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Golden State Warriors Could Land LeBron James For The 'Ultimate Trade Package' The Los Angeles Lakers Couldn't Reject

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LeBron James is one of the top superstars in the sport, and there's no doubt that he is still a player that can help a team win championships. Even though the Lakers were poor last season, LeBron James has had a stellar individual season, averaging 30.2 PPG, 8.2 RPG, and 6.2 APG.

Due to the Lakers franchise not being competitive, there have been some teams that have reportedly contacted them about trading for LeBron James. However, the franchise was not interested in moving LeBron James at this time.

"Teams have called LA regarding trade for LeBron, Lakers are not interested."

Perhaps there is a trade out there that the Los Angeles Lakers would accept. A team that could offer a strong package for LeBron James is the Golden State Warriors. Here is our potential trade scenario.

Golden State Warriors Receive: LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers Receive: Andrew Wiggins, Jordan Poole, Jonathan Kuminga, 2026 First-Round Pick (GSW), 2028 First-Round Pick (GSW)

Warriors Create A Superteam Once Again

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The Golden State Warriors are well known for their "superteam era" after Kevin Durant signed with the franchise in 2016 free agency. The acquisition led to the team winning two titles, and perhaps acquiring LeBron James would have a similar effect on the franchise.

To get LeBron James, the Golden State Warriors would have to give up a package containing young prospects and picks. LeBron James being on an expiring contract should in theory make the deal easier. In this scenario, the Warriors would send out two of their top prospects to the Lakers, Jordan Poole and Jonathan Kuminga. Those two players would be attached to Andrew Wiggins' contract, which would be the salary base for this deal. The Warriors would also send out two first-round picks as the required draft compensation to get this deal done. 

An underrated factor in this scenario is that the Warriors would likely lose one of Andrew Wiggins or Jordan Poole in free agency. Moving both of them to the Lakers while getting LeBron James back would allow the Warriors to avoid that situation and get a superstar who can play either the PG or the SF position for them.

Obviously getting a do-it-all wing in LeBron James will be beneficial, and he and Stephen Curry would make up the best duo in the league. But an important factor would also be the Warriors retaining James Wiseman and Moses Moody, both of whom are lottery picks that can help the Warriors stay competitive as the veterans on the team get older.

A LeBron James and Stephen Curry duo would put the league on notice, and the Warriors would likely be the favorites to win the championship once again. Having a slasher and playmaker like LeBron James on the roster would allow the Warriors to add another layer to their offense, and he would give them more shot creation as well. Having Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson on the roster would in turn make life easier for LeBron James due to the spacing the two provide for his drives to the rim. From a basketball perspective, this seems to be a beneficial arrangement for both LeBron James and the Warriors.

Lakers Get A Strong Package For A Superstar On An Expiring Contract

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If LeBron James would in fact want to leave the Los Angeles Lakers due to them not being competitive, it would make sense for the Lakers to try and work with LeBron James to move him to a competitive team, while also getting a solid return. The trade package from the Warriors could potentially be appealing for a variety of reasons.

Jordan Poole is one of the best combo guards in the league, and he would likely be a starter at either the PG or the SG position for the Los Angeles Lakers. He is well-known for his elite handle and shot creation ability. Andrew Wiggins is a two-way player, that can provide supplementary offense and shooting while guarding the best opposing perimeter player. Jonathan Kuminga is an athletic phenom that has sky-high potential, and he has already shown some ability to use his tools on the defensive end. The draft compensation involved could also potentially be valuable, especially the first-round pick in 2028.

Overall, this seems like the Lakers would be getting a fair return for an aging LeBron James who is on an expiring contract. The Warriors would get two players that could be good for years to come in Jordan Poole and Jonathan Kuminga, as well as an All-Star player in Andrew Wiggins and draft compensation. The Lakers would add those 3 players next to a top-tier star in Anthony Davis, and that could potentially let them remain a competitive team in the Western Conference.

This Trade Would Help Everyone Involved

If LeBron James does in fact want to leave the Los Angeles Lakers to win a championship, there are few franchises better suited to win now than the Warriors. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Lakers would get a good package for a player that could end up leaving the team in free agency.

Obviously, there is no indication that the Los Angeles Lakers plan to trade LeBron James anytime soon. However, if they were to do so, this package would simply be too good to refuse.

Would Warriors fans like this trade at the beginning? No, because LeBron is their biggest rival in the last century. But LeBron James is a proven winner, he won 4 championships and played in 10 NBA Finals, and if it wasn't for the Warriors superteam, he would probably have more rings. 

Stephen Curry is a smart man. He called Kevin Durant to join when the Warriors needed help to beat LeBron James. Perhaps now is time to call LeBron James and win even more titles. Draymond Green and LeBron James are notably friends, they would like to play together, and this trade would ensure that happens.

Last and not least, Bronny James would be a solid reason for LeBron James to join the Warriors. There is no better place for Bronny than the Golden State Warriors organization. They support their players, they have an elite system, and Bronny James would be able to develop well with them. 

There's a lot to like about the LeBron James fit with the Golden State Warriors. Stephen Curry playing with LeBron James would be must-watch basketball, and we'll see if they will team up in the future.