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NBA Rumors: Secret Small-Market Team Has Made An Offer For Ben Simmons

NBA Rumors: Secret Small-Market Team Has Made An Offer For Ben Simmons

With the month of October quickly approaching pressure continues to rise for the Philadelphia 76ers, who have yet to deal with their disgruntled young star.

Simmons, who emerged as an NBA All-Star shortly after his rookie season, has long been viewed as the future of Philly basketball, with fans and experts noting his strengths as a playmaker, ball handler, and defender.

But after a disappointing run in the 2021 playoffs, a defeat largely blamed on Simmons' shortcomings, his relationship with the Sixers has deteriorated beyond repair, essentially ensuring his exit from the franchise that drafted him.

And while interest in Simmons has been somewhat limited over the past few weeks, there is at least one unknown, small-market team that has apparently made an offer for him, throwing a new wrench in these Simmons sweepstakes.

(via Hoops Wire)

“I know of at least one … small market team that has made an offer and has a lot of interest, and it just hasn’t gotten public yet,” Windhorst said.

We've already detailed in previous articles which teams have been most engaged on a Simmons deal. But who could this new, mystery team be?

Despite their stockpile of assets, the Golden State Warriors have been practically ruled out, thanks to reports that neither side involved has made a reasonable offer.

The Minnesota Timberwolves have coveted Ben for a while, but apparently remain unwilling to give up more than one member of their main young core.

So, speculation has persisted on who has joined the hunt, ranging from the San Antonio Spurs to the Portland Trail Blazers and Sacramento Kings.

Unfortunately, nobody knows yet who this franchise might be. And, until that information gets officially leaked, the community will only continue to debate and discuss their identity.

The bigger question is, will this new offer, by this new team, be the one the Sixers accept?