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Zach LaVine On Lonzo Ball: "He's One Of The Best Passers In The Game, One Of The Highest IQ Players."

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Lonzo Ball high-fiving Zach LaVine

Zach LaVine is one of the best shooting guards in the league, but alas, he has not yet made the playoffs. That could potentially change during this upcoming season, as the Chicago Bulls front office has provided him with some solid players to give him some help on the court.

One of those players was Lonzo Ball, a pass-first point guard who is also an extremely versatile perimeter defender. There's no doubt that his playmaking ability is viewed highly across the league, and he's definitely in a good situation that would let him thrive, next to multiple scorers. Lonzo Ball has had some inconsistent seasons, but it seems as though that didn't matter to the Chicago Bulls, who signed Lonzo Ball to a 4-year $85 million contract as part of their offseason overhaul.

LaVine has recently lauded Ball's ability as a passer and called him "one of the highest IQ players" in the league. The Chicago Bulls will need a stellar year from Lonzo Ball to make the playoffs, and there have been many who questioned how the Bulls' players all fit together. However, it seems as though Zach LaVine has no such concerns about how his game will mesh with Ball's.

The Chicago Bulls haven't made the playoffs for quite some time, and it would be great for them to end their playoff drought. Zach LaVine's scoring will be crucial for the team, and perhaps this is the year LaVine has his first playoff appearance.

It remains to be seen whether the Chicago Bulls will be able to make the playoffs, but they definitely have the talent to do so. Hopefully, the Chicago faithful are able to see their favorite players in the offseason, and it definitely seems as though the Bulls are ready to make a comeback.