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NBA Rumors: Tyrese Maxey Likely Involved In Any Ben Simmons Trade

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The Ben Simmons trade saga has been going on for quite some time now, but all signs point to Ben Simmons getting traded. While that is to be expected based on all the news we've heard, it seems as though he will not be the only young player that the 76ers end up trading.

A recent report by Jason Dumas of Bleacher Reports suggests that there is a "high chance" that Tyrese Maxey will be part of any Ben Simmons trade. Tyrese Maxey and Ben Simmons both share an agent in Rich Paul, and he supposedly wants both players away from the Philadelphia 76ers.

It seems reasonable to want Ben Simmons gone before training camp for both Rich Paul and the Philadelphia 76ers, considering the soured relationship from both sides. However, it does seem strange that Rich Paul would want Tyrese Maxey gone from a fairly decent situation, considering he had a relatively good season with the 76ers and had some big moments during the playoffs for the team.

We'll see whether the Sixers organization decides to include Tyrese Maxey in a Ben Simmons trade, and there is definitely potential for Simmons to be traded in a deal without Maxey. However, it does seem as though there's definitely a solid enough chance that Tyrese Maxey will be traded by the Philadelphia 76ers, based on Dumas' assertion that Philadelphia-based organizations have canceled plans with him.

At the end of the day, both Maxey and Simmons would be able to help a team that is looking to develop talent. They are both promising, and perhaps they could form the foundation of a team's young core. Regardless of where they end up if they get traded, hopefully, it is a team that can be patient, and one that allows both players to flourish and grow.