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Zach Randolph Says People Thought He Was Zion Williamson During A Trip To Las Vegas

(via Youtube)

(via Youtube)

Imagine getting a haircut so fresh that you look 20 years younger. Well, apparently that's what happened to Memphis Grizzlies legend Zach Randolph during a trip to Las Vegas. The former power forward joined the Chris Vernon show in February to discuss a variety of topics, including fistfights, his time with the Grizzlies and more.

Just when the show started, Vernon compliment Z-Bo for his haircut and the big man told a story of how some people believed he was New Orleans Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson. Randolph explained he looked so fine that he felt he was 25 again.

"They say I look like I'm 25," he said. "I was in Vegas, they said 'is that Zion?' I said 'I paved the way for him, he's my little brother.' People were like 'is that Zion?' I said, 'I paved the way for him, though.'"

Well, you have to admit there is a certain resemblance between Z-Bo and Zion. However, when you see them on the court, you know there are clear differences between them.

Randolph became a legend in Memphis, where another rookie is trying to do the same, Ja Morant. Zion appears to be his biggest competition and they're ready for a duel that will last several years.