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Zion Williamson Talks About Viral Video With White Kid Guarding Him: "I Got A Lot Of Respect For Him"

(via Hoops Diamond)

(via Hoops Diamond)

Zion Williamson addressed his viral video where one little white kid walked to guard him and he had all the attitude to go against one of the most hyped prospects in high school. Williamson recently joined JJ Redick's "The Old Man and the Three" podcast, where they talked about a variety of topics.

The player discussed that viral video and had pretty good things to say about that kid, even revealing his name and what he's doing right now. Turns out that young boy continues playing and it's doing important things right now.

"His name is Bryson Bishop, and he's either a senior in high school, about to graduate in a few months or he's a freshman. Man, I'll never forget that. That was a rival and it's like third late or fourth quarter. We're up 30 at this point so we come out of a timeout and he starts walking over to me. I'm like 'no way. You're not about to do this' and he comes over and he starts clapping," Zion said while laughing. "If you saw me, I looked to the right, my principal and our track and field coach. I looked at those two and I was like 'are they serious?' and then he fouled me but what people don't know is I got a lot of respect to him for doing that because his team, his teammates were so out of it that he was just trying to get them energy and for him to be the one to come over there and do that, I got nothing but respect for him for doing that. When it was happening in the moment I was like 'no way. Don't disrespect me like that.'"

Things changed for Zion as he grew up and understood what that kid was trying to do. Redick also talked one of his stories when he felt disrespected after one team put somebody to guard him while beating his rivals.

Right now Zion is doing important things in the NBA, becoming a star in his second season in the association. He's the future of the New Orleans Pelicans and the team is ready to build around him to see if the sophomore can take them to the next level.