NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers Could Make A Late Push For Kyle Lowry

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NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers Could Make A Late Push For Kyle Lowry

The Los Angeles Lakers are already linked with a series of players ahead of the trade deadline and the subsequent buyout market. Andre Drummond appears to be the biggest name linked with the purple and gold but that could change as more names are on the radar of the team, apparently.

Kyle Lowry has been linked with the Miami Heat and the Philadelphia 76ers in recent hours but those aren't the only destinations for this player, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. The insider joined Zach Lowe to discuss what could happen in the upcoming trade deadline, and Lowry's name was thrown in the mix of potential new Lakers players.

Of course, they aren't favorites to get the Toronto Raptors legend but the Lakers could be sleepers in this situation.

"Here's one team too, Zach, that don't rule out this one between now and Thursday's trade deadline: the Lakers," Wojnarowski said on The Woj & Lowe Trade Deadline Special.

With their current situation, the Lakers could make some big decisions in the next 24 hours and Lowry could be one of those. There's still time to know how this situation will end but now we have another candidate to lure Lowry away from Toronto (Tampa this season). The Clippers are also in the hunt of Lowry and they could have another battle with the Lakers but now on the phone.