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Ja Morant Denies Dillon Brooks And Kyle Anderson Trade Rumors: "Stop It."

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Most NBA players are put in trade rumors at some point in their career. There's no doubt that there are probably exceptions, but even legends like Kobe Bryant were once part of the drama that surrounds trades.

A recent trade rumor that has been popping up features the Memphis Grizzlies, and their wing players Dillon Brooks and Kyle Anderson. They've been linked with the Cavaliers, as it makes sense for the Cavaliers to acquire a wing player, and the Memphis Grizzlies currently have too many players on the roster.

Grizzlies franchise star Ja Morant has recently poured cold water on the rumors linking his teammates with the Cavaliers. Morant tweeted about one of them and saying "stop it" with laughing emojis. It's clear that Ja Morant did not believe the report one bit.

While the Grizzlies may need to trim down their roster, it doesn't seem prudent to trade two players that helped them make the playoffs last season. Dillon Brooks is a solid two-way wing with untapped potential, and he averaged 17.2 PPG this past season, which made him the 2nd leading scorer on the Grizzlies. Kyle Anderson is also a solid two-way wing, who has made strides on his jumper this season, shooting a career-high 3.8 attempts from beyond the arc on 36%. Both players are solid fits next to Ja Morant as well.

Ja Morant also commented on another Tweet featuring a report that denied any ongoing trade talks between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Cleveland Cavaliers, and called that "the truth". 

There is no question that Ja Morant has certainly not heard of any trades concerning Dillon Brooks and Kyle Anderson, though it is obviously impossible to predict the Grizzlies' future moves. The team has a nice young core that just made the playoffs, and it seems reasonable to let them develop and try to run it back.