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3 Teams Are Interested In Damian Lillard, Waiting For Him To Request A Trade

3 Teams Are Interested In Damian Lillard, Waiting For Him To Request A Trade

This week has been full of rumors surrounding Damian Lillard. The All-Star point guard has repeatedly stated he's committed to the Portland Trail Blazers. Yet, rumors don't stop coming, suggesting he could leave the franchise if they don't improve the level. 

After reports surfaced claiming he'd like to play with Philadelphia 76ers' disgruntled star Ben Simmons, and Lillard denied them, they haven't stopped coming. Even though he's not ready to leave the team, the consensus around the league is that Lillard will eventually leave the Trail Blazers out of frustration. 

According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, three teams are interested in Dame's services and are only waiting for him to request a trade to make a move for the All-Star point guard. 

Three teams with interest in Lillard told ESPN that they are waiting on him to make an offseason trade demand before calling Portland. If Lillard asks out, they know the Blazers will lose some leverage in the asking price -- and are waiting on it. Philadelphia made an offer, but New York never did, league sources said.

In the past couple of days, everybody has had a lot to say about this situation. The player has made sure to shut down all the rumors, firing back at the reports, but that won't stop insiders. 

It's true that Lillard has always said he wants to win in Portland, but the team isn't giving him the right help to win the championship. As much love as he has for the city and the franchise, nothing assures he'll stay with them for the rest of his best years. 

The situation doesn't look good for them following Neil Olshey's firing, and that development could play a role in Dame's departure, but nothing is certain now.