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Ben Simmons Trade Talks Were Never Alive For The Warriors: "There Has Never Been A Realistic Offer On The Table For Them To Discuss."

Ben Simmons

On paper, Sixers star Ben Simmons is certainly the type of guy teams should be dreaming about. He's young, strong, can set up plays for others, and is an elite-level defender.

But thanks to his atrocious shooting (a problem he has dealt with his entire career), his career has taken a bit of a nosedive, and his time with the Sixers appears to be at a close.

Over the past few weeks, many ideas have floated around about a potential Simmons trade, but the number of teams actually involved in trade talks isn't nearly as large as one might think. And for the teams that are, things haven't progressed very far.

The Golden State Warriors have been named the favorites in these Ben Simmons sweepstakes, and for good reason. But, according to Anthony Slater of The Athletic, no negotiations have actually been made.

The Warriors front office isn’t currently split on whether or not to accept a Ben Simmons trade offer from Philadelphia. There isn’t — and has never been — a realistic one on the table for them to discuss. Talks can’t be considered dead because they’ve never even really been alive, multiple sources confirm.

The Warriors were among the teams Daryl Morey called during his initial round of over-the-top inquiries. That came before the draft. As has been reported, he asked for a package of Andrew Wiggins, James Wiseman, the seventh and 14th picks and two future first-rounders. There was never bargaining. There was only a decline and a hang up.

Neither side has circled back. Morey certainly might at some point in September. The situation in Philadelphia is only getting more tense as the season creeps closer. If the Sixers slash their asking price significantly, it could warrant deeper discussion within the Warriors, from ownership to Bob Myers’ staff on down to the opinionated and involved coaches and veteran players.

Considering the Warriors have just recently been declared the favorites to land Ben, this news certainly comes as a shock for most.

The Warriors, who are looking to add additional talent alongside their star-studded cast, have ab abundance of assets to work with in a deal. With veteran players wanting to make the most of their time, trading their young players for a more experienced guy in Simmons does make sense.

But, unless the Sixers lower their ask, they apparently aren't even willing to consider it.