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NBA Rumors: Heat, Celtics, And Knicks Are Interested In Trading For Jae Crowder

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Jae Crowder is one of the best 3 and D players in the league and there's no doubt that he's the sort of supplementary player that a majority of teams would love to have on their rosters.

However, it seems as though the Phoenix Suns have engaged in trade talks around the forward. Brian Windhorst has reported that a lot of their current trade negotiations include Jae Crowder.

They're conducting business. They're in trade negotiations right now. A lot of them are centered around Jae Crowder. Jae Crowder is a player that is available on the market right now... Jae Crowder is a guy in the last year of his contract... It would not surprise me if the Suns get involved in the negotiations for Bojan Bogdanovic.

There is no doubt that Jae Crowder could help out in a variety of places, and a recent report has suggested that the forward is actually commanding a lot of interest around the league. 

Jae Crowder Is Attracting A Lot Of Interest From Other Teams

Kurt Helin of NBC Sports has recently revealed that the Miami Heat, the New York Knicks, and the Boston Celtics are interested in trading for Jae Crowder. It is unclear which team is leading the negotiations at this moment.

The Heat are looking for help at the four after P.J. Tucker left and have interest in Crowder (as well as Bogdanovic). Miami could send back more shooting to Phoenix in the form of Duncan Robinson. However, to make that work the Suns would have to throw in another player — Cameron Payne or Torey Craig — and would likely want a pick or rookie Nikola Jovic from the Heat as well.

Boston is looking for depth at the four after the ACL injury of Danilo Gallinari and would have Crowder interest, but it’s very difficult to make the salaries match in a trade that would work for Boston. New York also has been rumored and would put Cam Reddish in any trade. However, they would still need to throw in more players to make the salaries match.

Hopefully, we will see Jae Crowder end up on a contending team and perhaps win a championship in the future. He has been to the Finals twice already, once with the Miami Heat and another time with the Phoenix Suns. 

It remains to be seen if any of these three teams end up trading for Jae Crowder. He could certainly provide experienced veteran leadership and 3PT shooting for all three franchises, and him being on an expiring contract means that it shouldn't cost that much to acquire him.