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Zion Williamson Spotted Last Night In New Orleans Looking In Game Ready Shape

Zion Williamson Spotted Last Night In New Orleans Looking In Game Ready Shape

Zion Williamson has been a talking point for many NBA fans recently. Ever since his injury ruled him out for the start of the season, several pictures began circulating of Zion looking in poor shape. Fans immediately labeled him fat and said that he wasn't taking his diet seriously.

On top of that, there have been reports about his weight issues, with a recent report even suggesting that he is currently at 330 pounds, something very difficult at his size to describe as physically fit.

But it appears Zion has been staying fit, as a recent picture of his shows him in possibly the best shape of his NBA career. As posted by a fan on Twitter, Zion took a picture with a father and his son. In the pic, he looks incredibly lean, and in the best shape that we have seen him in since his time in Duke.

So this begs the question; was Zion actually out of shape? Now it is possible for him to have put on weight while being injured. After all, athletes are used to consuming high calories because they end up burning them while playing. And with an injury, he could have the same caloric intake while not burning off the same amount.

On the other hand, it could be a situation like that of James Harden's last year. During the turbulent period of time Harden had demanded a trade from Houston, he was looking a lot bigger. Many even joked that Harden was trying to 'eat his way out of Houston'.

But it turned out that he was still in great shape, which became more apparent when he went to Brooklyn. It could just be that the clothes Zion was wearing made him look that way. And with a player of Zion's frame, all it takes is a few baggy clothes or layers to look out of shape.

This will be a very encouraging sign for the New Orleans Pelicans, who desperately await the return of their superstar, as they have been struggling since the start of the season.