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10 Best Scorers In Charlotte Hornets History: Glen Rice Is No. 1, Terry Rozier And LaMelo Ball Are Already In The Top 10

10 Best Scorers In Charlotte Hornets History: Glen Rice Is No. 1, Terry Rozier And LaMelo Ball Are Already In The Top 10

The Charlotte Hornets are a budding team at the moment, thanks to a young core of future stars led by LaMelo Ball. Ball was drafted by the franchise with the hopes of him taking off and becoming an All-Star, and he has answered the call by making his first All-Star Team this season and placing the Hornets in a position to make the playoffs.

But there have been some players who played for the Hornets franchise that accomplished a lot during their time with the team, mainly on the offensive end. Ball has a chance to become Charlotte’s greatest-ever scorer, but he needs to climb the ladder because here are the top-10 best scorers in Charlotte Hornets’ history, starting with former low-post scorer Al Jefferson.

10. Al Jefferson - 17.5 PPG

(3 Seasons, 2014-2016)

Al Jefferson

One of the most consistent low post scorers of his generation, Big Al Jefferson was as consistent as they came when it came to making post shots around the basket and using his size to his advantage. The center had 3 seasons in Charlotte, averaging 17.5 PPG on 49.5% shooting from the field.

Jefferson was a fringe All-Star with the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Utah Jazz before he arrived in Charlotte, but was still effective during the 2014 season when he dropped 21.8 PPG and 10.8 RPG on 50.9% field-goal shooting. That would prove to be Al’s final season as a double-double threat before he retired from the NBA in 2018.

9. LaMelo Ball - 17.9 PPG

(2 Seasons, 2021-2022)

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The current franchise player for the Hornets, LaMelo Ball has brought back excitement to the franchise. The elite playmaker is a natural passer and floor general but has an elite offensive ability that will continue to improve as he gets more experience in the league. In 2 seasons, Ball is averaging 17.9 PPG for the Charlotte Hornets.

Nailing 42.6% of his field goals, 36.4% of his threes and 82.1% of his free-throws look average and unspectacular at the moment, but Ball is only 20 years old and has already made his first All-Star Team. A 6’7” point guard with unlimited range, LaMelo will soon be one of Charlotte’s greatest-ever scorers.

8. Eddie Jones - 19.2 PPG

(2 Seasons, 1999-2000)

Eddie Jones

Former Lakers All-Star guard Eddie Jones is mainly remembered for his time playing with the Purple and Gold, but he had a very good two seasons with the Charlotte Hornets after the Lakers decided to make room for superstar Kobe Bryant. Jones was an excellent pickup for the Hornets because he was a dynamic two-way player.

Jones was traded 20 games into the 1999 season and averaged 17.0 PPG with the Hornets in 30 games. The following season, Jones finished the year with a career-high 20.1 PPG average and also led the league in steals, making his first and only All-NBA Team.

7. Terry Rozier - 19.4 PPG

(3 Seasons, 2020-2022)

Terry Rozier

“Scary” Terry Rozier is one of the most competitive guards in the league and often plays bigger than he actually is. Making a name for himself as a rough rider with the Boston Celtics, Rozier has blossomed into a bigger role with the Charlotte Hornets. In 3 seasons, the guard is putting up 19.4 PPG on 39.0% 3-PT FG.

Rozier is very effective driving to the basket but has also improved his three-point shot over the past few years, nailing over 37% of his threes every year since joining the Hornets. Terry is also a capable defender and has become one of the best players on an up-and-coming Hornets squad in the Eastern Conference.

6. Larry Johnson - 19.6 PPG

(5 Seasons, 1992-1996)

Larry Johnson Hornets

A 6’6” powerhouse power forward, Larry Johnson was an excellent player for the Charlotte Hornets squad that featured a prime Alonzo Mourning. Johnson was exceptionally using his athleticism and scoring ability around the rim, also taking his chances at nailing mid-range jumpers when necessary.

Johnson started his career with the Hornets as the No. 1 overall pick in the 1991 NBA Draft, eventually making 2 All-Star Teams. His shooting splits were also impressive for a power forward back in the day, nailing 49.6% of his field goals, 34.7% of his threes, and 77.1% of his free-throws.

5. Stephen Jackson - 19.8 PPG

(2 Seasons, 2010-2011)

Stephen Jackson

A talented swingman with above-average defensive capabilities, Stephen Jackson moved around the league a lot over his career. The 6’8” small forward had some great seasons with the Golden State Warriors, but he was also solid when he arrived in Charlotte. Jackson averaged 19.8 PPG in the two seasons he played for the franchise.

Mainly regarded as a defensive wing, Jackson could score the ball and he proved it with the Bobcats. He averaged 21.1 PPG on 42.3% shooting in his first season, joining the team after 9 games with the Warriors. The following year, Jackson averaged 18.5 PPG on 41.1% shooting from the field.

4. Kemba Walker - 19.8 PPG

(8 Seasons, 2012-2019)

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One of the most talented players to ever play for the Charlotte-based franchise, Kemba Walker made a splash in his rookie season when drafted with the No. 9 overall pick. The miniature guard had elite ball-handling and shot creation abilities, averaging 12.1 PPG in his first season. Of course, Kemba blossomed into an excellent scorer shortly after.

Walker averaged over 17 PPG for the next 3 seasons, before averaging over 20 PPG for 4 years later. Kemba’s scoring record was impressive once he became the start of the team: 20.9 PPG, 23.2 PPG, 22.1 PPG, 25.6 PPG. The 2019 season when Kemba averaged 25.6 PPG was exceptional because he made his only All-NBA Team appearance while capturing his 3rd straight All-Star appearance.

3. Jamal Mashburn - 20.6 PPG

(2 Seasons, 2001-2002)

Jamal Mashburn

A 6’8” forward with solid scoring ability, Jamal Mashburn was very consistent with the Charlotte Hornets because he put up 20.6 PPG through only two seasons. Mashburn had made a name for himself as a scorer in his early days with the Dallas Mavericks, but he was still a capable scorer at ages 28 and 29 when he joined Charlotte.

Mashburn averaged 20.1 PPG on 41.2% FG and 35.6% 3-PT FG in his first season, following it up with 21.5 PPG on 40.7% FG and 36.6% 3-PT FG in his second season. A forward with excellent size, athleticism, and scoring ability; Mashburn would go on to make his first All-Star appearance with the New Orleans Hornets the following season.

2. Alonzo Mourning - 21.3 PPG

(3 Seasons, 1993-1995)

Alonzo Mourning

Drafted No. 2 overall in the 1992 NBA Draft, Alonzo Mourning made the All-Rookie Team with the Hornets by posting averages of 21.0 PPG and 10.3 RPG. An elite defender, Mourning also chipped in 3.5 BPG. The following season, Alonzo put up 21.5 PPG and 10.2 RPG to go along with 3.1 BPG. His final season with the franchise saw Mourning average 21.3 PPG, 9.9 RPG, and 2.9 BPG.

Clearly an elite two-way big man, Mourning also made 2 All-Star Teams with Charlotte and showcased some solid offensive moves including a mid-range jumper and a post hook shot. Alonzo was already one of the best big men in the NBA when he joined the Hornets, and only one man is ahead of him in the PPG rankings in the franchise’s history.

1. Glen Rice - 23.5 PPG

(3 Seasons, 1996-1998)

Glen Rice

After 6 seasons with the Miami Heat to start his career, sharpshooter Glen Rice became an All-Star with the Charlotte Hornets. Rice averaged 21.6 PPG on 42.4% 3-PT FG in his first season, following that up with 26.8 PPG on a career-high 47.0% 3-PT FG the following season. His third season was also exceptional, as Rice averaged 22.3 PPG on 43.3% 3-PT FG.

Each one of Rice’s seasons with the Hornets resulted in All-Star appearances, and the small forward even won All-Star Game MVP in his second year with the team. Rice was so good in his second season with the Hornets, that he was selected to the All-NBA Second Team and made the All-NBA Third Team in his final season in Charlotte.

Most Points In Charlotte Hornets History

Here are the ten players with the most total points in Charlotte Hornets history:

1. Kemba Walker - 12,009

2. Dell Curry - 9,839

3. Gerald Wallace - 7,437

4. Larry Johnson - 7,405

5. Glen Rice - 5,651

6. Muggsy Bogues - 5,531

7. Raymond Felton - 5,311

8. David Wesley - 5,241

9. Gerald Henderson - 4,701

10. Emeka Okafor - 4,630


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