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Wild Scene Goes Viral As Coach Chokes Out Ref On The Court

Wild Scene Goes Viral As Coach Chokes Out Ref On The Court

Like many sports, basketball serves as an escape for countless individuals. As a sport that rewards virtues like hard work, dedication, and teamwork, the game of basketball offers players and spectators a truly special experience.

At times, however, things can get out of hand.

On Twitter, user EGB Hoops posted some footage he witnessed at a youth basketball game, which apparently involved a coach strangling a referee on the sidelines.

The whole thing got pretty wild and seemingly evolved into an all-out brawl.

We do not have any additional information on how the incident started or how it ended, but it's safe to say this is something we've never really seen before.

In response, countless Twitter users chimed in with their own thoughts on the scene, expressing shock and disappointment at what transpired during what we assume to be a youth game.

It's hardly the first time things have gotten chippy on the court. Back in December, a High Schooler made headlines after swinging on his opponent during the post-game handshake line.

During the handshake line after the game a Carlisle player attacked the player leading the Nevada handshake line. First he hit him in the body and then appeared to knock him out with a punch to the face.

It looked like he tried to throw another punch as the kid was falling down and another Nevada player jumped in to tackle the kid throwing the punches.

Even in the NBA, violent outbursts have happened. Earlier this season, LeBron James was caught in the middle of a scandal with Isaiah Stewart after he charged at the Lakers star in the middle of a play.

So, crazy things do tend to happen in the basketball world. Emotions run high, anger takes over, and people respond the only way they know how.

In this case, however, the parties involved could face serious consequences for how it all played out and the fact that it involved two adults during a youth event.

We will update the story if any more information becomes available.