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Celtics Fans Don't Like The Blockbuster Trade Idea Of Kevin Durant For Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, And Two Draft Picks: "We Just Swept KD, We Don't Want The Snake"

Celtics Fans Don't Like The Blockbuster Trade Idea Of Kevin Durant For Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, And Two Draft Picks: "We Just Swept KD, We Don't Want The Snake"

When Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving joined forces and decided to play for the Brooklyn Nets, fans expected the duo to bring a few championships to the organization. On top of that, the Nets added James Harden to the mix to further bolster their chances at winning it all.

While the Harden experiment blew up as the Beard forced a trade to the Philadelphia 76ers this season, things started to go haywire for the franchise.

Despite losing Harden, fans expected the Nets to have a decent postseason run and ultimately become the team to come out of the East. In reality, the Nets were nowhere close to that level.

Instead, they were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs at the hands of the Boston Celtics. What's more embarrassing is the fact that the Nets got swept by the Celtics despite having a healthy KD and Kyrie on the team.

Following the disastrous series, Durant has been a constant target of fans' backlash. So much so that many believe that his legacy as one of the best players of this generation has been destroyed after playing poorly in the 2022 Playoffs.

So what's next for the Slim Reaper? Well, the Instagram page "mocktrades" has proposed a potential KD trade, and that too to the Boston Celtics.

Upon seeing this trade idea, NBA fans were rightfully pissed. Here are some of the best reactions to the post:

_chriskodak: "This aint a bad trade if boston gets beaten easily in the next round , but why break up the core when it seems like its finally starting to come together?"

dennisilva18: "Na we good I take jalen for my next 10 years."

k.loading24: "kd isn’t worth that for boston 😂."

mickeym232323: "All that for a 34 year old player with injury history I’m all set dumbest trade and anybody saying it’s a good trade is on crack."

409sethh: "Bro take this down 😂let’s just make the team we just swept better."

sidneydorsainvil: "Yeah let’s trade our DPOY & a star who just outplayed the Ky/Durant duo with Tatum, who’s literally not even in his prime years yet, for Durant who plays average at best defense. Kevin doesn’t fit want Ime likes to do. If anything, they’re gonna look for a Big to replace Al."

top_shotta148: "I really don't think the Celtics gonna want Kevin after they just swept him 😐."

atabey.akfidan: "Boston already got 'kd' with loyalty and 10 years younger age. Tatum. So they should keep their young core, Brown is all star and smart is dpoy, doesnt need to give up 3 more first rounds for overrated snake who can leave after 1-2 years later."

micahgibson5: "I think I speak for all Celtics fans out there when I say we do not want Derrick white as our starting point guard."

bryancgibson: "If I'm the Celtics, I'm laughing while hanging up the phone. Jaylen Brown is 25 years old averaging 24ppg, 6rebs, 3.5asts. Smart is the DPOY bringing 12ppg, 6asts, 4rebs, and 1.7stls. Not trading those two for a player heading into his 15th season, even of Durant's caliber."

theoneandonlymrwonderful: "That trade would set the Celtics back 10 years."

mxkesidney: "Why tf would they trade for a n***a they just swept?? lmao."

sebbedecarolis: "Lol get this s**t out of my face."

_ross31: "What kind of page makes trades with playoff rivals?"

filler_killer_1213: "He switches teams, teams don’t trade him. EVER."

mmike_r: "Why break up the core honestly. Their Defense is solid, and Tatum just gets better and better so offense will be there."

johngernhardt5: "The caption is funny but at the same time the nets wouldn’t send a top 3 player in the world away leaving them with 3 guys in their starting lineup that can’t shoot." "This series means irving and kd is going down, brown and tatum is going up. So this trade will never happen."

trendsetter.var: "Y’all so hilarious 😂 so Becuz he did something one time he know for doing it ? So Westbrook known for leading the league in scoring and assist at the same time."

kauri.nohomo: "Nets would have to throw in Ben Simmons for that to work."

As most fans pointed out, this is one of the worst trade ideas out there. Even if the Celtics hadn't swept the Nets, there is no reason for them to trade away their future for probably a couple of years of Durant.

Moreover, the trade package suggested by the IG page will destroy the roster constructed by the Celtics.

All things considered, there is no way this trade can go ahead, and let's hope we see some better mock trades in the future.