently Told LeBron James At The NBA Top 75 Event: "You Can Do It. You Can Do It. Good Luck."

The 2022 NBA All-Star weekend was arguably one of the best ever in the league's history. Apart from the All-Star game being a close fixture, where Team LeBron ultimately defeated Team Durant, there was the NBA Top 75 event.

It was literally like seeing the best ever NBA players that have played in history gathered at one spot. Although several big names suited up for the event, the biggest name present there was undoubtedly Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan.

Of course, with MJ present at the event, it resulted in the world talking about the GOAT debate. After all, the event took place in Cleveland, which is LeBron James' home.

Knowing how competitive Jordan is, many expected some sort of spark to be there between him and LeBron. But on a surprising note, the two superstars seemed to be getting along pretty well for the first time.

Looking at the moment when the two legends hugged felt like the first time that MJ finally recognized LBJ as truly one of the greatest players. During that heartfelt moment, fans noticed that the two even shared a few words.

So of course, all were wondering what the two players were talking about. Apparently, that conversation has been deduced by a fan.

"You can do it. You can do it. Good luck."

Considering the Lakers are having a pretty average season, there is a lot of pressure on LeBron James. He is the face of the franchise and despite his efforts; the team is simply unable to win games consistently this season.

At this point in the season, the Lakers have a record of 27-31 and sit in the ninth spot in the Western Conference table. With less than half a season remaining, maybe Mike's appreciation is what LeBron needs to carry his team to a playoff spot.

Anyway, it was pretty great to see arguably the two best players that ever graced the hardwood share a great moment after so many years. Looking at such things makes fans wonder what if LeBron and MJ played in the same era? Moreover, what if the two players teamed up?

Well, the two superstars played together for a while when LeBron James was drafted into the league in 2003. Not many were aware of this legendary team-up until James revealed this in an interview back in 2020.

According to LeBron, whenever he and Jordan teamed up they never lost a game, albeit at a training camp. Unfortunately, the footage of it is still a secret and fans are still waiting for it to be released.

Maybe we will see the much-anticipated footage in the future. But there is no certainty about it. Until then, fans will definitely remain happy with the footage of the 2022 NBA Top 75 event, where they witnessed the two players finally having a legitimate interaction.

Even after almost 20 years the two superstars first met, the glow in LeBron's face when he sees MJ is simply unmatched. After all, like most NBA players, Jordan was the idol of LeBron when growing up.

A big difference between the two times is the fact that in 2003, LeBron was considered someone who would carry forward the legacy of MJ in the league. In 2022, for most fans, James has fulfilled those heavy expectations set for him by everyone around the league.