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NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant Could Skip Training Camp If Nets Don't Honor His Trade Request

NBA Insider Reveals What Nets Owner Joe Tsai Could Have Said To Kevin Durant When He Came To His Office

Kevin Durant's trade request has been the talk of most NBA fans, with there being a lot of speculation about where he will end up. There is no doubt that there has been a lot of trade interest in the superstar as well, as he is still a top-tier scorer in the league.

There has been some debate about what would potentially happen if the Brooklyn Nets were to not trade Kevin Durant before training camp. While we have seen some players sit out after their trade requests were not immediately granted, there have been some suggestions that Kevin Durant won't sit out and will, in fact, "play hard" for the Brooklyn Nets.

“I don’t see KD being a hard line guy, either. If they can’t get a deal done, he’s just going to say, ‘[Expletive] it,’ and he’ll play — and he’ll play hard like he always does. I know KD, and he’s not going to sit out or anything like that. He’s not that kind of guy. There’s no way. He’s not going to do anything like that.

Recently, a report by Kristian Winfield of New York Daily News has revealed that there is a chance that Kevin Durant will skip training camp if his trade request "goes unfulfilled".

Kevin Durant’s boundless love for basketball is not a reason to believe he’ll show up for training camp if the Nets don’t acknowledge his trade request.

That has been the prevailing belief — that Durant, a 12-time All-Star and two-time NBA Finals MVP, is above the idea of holding out of camp because he is a master of his craft and a lover of the game. A source, however, pushed back on the idea that Durant will show up to training camp in September if his request goes unfulfilled.

Durant first made a trade request directly to Nets owner Joe Tsai on June 30, but after more than a month passed by with multiple offers made and none accepted, Durant and Tsai met a second time, this time in London, over the weekend.

It remains to be seen if Kevin Durant does end up changing his mind about playing for the Brooklyn Nets in the future. Durant has recently issued the team an ultimatum, telling them to pick between keeping him or head coach Steve Nash and GM Sean Marks. Governor Joe Tsai has recently tweeted out in support of Nash and Marks, seemingly making his choice.

Hopefully, we will see this situation get resolved in the near future. Maybe we'll see Kevin Durant end up on a contender after this saga is over, and perhaps he ends up winning more championships in the coming years.