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NBA Rumors: Brooklyn Nets Are Interested In Donovan Mitchell

NBA Rumors: Brooklyn Nets Are Interested In Donovan Mitchell

The Brooklyn Nets already entered this offseason surrounded by drama after the Kyrie Irving saga that bothered the entire organization during the 2021/22 NBA season. This situation led to another one where the team didn't want to offer a new contract to Kyrie. 

Even though Irving picked up his player option for the next season, Kevin Durant requested a trade from the team, and now everybody is trying to guess where the 2x NBA champion will play next. The Nets have been linked with several moves in recent days, but right now, nothing is certain.

A lot of players have been linked with the Nets recently, but not everybody on their wishlist will go to Brooklyn unless they meet certain conditions. Still, they aren't giving up on their attempts to land a high-profile player, and recently, we learned about one name that could be on the Nets' radar. 

According to Jacob Eisenberg, Donovan Mitchell has drawn attention from the Nets, and won't hesitate to include Ben Simmons in a package to get the Utah Jazz's shooting guard. 

Some NBA chatter I've heard in last 36 hours:

- Suns, Raps, & Clips are 3 most likely destinations for KD. BUT... Nets don't love Ayton & are wary of pairing Barnes w Simmons.

- Nets would be interested in D. Mitchell, even if it means they have to trade Simmons elsewhere

This is an interesting name for the Nets, but it's unlikely that the Jazz get rid of Mitchell after trading Rudy Gobert to the Minnesota Timberwolves. The New York Knicks and Miami Heat have been linked with a potential move for Mitchell, so the competition will be hard in the case that the Jazz decides to part ways with their young star.

Mitchell on the Nets would be interesting to see, but he's not the only name linked with the Brooklynites. Time will tell how this situation will play out, but the Nets have plenty of options right now.