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Zach LaVine Opens Up On Recruiting DeMar DeRozan To Chicago Bulls: "I Called Him One Night At Like 3 AM... Just To Talk To Him About How Everything Was Going On With Free Agency And How We Could Make It Work."

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Zach LaVine To DeMar DeRozan After Fans Mocked His Arrival To The Bulls: "Don’t Worry About Anything, This Sh*t Will Work."

DeMar DeRozan has shown that he was one of the best signings, if not the best signing in free agency last season. There's no question that DeMar DeRozan has unlocked a new level this season, and he's certainly been playing like an MVP-caliber player. Currently, DeMar DeRozan is averaging 28.3 PPG, 5.2 RPG, and 5.1 APG, while shooting 52.1% from the field and 35.3% from beyond the arc.

It seems as though Zach LaVine was instrumental in bringing DeMar DeRozan to Chicago. When speaking to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, he opened up on recruiting DeMar DeRozan to Chicago, even revealing that he once called DeMar DeRozan at 3 AM to discuss his free agency and how they "could make it work". Notably, Nikola Vucevic was also recruiting DeMar DeRozan to the Chicago Bulls prior to him actually making the decision to sign there.

During the Olympics it did, and then obviously everything came to fruition after that. Obviously I knew he was definitely in talks with the Lakers and probably a couple of other teams. I'm just happy that we got him.

While I was overseas, yes. There were some nights, I called him one night at like 3 a.m. because of the time change, just to talk to him about how everything was going on with free agency and how we could make it work. And when I came back, we got together. Obviously the signing happened, we started working out together in the offseason, and we both came to Chicago early because it's a pretty new team. Pretty much everyone's new on the team. We started off really early on in the process. I think that's why we have such good chemistry. 

The partnership between the two stars has clearly worked out this season, and the Chicago Bulls are currently the first seed in the Eastern Conference, despite some injuries to key players such as Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso.

There is no doubt that the Chicago Bulls are a contender, and they have a chance to make it out of the Eastern Conference this season. It would be fun to see the team back in the Finals, as they haven't been able to get that far in the postseason since the Michael Jordan days.