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NBA Rumors: League Executives Believe Atlanta Hawks Are A "Credible" Trade Destination For Jerami Grant

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NBA Rumors: League Executives Believe Atlanta Hawks Are A "Credible" Trade Destination For Jerami Grant

Jerami Grant is a versatile forward who can take on tough defensive assignments while also providing decent contributions on the offensive end. His name has been featured in a lot of trade talks in recent memory, and Grant is certainly a player that can fit on a lot of teams.

Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report has recently revealed that the league executives believe the Atlanta Hawks are a "credible destination" for Jerami Grant in the eventuality of a trade.  

Meanwhile, some competing executives have Atlanta as a credible destination for Detroit Pistons forward Jerami Grant. The Pistons are thought to covet a young center, making Okongwu a potentially attractive option in a trade along with Reddish. Hunter is believed to be more of a priority in Atlanta, though his inability to stay healthy consistently hasn't made him untouchable. Both Reddish and Hunter are due extensions before the start of next season; otherwise, they'll be restricted free agents in 2023. Gallinari would probably be included in a theoretical move for Grant for salary matching.

While Grant isn't as expensive as Simmons, his $21 million for 2022-23 would push the Hawks to a payroll of at least $150 million next season. Perhaps that's not too egregious of a tax for Atlanta, with a penalty in the $7.5 million range.

We'll see what the Atlanta Hawks end up pulling the trigger on a Jerami Grant trade. They will definitely have competition when trying to acquire him, as Jerami Grant has been linked with other teams such as the Lakers, Knicks, Wizards, and Trail Blazers.

There is no question that Jerami Grant could potentially help the Atlanta Hawks. They have been a disappointing team this season, as they are currently the 12th seed after an amazing 2020-21 playoffs run where they reached the Eastern Conference Finals. Perhaps trading for a versatile two-way player will help them get their season on the right track.