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10 Best Scorers In Dallas Mavericks History: Luka Doncic Already Shows His Greatness

10 Best Scorers In Dallas Mavericks History: Luka Doncic Already Shows His Greatness

The Dallas Mavericks franchise has been built on the principles of success, teamwork, and professionalism. As one of the most well-run organizations in basketball, the Mavericks are spearheaded by charismatic owner Mark Cuban. With Cuban trying to build a contender every year, the Mavericks are consistently a team that lands big-name stars and also hold onto their franchise cornerstones.

That is why we saw Hall of Famer Dirk Nowitzki complete 21 seasons with the franchise, eventually carrying the team to their first-ever NBA title in 2011. Even though they have only won a single championship in their history, the Mavericks have consistently been a playoff team thanks to consistent All-Star talent. As of right now, the Mavericks are hoping for another championship run thanks to their superstar Luka Doncic. Here are the 10 greatest scorers in Dallas Mavericks history, and there will certainly be some familiar faces in the top-5.

10. Harrison Barnes - 18.7 PPG

(3 Seasons, 2017-2019)

Harrison Barnes

After the Golden State Warriors signed superstar Kevin Durant to their already talented roster, Harrison Barnes was made expendable for salary cap purposes. As great as Barnes was as a two-way player for the Warriors, he was a necessary sacrifice for a player of Durant’s caliber.

Barnes spent 3 seasons with the Mavericks, averaging a career-high 19.2 PPG on 46.8% shooting in his first season. His second season was almost as good, as he put up 18.9 PPG and 6.1 RPG on 44.5% shooting. The swingman was traded into his third season to the Sacramento Kings.

9. Monta Ellis - 19.0 PPG

(2 Seasons, 2014-2015)

(via Def Pen)

(via Def Pen)

Recognized as a key player for the “We Believe” Warriors, Monta Ellis won Most Improved Player during the 2007 season when the Dallas Mavericks were upset in the first round. A lightning-quick guard with great scoring ability, Ellis was always a threat on the court at any time.

Ellis played for the Mavericks at the ripe ages of 28 and 29, after his stints with the Warriors and Milwaukee Bucks. The guard averaged 19.0 PPG and 18.9 PPG in both seasons, averaging 44.8% from the field. These would be the last two strong seasons for Ellis who would play his final season at age 31.

8. Rolando Blackman - 19.2 PPG

(11 Seasons, 1982-1992)

Rolando Blackman

One of the best Dallas Mavericks players ever, Rolando Blackman was a 6’6” shooting guard with excellent offensive firepower. The guard made the All-Star Team 4 times with Dallas, averaging above 19 PPG each time.

Over his 11-year career with the Mavericks, Blackman averaged at least 19 PPG 7 times. The man born in Panama City was extremely consistent at putting the ball in the net and was one of the key pieces behind the Mavericks’ first conference finals in their history in 1988.

7. Jim Jackson - 19.6 PPG

(5 Seasons, 1993-1997)

Jim Jackson Dallas Mavericks

A 6’6” scorer, Jim Jackson had a strong first season by putting up 16.3 PPG in only 28 games played. The following season kicked off a 3-year run of averaging at least 19 PPG, with his career-high coming in year 3.

Jackson put up a career-high 25.7 PPG in his third season, averaging 47.2% from the field and 31.8% from the three-point line. A solid shooter who loves to get his shots up, Jim Jackson had a strong start to his career at the benefit of the Dallas Mavericks franchise that drafted him No. 4 overall in the 1992 Draft.

6. Michael Finley - 19.8 PPG

(9 Seasons, 1997-2005)

Michael Finley

One of the most important pieces for the Mavericks franchise in the early 2000s, Michael Finley was a very consistent scorer for his team. Finley was immediately tasked with being a go-to scorer in his first season in Dallas, averaging 21.5 PPG on 44.9% shooting in 41.4 MPG.

Finley would go on to average at least 40 MPG for three more seasons, making the All-Star Team twice and averaging at least 20 PPG each time. Once Finley started nearing his 30s, his decline began which is why he joined the Spurs and eventually won a championship with them. There is no doubt that Finley is one of the most valued members of the Mavericks’ organization when looking back at his career.

5. Jamal Mashburn - 19.9 PPG

(4 Seasons, 1994-1997)

Jamal Mashburn

Jamal Mashburn came into the league with some expectation because he was taken No. 4 overall in the 1993 NBA Draft by the Dallas Mavericks. The young man certainly had a great start, putting up 19.2 PPG while making the All-Rookie Team.

A 6’8” small forward, Mashburn mixed a versatile all-around game with athleticism. That is why he averaged 24.1 PPG in his second season, followed by a 23.4 PPG average in year 3. After only putting up 10.6 PPG through 37 games in his 4th year, he was traded to the Miami Heat. Still, his incredibly hot start to his career is why he is a top-5 scorer in Mavericks history in terms of PPG average.

4. Kristaps Porzingis - 20.0 PPG

(3 Seasons, 2020-2022)

Kevin O'Connor Blasts Kristaps Porzingis- "The Mavs Pay Him $30M To Be More Than A Tall Wing Who Shoots 3s Yet That's All He Is Now."

Even though Kristaps Porzingis was traded before this year’s trade deadline, the big man was a very consistent scorer in his 3-year run with the team. The former No.4 overall pick averaged 20.4 PPG in his first season with the team, nailing 35.2% of his threes.

It started to become increasingly clear that Porzingis was not able to rediscover his All-Star form with the New York Knicks following his ACL injury, and fans started getting frustrated with the big man’s play in his second season. Even if Porzingis was putting up over 19 PPG consistently, he just wasn’t the right fit for the Mavericks who needed a co-star for Luka Doncic.

3. Dirk Nowitzki - 20.7 PPG

(21 Seasons, 1999-2019)

Dirk Nowitzki

The greatest Dallas Mavericks player ever, Dirk Nowitzki broke new grounds as a sharpshooting big man with superstar impact. The big German accomplished everything in the game for the Mavericks, making 14 All-Star Teams and 12 All-NBA Teams along with winning the MVP award in 2007.

Armed with one of the most unstoppable shots ever, the one-legged fadeaway, Dirk is also one of the purest scorers the game has ever seen. Through 21 years with the Mavericks, Dirk shot 47.1% from the field, 38.0% from three, and 87.9% from the stripe. Dirk is also the only man to lead Dallas to their first-ever championship in 2011.

2. Mark Aguirre - 24.6 PPG

(8 Seasons, 1982-1989)

Mark Aguirre

One of the most talented Mavericks stars ever, Mark Aguirre was a terrific scorer for the majority of his career. A 6’6” small forward, Aguirre was chosen with the No. 1 overall pick by the Dallas Mavericks in the 1981 Draft. He got off to a great start, averaging 18.7 PPG in his rookie season.

Aguirre would go on to have a fantastic career with the Mavericks, having an All-Star worthy 6 years of averaging at least 22 PPG. The forward made 3 All-Star Teams, averaging 29.5 PPG, 25.7 PPG, and 25.1 PPG in each year. Even though Aguirre would win his two championships with the Detroit Pistons after getting traded by Dallas, he is without a doubt one of the Mavericks’ best scorers ever.

1. Luka Doncic - 26.0 PPG

(4 Seasons, 2019-2022)

Luka Doncic

The current superstar of the Dallas Mavericks organization and a future Hall of Famer, Luka Doncic has gotten off to a tremendous start for his franchise. The Slovenian is a rare talent because he has the ability to score, rebound, and pass at an elite level.

Already a leader and one of the top-10 players in the game, Luka has averaged over 20 PPG for 4 straight years. Doncic put up 21.2 PPG in his rookie season en route to the Rookie of the Year award, and followed that up with an average of 28.8 PPG in year two. This season, Luka is putting up 27.5 PPG and has a chance to possibly rival what Dirk Nowitzki did for the franchise once his career is wrapped up.

Most Points In Dallas Mavericks History

Here are the ten players with the most total points in Dallas Mavericks history:

1. Dirk Nowitzki - 31,560

2. Rolando Blackman - 16,643

3. Mark Aguirre - 13,930

4. Derek Harper - 12,597

5. Michael Finley - 12,389

6. Jason Terry - 9,953

7. Brad Davis - 7,623

8. Sam Perkins - 6,766

9. Josh Howard - 6,614

10. Jay Vincent - 6,464


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