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Nets Owner Joe Tsai Has Made A Clear Choice Between Kevin Durant And Steve Nash And Sean Marks

Nets Owner Joe Tsai Has Made A Clear Choice Between Kevin Durant And Steve Nash And Sean Marks

The Kevin Durant trade saga has led everyone on a wild ride this offseason and we got another big update on that front yesterday. Some news was expected to come out after it had emerged that Nets owner Joe Tsai was to have a face-to-face meeting with Durant this past weekend and we sure got some bombshell news.

Reports indicate that KD gave Tsai a clear ultimatum on what needed to be done for him to stay in Brooklyn and that was, to fire GM Sean Marks and head coach Steve Nash. While tensions with Nets management seemed to be growing for KD this offseason, this was the first we had heard of him having fallen out with Steve Nash to the point that he wants him fired. Considering how the Nets had bent over backward to appease him and Kyrie Irving over the last couple of years, you would have thought they might just do it, but Tsai seems to have made a clear choice on who he's siding with.

"Our front office and coaching staff have my support. We will make decisions in the best interest of the Brooklyn Nets."

This might actually be the first time that an owner has come out this way in response to reports as this whole situation just gets even messier. Durant probably did this to force their hand as it is known that Tsai and Sean Marks have a good relationship.

It seems to have worked too, with Tsai boldly coming out and making this claim but it remains to be seen if they actually accept any offer that comes their way. An offer from the Celtics that is centered around Jaylen Brown is seen as viable for Durant but they will have to add more assets along with him than what they were willing to initially. We might just be coming to an end as far as this saga is considered but you just can't be sure where this is going next as there have been plenty of twists and turns already.