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Michael Jordan From 1991-1998 Was Unstoppable: 6-0 NBA Finals, 18-0 vs. East, 6-0 vs. West, 9 50-Win Teams Beaten, 7 60-Win Teams Beaten, 24-0 vs. NBA

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Michael Jordan is widely considered by many to be the greatest player that basketball has ever seen: the Chicago Bulls were a dominant team in the 90s, and the biggest part of that was the mystique of Michael Jordan. Jordan wowed viewers with his athleticism, and pulled off things that no one thought possible on the court. But just how dominant was Michael Jordan? The answer is: extremely. Jordan was virtually undefeated in the playoffs: 6-0 in the Finals, 24-0 against the NBA. Multiple series wins against 50+ and 60+ win teams. An astounding 18-0 against Eastern Conference teams. Jordan's winning mentality shows in the numbers.

It is key to point out that we aren't counting the 1994-1995 season, which was when Jordan came back from retirement. Jordan didn't get to play the full season and as such, lost to the Orlando Magic with Shaquille O'Neal and Penny Hardaway. Jordan managed only 17 games during the regular season before the playoffs started. Jordan would also proceed to sweep the same Orlando Magic team during his 1995-96 season.

Michael Jordan's prime was during the years that he has won his championships, from 1991-1998. Jordan was absolutely unstoppable during this time: gone were the Conference Finals losses to the Detroit Pistons from earlier in his career and in came the wins. Michael Jordan was undefeated in the NBA from 1991 to 1998, and there was nobody in the league that could stop him. The only one who could stop him was Jordan himself when he first retired to play baseball.

There was simply no-one that could slow down Michael Jordan in a series. Clyde Drexler and Charles Barkley both lost to Jordan in the Finals during his first three-peat. Michael Jordan also beat some iconic duos in the Finals for his second three-peat. Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton lost to Jordan in 1996, while John Stockton and Karl Malone lost to him in 1997 and 1998. When it came to the Finals, Michael Jordan didn't mess around. Jordan knew how to close out when it mattered, and even if he was up, his foot was always on the gas pedal. Jordan prevented many elite stars of his era from getting championships in their prime. Some of these players did end up getting championships later on in their careers, but they could never do it against Jordan.

It isn't like Michael Jordan had easy opponents. Jordan has faced some tough teams who were the powerhouses of their era, such as the Detroit Pistons with Isiah Thomas and the Los Angeles Lakers with Magic Johnson. Not a single team could get beat the Chicago Bulls in a series, and that was simply due to Michael Jordan. Who knows what would have happened if Jordan didn't retire? Simply put, Jordan was a superstar among superstars.

Michael Jordan was the greatest player of the 90s. That much is indisputable. Jordan was a player who knew how to win, and he always showed out in the biggest moments. You could beat Jordan in the regular season during his prime, but he wasn't letting you win a playoff series. Michael Jordan had one of the most dominant peaks of All-Time, and he is the definition of playing basketball on easy mode.

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