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NBA Teams Have Reportedly Called The Lakers About A Potential LeBron James Trade But The Franchise Is Not Interested

LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers seem to be in a spot where nothing is set in stone regarding the roster. Russell Westbrook is the likeliest player to be moved on at some point, but Anthony Davis' name has also been mentioned in discussions about potential trades the franchise can make to improve the team. And even though he is the leading man for all intents and purposes, even LeBron James is not exempt from conversations about this. 

James is approaching the end of his career, even though he's not showing the signs of age yet. Before Father Time catches up with him, though, LeBron surely wants to try and get his hands on a championship or 2. And while that like should be with the Lakers, it would make sense if he were to move again to make it happen. And it seems other teams also believe so, with Marc Stein saying teams have called the Lakers about potential deals for LeBron. 

"Teams have called LA regarding trade for LeBron, Lakers are not interested."

Stein also went on to explain that James is happy in Los Angeles and that his family has settled into life in California quite comfortably before explaining the options LeBron has. 

"Sources briefed on the matter stress that James is extremely happy in Los Angeles despite the Lakers' back-to-back rocky seasons. He and his family, by all accounts, have grown increasingly entrenched in Southern California since James signed with the Lakers in the summer of 2018.

"James basically has three options. He can play out his current contract at $44.5 million and become a free agent after his 20th NBA season. Or he can sign a one-year extension worth $46.7 million ... or a two-year maximum extension worth $97.1 million (and presumably containing a player option for Year 2). James, remember, turns 38 on Dec. 30."

There is no reason to believe just yet that the Lakers cannot turn this around and start contending once again. They have the star power to do it, all they need is to find cohesion in the locker room, with or without Russell Westbrook. In any case, it wouldn't make sense for either LeBron or the Lakers to make a trade happen at the moment.