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Zion Williamson Has More Missed Games In His Career Than Games Played

Zion Williamson Now Has More Missed Games In His Career Than Games Played

Zion Williamson has been involved in plenty of rumors recently, after the player's shape has come into question. Recent reports suggest he's weighing over 300 lbs, which would make him the heaviest player in the league. 

However, other contradicting pictures showed a different Zion, looking in game shape while talking with some fans. The former Duke player has been included in several reports, but nobody actually knows what is going on with the player. 

Meanwhile, a curious number regarding the big man has surfaced. He's yet to make his debut this season, and after missing the New Orleans Pelicans' first 27 games this season, Williamson has officially missed more games than he's played in the league. 

To this date, Zion has played 85 NBA games and has missed 86. 

Even though the difference is only one game, this says a lot about Zion's first three seasons in the league. Injuries have bothered him during his young career, and this one hasn't been the exception. 

He hasn't played since last season after suffering a foot injury. Zion underwent surgery and was expected to return to his team at the start of the campaign. However, is unclear when that will happen, as Zion and the Pels are yet to provide updates on his health. 

He's been present in recent Pelicans' games, but people have focused on his weight and anything else. 

People like Charles Barkley have trolled Williamson for his body, saying he looks like the son he'd have with Shaquille O'Neal. Meanwhile, Zion keeps working to return to the court and change the number of missed games. 

It's been a rough tenure for the player, who is still trying to reach the playoffs with the Pels. Hopefully, once he returns, the team will have a better chance at competing for the play-in tournament, but time will tell how this ends.