NBA Rumors: Lakers Could Trade JaVale McGee And Quinn Cook For Derrick Rose

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(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

Just four wins away from bringing home the Championship, the L.A. Lakers have to be feeling good about their roster.

With LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and a team of capable veteran shooters, it is clear that Rob Pelinka and the front office have done an exceptional job assembling this squad.

But there's always room for improvement in the NBA, and even the reigning Champs can't afford to be complacent.

Just next season, there will be new challenges to face, new obstacles to climb, and rejuvenated teams ready to take their place on the tone.

This is why the Lakers should consider a trade deal this offseason and one recent trade idea stands out above the rest.

Check out this excerpt from an article by Jonathan Kiernan on FanSided’s Lake Show Life:

With [Derrick] Rose becoming a free agent next season, there is a high likelihood that he will seek a new team that gives him a chance to win a ring before he retires. That is most certainly not going to happen with the Pistons.

If they moved on from Drummond for peanuts, they should do right by Rose and put him in a position to win.

Giving Rose the chance to compete on a Championship roster could complete the comeback for Rose after his horrific string of injuries.

Rose would be the starting point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers and while he is a former MVP, expectations will be curtailed as he won’t need to be the focal point of the team anymore, he will be a contributor who will help the Lakers immensely.

In return for the former MVP guard, Detroit could welcome Quinn Cook and JaVale McGee, two guys in cheap contracts who wouldn't expect to hoard a bunch of minutes from young guys. They're the perfect veteran leaders for a rebuilding team.

For the Lakers, the acquisition of Rose gives them another ball handler that could take some playmaking duties off the aging LeBron James. He's also a solid scorer who averaged 18 points per game this season and his career redemption arc makes a great feel-good story for the fans.

No matter which you way you look at it, Rose is better off on a team that can win -- and where better than Laker Nation? They've got the motive, the lure, and the assets to make it happen.