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Every NBA Division Superteam: Atlantic Division Is Very Powerful But Pacific Division Looks Dangerous

Every NBA Division Superteam: Atlantic Division Is Very Powerful But Pacific Division Looks Dangerous

We often forget that there are six divisions in the NBA. With so much focus on the Conference standings, we forget that there are divisional races throughout the season. Those six divisions feature five teams that all have at least one solid player leading the team. Some other franchises are lucky enough to have two or three.

If we took the best players from each division to form a starting five, we would have six superteams on paper. Imagine a world where the two guards, forwards, and one center made a starting five to represent their division. This would be an epic tournament if the league put it on. If the divisions all took these players, what would these superteams look like?

These would be the division superteams in the NBA.

Atlantic Division Superteam

Atlantic Division Superteam

Starting Lineup: Kyrie Irving, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Kevin Durant, Joel Embiid

The Atlantic Division features two players from the Nets, the Celtics, and one player from the 76ers. Despite Simmons moving from the 76ers to the Nets, Irving remains the superior point guard in the division. His playmaking and scoring are unmatched. Meanwhile, his teammate in Durant is the top-scoring offensive player on the team.

Embiid, an MVP candidate this past season, would give Durant a run for his money though. The pick-and-roll offense of Irving and Embiid would be tough to beat. Tatum is the next version of Durant, but on this team, he would be able to focus more on defense with Brown, who are two solid reasons why the Celtics led the NBA in defensive rating this past season. The Raptors and Knicks would miss out on sending a player to this roster this past season.

Central Division Superteam

Central Division Superteam

Starting Lineup: Jrue Holiday, Zach LaVine, DeMar DeRozan, Khris Middleton, Giannis Antetokounmpo

The Central Division would feature three players from the Bucks and two players from the Bucks. Let’s start with the three teams with no players. After the Pacers firesale, there’s nobody left. The Pistons are rebuilding, so maybe Cade Cunningham could be mentioned two years from now. The Cavaliers could see Darius Garland or Evan Mobley on this list one day, but these veterans remain separated from the rest.

The duo of LaVine and DeRozan was once the top-scoring duo in the league. DeRozan led the league in total points and would be a midrange machine. Middleton wouldn’t be forced to press so much and could focus more on playmaking, while Holiday could focus on defense and distribution. As for Giannis, he is the best finisher in the NBA, converting over 60% of his shots around the rim. Combined with the outside shooting, this team would be very well-rounded.

Southeast Division Superteam

Southeast Division Superteam

Starting Lineup: Trae Young, Bradley Beal, Jimmy Butler, Miles Bridges, Bam Adebayo

The Southeast Division features two players from the Heat, and one player from the Hawks, Wizards, and Hornets respectively. The only team without recognition is the Magic, who could be mentioned after their rebuild down the road. As for the top talent, you have an elite playmaking point guard in Young, a scoring tandem in Young and Beal, as well as an overall complete player in Butler.

You could make a case to add LaMelo Ball instead of Bridges and then run a small lineup, but Bridges, who also had an exceptional season, allows Butler to play the small forward position. As for Adebayo, the main question would be how much can he limit opposing teams' centers who have the spot-up shooters to still burn the team if the defense doesn’t recover.

Northwest Division Superteam

Northwest Division Superteam

Starting Lineup: Damian Lillard, Donovan Mitchell, Anthony Edwards, Karl-Anthony Towns, Nikola Jokic

The Northwest Division features two players from the Timberwolves and one from the Trail Blazers, Jazz, and Nuggets. The only major exception here is Rudy Gobert, but you can’t have three centers on the roster. The two centers on this roster are the league’s reigning MVP in Jokic, who is potentially the best passing center we have ever seen. The other is making a run at being the greatest three-point shooting center we have ever seen.

Losing a three-time Defensive Player of the Year would hurt, which is why the team would need to rely on the offense. Lillard is one of the best closers in the league, while Mitchell and Edwards are capable of combining for 50 points by themselves. There wouldn’t be much defense from this squad, but it would be a team capable of scoring 140 points on average.

Pacific Division Superteam

Pacific Division Superteam

Starting Lineup: Stephen Curry, Devin Booker, Paul George, LeBron James, Deandre Ayton

The Pacific Division would feature two players from the Suns and one from the Lakers, Clippers, and Warriors. Chris Paul and Kawhi Leonard are the major omissions here. Leonard is currently recovering from an injury, while Curry is the better option for his ability to stretch the floor. Curry can knock down open threes, while Booker could also play the wing. All of this could happen because you could easily put LeBron James at the point guard position.

With James running the point, Curry, Booker, and George give the team three legit shooters. Ayton would get his baskets through dunks in a timely fashion, but his role would be a great value to Rudy Gobert, where he protects the rim and rebounds. That would help take the pressure off James, who would be the team’s second big, and allow Ayton to outlet the Ball to their “point guard” for numerous fast-break baskets.

Southwest Division Superteam

Southwest Division Superteam

Starting Lineup: Ja Morant, CJ McCollum, Luka Doncic, Brandon Ingram, Jonas Valanciunas

The Southwest Division features three players from the Pelicans and one from the Grizzlies and Mavericks. The Spurs and Rockets, outside of Dejounte Murray, don’t have anyone on this list that fits the bill, especially since Murray is a point guard and that spot is filled. As for centers, Valanciunas trumps Christian Wood and Steven Adams for his ability to rebound better.

Morant is the most exciting player in the league and a true high flier that can penetrate the defense. What is going to hurt this team is that they only have one solid outside shooter in McCollum. Both Doncic and Ingram have potential but are not spot-up three-point shooters. With that said, the idea of Doncic and Morant trading off isolation plays would open up many shots for whoever is on the floor.

Which Division Have The Best Superteam?

While some of these teams have the pieces to be great, there are some serious flaws more than others. For the Southwest Division, it features zero players that have ever played in the NBA Finals. While Morant and Doncic are the faces of the future, you can’t rely on inexperience in championship moments. Plus, this team does not have enough reliable spots on shooters. Against a team that clogs the paint, this team would be limited because of their inability to connect from outside.

The Northwest Division has so much possibility of scoring so many points with Lillard, Mitchell, Edwards, Towns, and Jokic. The idea of Jokic being the centerpiece of the offense is also very intriguing. However, take the Brooklyn Nets in the playoffs this year. This team was seen as an offensive juggernaut with some of their pieces. They were swept by a great defense by the Celtics. You have to have some kind of balance if you want to truly succeed.

The Southeast Division might be the grittiest of all the teams. Young and Butler both play with a chip on their shoulder. Beal also can play with a chip on his shoulder. Adebayo is a true hustle player, while Bridges would play similar to his style in Charlotte with Young as his point guard. The problem is that this team has a lot of good players, but similarly to the Northwest Division, there are defensive liabilities in Beal, Young, and Bridges.

The Pacific Division is interesting because having James run the point guard position would open so much for Curry and Booker. George can do just about everything as well. The problem is that it would be unknown if Ayton could adapt to this regime. Ayton is silky smooth playing with Chris Paul. We are looking at a perfect team in this scenario and the center position has a potential weakness.

The Central Division would make a championship run. Having Holiday and Antetokounmpo would be truly exceptional defenders on the roster. Holiday wouldn’t have to score as much because of the offensive talent on the roster and that would save his energy. DeRozan and LaVine are true trusted scorers that can score in the midrange and outside respectively. Meanwhile, Giannis is an MVP player that plays both ways. This would be an interesting Finals appearance with this team.

In the end, the best super team would be the Atlantic Division. This is the best all-around team on paper. Having Brown and Tatum play defense as well as they do would allow the three other skilled offensive players to open up their game. If there is a player that can go toe to toe with Giannis, it’s Embiid. Durant is also an underrated defensive player that can help. Both Durant and Embiid have a broader offensive game, while Tatum will get his points on top of his role of slowing down a top-scoring forward. All in all, the most complete superteam is this squad. 


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