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Wilt Chamberlain Said That Every NBA Player Should Give 10% Of Their Checks To Michael Jordan

(via OpenCourt-Basketball)

(via OpenCourt-Basketball)

Michale Jordan has earned the respect of many NBA superstars -- both current and former players. Wilt Chamberlain, who was considered basketball's first real superstar, is no exception.

Though he never outright admitted MJ was better than him (at least not while Jordan was in the league), he once went so far as to say every player should give 10% of their paychecks to him.

“I think the only guy that is worth the money he is making is Michael Jordan. I think he should get 10 percent of every guy’s contract. He made basketball exciting and what it is so young guys like Allen Iverson who plays for the 76ers and has no respect for anybody he should be getting his hat off to Michael Jordan.”

The point he's making isn't necessarily a wrong one. Michael Jordan popularized the sport so that guys like A.I., Kobe, LeBron, and pretty much every star since could thrive and enjoy the fame and fortune that came with it.

And while handing Jordan literal paychecks might be taking it too far, they should certainly be grateful for the way Michael attracted so much attention and awe to the league.

He's is part of the reason why a lot of these players are seeing so much success. No matter your opinion on Mike, that's got to be worth something -- especially since it's coming from Wilt Chamberlain himself.