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NBA Rumors: Brooklyn Nets Are Looking For 'High-Level Star Players' Instead Of Picks For Kevin Durant

NBA Rumors: Brooklyn Nets Are Looking For 'High-Level Star Players' Instead Of Picks For Kevin Durant

The Brooklyn Nets are actively working on getting Kevin Durant shipped somewhere else after the player demanded a trade from the franchise. As expected, almost every team in the league has called to ask about Durant and what the Nets want in return for their disgruntled superstar. 

As of right now, nothing is official regarding the player, given the big return, a star of his caliber would demand. The Nets are still waiting for the right offer to come so they can decide what to do with KD, but rumor has it that the Nets are working under the possibility that both Durant and Kyrie Irving are on the team on opening night. 

Several reports have tried to shed light on this situation, claiming that Brooklyn wants young players or draft picks to part ways with Durant, but Brian Windhorst recently reported something different. The ESPN analyst claims that they are more focused on getting high-level players instead of draft selections. During a recent edition of his The Hoop Collective podcast, Windy had this to say:

"From what I can tell, there was an attempt by the Nets to make it clear that there was not going to be an artificial deadline here. Everything you hear is a negotiating position that they are taking.

"I am told that the Nets are prioritizing getting players back in this deal. They want the prime assets in this trade to be a star player or a high-level star player that they're not focusing on draft picks, though I'm sure they want draft picks, too."

Clearly, the Nets don't want to start rebuilding after apparently being so close to a championship with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. The additions of James Harden and Ben Simmons only increased their chances of winning it all, but none of that happened. Now, they're on the verge of losing not only Durant but also Irving and Simmons, which explains why the Nets have taken this approach now. 

This is already the biggest saga of the summer, and we're yet to know what is going to happen between the Nets and Durant.