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Predicting The Lakers Results (Wins And Losses) For The 2021-22 NBA Season: Best In The West With 60-22 Record

Predicting The Lakers Results (Wins And Losses) For The 2021-22 NBA Season: Best In The West With 60-22 Record

The prospects of what the LA Lakers can achieve during the 2021-22 NBA season is exciting. Their aging roster has been a concern, and the youngsters are unwillingly adding more workload to what the vets already have to carry. With Talen Horton-Tucker, Kendrick Nunn, and Malik Monk currently injured, all the purple and gold youngsters except Austin Reaves might miss the season opener on October 19.

The anticipation keeps building for the Lakers' 2021-22 season as fans are excited to see one of the greatest teams in action. While bettering the 2015-16 Golden State Warriors 73-9 win-loss record or even coming close is an incredibly long shot, the Lakers super team could easily finish as the top seed in the West. With the season starting in a few days, here are the likely results for their 82-game campaign.

Lakers vs. Warriors (19 October) - W

The highly-anticipated start of the season for the Lakers fans and ends in a victory at Staples Center. The trio of LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook start the game, and their chemistry is much improved. While it will not be a blowout for the Lakers, they will get off to an early start and do enough to close the game with a decent margin.

Lakers vs. Suns (22 October) - L

The Phoenix Suns will give the Lakers their first loss of the season. It will be a very close game with several lead changes, but the Suns will do enough to win the game. Work rate will settle this fixture, and the Suns will outrun the Lakers in this game.

Lakers vs. Grizzlies (24 October) - W

Another home game for the Purple and Gold will end in a win for the super team. Ja Morant will of course put together an incredible showing, but the Memphis Grizzlies will not be able to match the offensive firepower of the Lakers. Jaren Jackson Jr.'s return will be a boost, but his defensive lapses will be a problem.

Lakers @ Spurs (26 October) - W

The San Antonio Spurs lost their best player during the offseason and will have a hard time winning without him. It will be pronounced in this matchup as LeBron and Co. will run rings around them all game-long. A wire-to-wire victory for the Lakers is the most likely outcome.

Lakers @ Thunder (27 October) - W

Josh Giddey has continued his impressive preseason form and having a belter of a rookie season so far. However, playing against a veteran like Westbrook will turn out to be a confidence dampener. While he will create for his teammates, his conversion from the field will be low, resulting in a double-digit victory for the Lakers.

Lakers vs. Cleveland (29 October) - W

Playing against the young Cleveland Cavaliers will give the Lakers their fifth win of the 2021-22 NBA season. The Cavs are not the most athletic bunch, which will benefit the Lakers a great deal. They will control the tempo of the game and get an easy W.

Lakers vs. Rockets (31 October) - W

The Houston Rockets will not make things easy for the Lakers as it will be a really close game early on. But experience will work in favor of the Lakers and they will get the separation in the second half. Christian Wood will have an incredible outing but his efforts alone will not be enough to rally the Rockets to a victory.

Lakers vs. Rockets (2 November) - W

It will be another loss for the Rockets on the road as they square off against the Lakers at Staples Center for the second of a back-to-back. The outcome will be a lot different this time, with the likely outcome being a blowout victory. Westbrook might record his first triple-double in the Purple and Gold.

Lakers vs. Thunder (4 November) - W

The home win streak will continue when they face the Thunder for the second time in the season. It will be an easy W for the LA-based team who will be looking to turn their home ground into a fort. The three-pointers will keep falling for the Lakers, resulting in what might be their highest three-point shooting night early in the new season.

Lakers @ Blazers (6 November) - L

The seven-game win streak of the Lakers will finally come to an end when they make a trip to Portland. Chauncey Billups' team is still adapting to live with a new head coach, but Damian Lillard will do enough to secure the win for the Blazers. It will be a close matchup and might come down to the last possession.

Lakers vs. Hornets (8 November) - W

The Lakers will get back to winning ways against the Charlotte Hornets, but it will not last long. Another victory will give the team a 7-1 home record. LaMelo Ball's pace will be a problem for the Lakers to contend with, but their victory is guaranteed.

Lakers vs. Heat (10 November) - L

The Lakers will face their first real competition outside of the Western Conference and will be stunned. The Miami Heat had an impressive offseason and will be eager to give the heavyweights in both conferences a taste of what to expect if they meet in the playoffs. Even though the Lakers will lose the game, it will not be by much.

Lakers vs. Timberwolves (12 November) - W

Anthony Edwards has significantly improved his game in the offseason and will be a bright spot for the Minnesota Timberwolves against the Lakers. Given the paint presence the Lakers have in DeAndre Jordan and Dwight Howard, Karl-Anthony Towns will not have so much of a dominating game. The guards and wings will do more of the scoring in what would be a clogged paint throughout the game.

Lakers vs. Spurs (14 November) - W

The Lakers will host the Spurs for the first time this season and will show their dominance. It will count as the second consecutive home win for the Lakers, bringing their win-loss tally at the Staples Center to 9-2. A return for THT will be on the horizon as doctors evaluate his condition.

Lakers vs. Bulls (15 November) - L

Athleticism will win it for the Chicago Bulls at Staples Center on November 15. The Bulls go into the season as one of the most underrated teams this season but will shock the NBA community. They've put together an exciting squad that will leverage pace and floor spacing. Davis at the 5 will be the Lakers' best chance at competing in this game, but Nikola Vucevic's versatility might be a problem for the LA Lakers No. 3.

Lakers @ Bucks (17 November) - L

The NBA reigning champions, Milwaukee Bucks will host the Lakers for the first time in the 2021-22 NBA season and will show them why they are champions. Expect a low-scoring contest as both teams will play with more caution than anything else. Defensive plays will be the highlight of this fixture as both teams will strive to show their defensive superiority.

Lakers @ Celtics (19 November) - W

TD Garden will host the Lakers for their second of many road games lined up. Anticipate a high-scoring game as Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown will turn on the heat in front of their home fans, but it will not be enough to stun the Lakers. The Boston Celtics have exceptional perimeter defenders so the Lakers' offense will flow through Davis, with the occasional open three's from Monk and Carmelo Anthony.

Lakers @ Pistons (21 November) - W

The Detroit Pistons will not stand a chance against the free-scoring Lakers team and will have enough firepower to answer back. The 2021 NBA draft No. 1 overall pick, Cade Cunningham, will have flashes of brilliance but nothing significant enough to threaten the Lakers' dominance. A 20-point margin will be the headline after 48 minutes of play.

Lakers @ Knicks (23 November) - W

Tom Thibodeau has done an outstanding job with the New York Knicks, and they will be one to watch in the 2021-22 season. They've gone from strength to strength and will pose a significant challenge for the Lakers. However, the Knicks will fall at the hands of the Lakers in front of their home fans, but they will drag it out for as long as possible, perhaps even force overtime.

Lakers @ Pacers (24 November) - L

The Lakers will end their road run with a loss against the Indiana Pacers. Three of five is not a bad tally on the road, but fatigue will play a role in this fixture, especially since they will be getting less than a day's rest. The Domantas Sabonis-Myles Turner partnership will blossom in this fixture.

Lakers vs. Kings (26 November) - W

Their preseason win will perhaps be the only time the Sacramento Kings will get the better of the Lakers this season. De'Aaron Fox will cause all sorts of problems for the Lakers, but they will fall short. A barrage of three-pointers will fall for the Lakers in what will be a comfortable win.

Lakers vs. Pistons (28 November) - W

A second meeting for the season will not produce a different result for the Pistons. The Lakers will have their way both on the perimeter and on the interior. With home-court advantage, a double-digit win is all but guaranteed.

Lakers @ Kings (30 November) - W

The Lakers will get back on the road to face the Kings and will extend their win streak to three. Davis will have an outstanding game working in the interior and will finish the game with a double-double.

Lakers vs. Clippers (3 December) - W

The Hallway Series will be the start of what will be an intriguing December for the Lakers. Paul George will do a decent job leading the Clippers without Kawhi Leonard, but they won't be formidable enough to go toe-to-toe with the Lakers.

Lakers vs. Celtics (7 December) - L

The Celtics will come for revenge at the Staples Center and will get it to end a winning run for the Lakers. Entering the third month of basketball the Lakers will not be as fresh as they once were. The pressure will start to take a toll on the aging Lakers players, and the C's will take maximum advantage. While they will not win by a large margin, it won't exactly be close.

Lakers @ Grizzlies (9 December) - W

Morant and the Grizzlies will host the Lakers again, but the result will not be different. The fixture will be filled with highlight reels, but the Lakers will get the job done away from home.

Lakers @ Thunder (10 December) - W

The OKC Thunder youngsters will continue to struggle in the 2021-22 season as they will find it hard to keep up with the more experienced teams. They will have some wins under their belts thanks to the brilliance of Shai, but it won't be enough to register a win against the Lakers.

Lakers vs. Magic (12 December) - W

Jonathan Isaac should be fully fit this late into the new season but the same cannot be said for Makelle Fultz. Although Fultz's expected return date is December 1, they might keep him out a bit longer to make sure he doesn't re-aggravate his injury. Without Fultz, the Magic do not stand a chance against a stacked Lakers team.

Lakers @ Mavericks (15 December) - L

A win for the Mavericks is possible mainly because of what Luka Doncic can produce on any night. He is one of the favorites to be the scoring leader this season, and he might ball out against the Lakers to prove himself. While Luka will be the center of focus, Kristaps Porzingis' effort on both ends of the court will be the difference in the matchup.

Lakers @ Timberwolves (17 December) - W

KAT will host the Lakers in what will be another battle of the big men. This time, the Timberwolves will put up a good fight but the Lakers will steal the victory with a fourth-quarter run.

Lakers @ Bulls (19 December) - W

Having experienced firsthand how the Bulls can hurt a team this season, the Lakers will approach the game a little differently and try to control the pace. The Lakers will narrowly win this matchup to even out the series tally.

Lakers vs. Suns (21 December) - W

Losing to the Suns continuously will not be a good look, and the Lakers will look to change that. The Lakers will go on an early run and do enough to stay in the game till the final whistle. A victory against the Suns will be a statement, and the Lakers will make a spectacle of it.

Lakers vs. Spurs (23 December) - L

Considering the next fixture, the Lakers will attempt to rest players and it will work in favor of the Spurs. It will be a close game as the Lakers' second unit are still elite players. But Frank Vogel will not be willing to let an unfortunate incident sideline one of his key players so they will play a lot fewer minutes.

Lakers vs. Nets (25 December) - W

The Lakers versus Nets Christmas Day showdown will be the most anticipated fixture in the 2021-22 NBA season. Fans will get an idea of what could be the first real look into what both teams will look like playing against each other at full strength. The Nets might be without Kyrie Irving, given the vaccination mandate, but it will still be a riveting fixture. After all is said and done, the Lakers will show their superiority and seal the W against the Nets.

Lakers @ Rockets (28 December) - W

Feeling fulfilled, the Lakers will follow up their Christmas Day win with another three days later against the Rockets. The dominance expected will not be seen as the Rockets will do a better job in hopes to be one of the teams to bring down the Western Conference's biggest team at the moment.

Lakers @ Grizzlies (29 December) - L

The Grizzlies will finally get a win over the Lakers in their third meeting of the season. Steve Adams will be the difference as he would clean the boards and rack the points with several put-back plays.

Lakers vs. Blazers (31 December) - W

To close out the year, the Lakers will host the Blazers and will tie the season series. It will be a high-scoring game as the Lakers will focus more on three-point shooting with occasional mid-range jumpers.

Lakers vs. Timberwolves (2 January) - W

The Timberwolves will continue to struggle as they won't have answers to the questions the Lakers will ask of their defense. The Lakers bench will have a field day as they might get more playing time to give the starters a breather.

Lakers vs. Kings (4 January) - W

Two in two in front of the home fans will be an incredible start to the new year. The Lakers will get a third win against the Kings on their way to a series sweep in the regular season. It will be hard to watch Fox try to will his time to victory yet again but fail.

Lakers vs. Hawks (7 January) - L

The young Atlanta Hawks team will be the disruptors of the 2021-22 NBA season and will put an end to the Lakers' three-game win streak. Trae Young will take advantage of Westbrook's defensive flaws and record 30+ points in the game.

Lakers vs. Grizzlies (9 January) - W

It will be back to winning ways for the Lakers after losing to the Hawks. The Grizzlies will be on the receiving end as the Lakers look to reassert their dominance in the league.

Lakers @ Kings (12 January) - W

And the series sweep will be complete. Four in four for the Lakers over the Kings in the 2021-22 season. The Kings' frontcourt will be no match for the Lakers' big men. Dwight Howard will score at will in the paint and convert on his opportunities at the free-throw line.

Lakers @ Nuggets (15 January) - L

Injuries will start to creep in, and the losses will come a bit more often. While these injuries will not be long-term, Westbrook will have to take on more at the offensive end, especially when he is paired with more defensive-minded players. The Lakers will lose this game against the Nuggets as Nikola Jokic's brilliance will shine.

Lakers vs. Jazz (17 January) - W

The Lakers will meet another Western Conference heavyweight but will come out on top. Given the number of shooters they have on their team, they will spread the court with AD at the five and make things uncomfortable for Rudy Gobert.

Lakers vs. Pacers (19 January) - W

The Lakers will register their 34th win of the season against the Pacers. While it will be nothing spectacular, the Lakers will do their duty and secure the victory in the least flashy way possible. The game will be close on occasion, but the Lakers will pull away as the end of the game approaches.

Lakers @ Magic (21 January) - W

The young Orlando Magic team will once again be schooled at the hands of the Lakers this season. Not much is expected from the young team, but they will put up a good fight.

Lakers @ Heat (23 January) - W

King James will take over the second outing against the Heat, registering a double-double in points and assists. There will be less passive LeBron in this game as he will use every opportunity to decimate the defense for an easy deuce or the kick out. The Lakers will secure the win with a double-digit margin.

Lakers @ Nets (25 January) - L

The Nets will be ready for revenge and will dish it out in the most exquisite fashion. Durant will have one of the best games of the season and will lead the Nets to a comfortable victory over the Lakers. The Lakers could record their biggest defeat of the season in this matchup.

Lakers @ Sixers (27 January) - L

The Philadelphia 76rrs will pile on the pressure and make the fourth consecutive road game for the Lakers hell. Joel Embiid will have a 30+ game to lead the Sixers to a narrow victory against the Lakers.

Lakers @ Hornets (28 January) - W

The Lakers will end their two-game losing streak at Spectrum Center with a comfortable margin against the Hornets. The Lakers youngsters will shine with Monk registering a season-high tally in points.

Lakers @ Hawks (30 January) - W

Keeping young quiet will be key to winning this fixture, and the Lakers will always try to force him to make the pass instead of shoot. Vogel is a defensive genius, so he will put together a game plan that will limit the youngster's impact on the game. The Lakers defense will win this game for them.

Lakers vs Blazers (2 February) - W

With the Blazers struggling to improve their win count, they will throw everything at the Lakers, but it will not be enough. The Lakers' depth will be the difference in this game as they will outscore the Blazers bench.

Lakers @ Clippers (3 February) - W

The Battle for supremacy in LA will continue, and the Lakers will come out on top again. Even with The Klaw on the court, the Clippers will not do enough to secure a victory and will chase the game for the better part of the second half.

Lakers vs. Knicks (5 February) - W

The Knicks are one of the few teams that can trade shot for shot with the Lakers, and they will do so successfully. Unfortunately for the Knicks, experience and elite scoring will swing the game in favor of the Lakers. Regardless, it will be a very close game.

Lakers vs. Bucks (8 February) - W

Staples Center will be loud for this fixture as they will not want to go 2 down in the series. Vogel will deliver and lead the Lakers to victory against the formidable Bucks team. Giannis Antetokounmpo will have a big game as he will flirt with the triple-double but will not get enough production from his teammates.

Lakers @ Blazers (9 February) - W

The Lakers will get back on the road after a satisfying win against the Bucks. It will be more of the same at Moda Center as the Lakers will complete a five-game win streak to kick off the month of February in fine fashion.

Lakers @ Warriors (12 February) - L

Stephen Curry will be too much to handle for the Lakers in this matchup and will knock down three after three to rally his team to a victory. Klay Thompson might have also found his range and re-acclimatized himself with the game. With the Splash Brothers back to full strength, the Lakers will have too much to deal with.

Lakers vs. Jazz (16 February) - W

The Jazz could make a surprise run in the playoffs and come out as champions from the West. However, another loss against the Lakers at Staples Center is likely.

Lakers vs. Clippers (25 February) - L

The Clippers will have one in the win column against the Lakers for the first time after three trials. With the season almost coming to a close, teams are desperate to increase their win tally, and the Lakers will have the game of their season. The game will end in a double-digit lead with Russ having a bad game.

Lakers vs. Pelicans (27 February) - W

Zion Williamson and the New Orleans Pelicans' struggle continues, and they won't get any comfort at the hands of the Lakers. The Lakers will exploit their poor defense and hurt them from several areas of the court. LeBron will lead the charge with a triple-double.

Lakers vs. Mavericks (1 March) - W

After a loss at the hands of the Clippers a few days ago, the Lakers will win their second consecutive game, first in March. It will be Westbrook's turn to record a triple-double as it will be a showdown between him and Luka, but AD will lead the charge in scoring.

Lakers @ Clippers (3 March) - W

It will come down to the last play to decide who wins this matchup. The Clippers will attempt to win two of the four games in the series, but the Lakers will do enough to claim win No. 3.

Lakers vs. Warriors (5 March) - W

The LeBron James-Stephen Curry rivalry continues as they face-off for the third time this season. Both offenses will be lethal, but the Lakers' defense will make some stops to get ahead. Draymond Green and Dwight Howard will have an altercation and will both be hit with a T.

Lakers @ Spurs (7 March) - W

The win streak continues; five in five as the Lakers cruise to another victory against the Spurs. Coming off a victory against the Warriors, the Lakers will be pumped enough to end this game with a 20+ margin.

Lakers @ Rockets (9 March) - W

The decimation will finally come to an end as the Rockets will feature in their last game against the Lakers. The Lakers will complete the season sweep and will hold the Rockets to under 100 points in the game.

Lakers vs. Wizards (11 March) - L

It will be a dramatic end to the matchup as the Washington Wizards will put an end to the Lakers' six-game win streak. Kyle Kuzma will have a good game and will record a double-double in points and rebounds.

Lakers @ Suns (13 March) - W

The Lakers will visit the Valley to play the Suns for the third time this season. With the series split even-stevens, the Lakers will narrowly clinch the victory to go ahead in the series.

Lakers vs. Raptors (14 March) - W

Pascal Siakam and the Toronto Raptors are on their way to making a top ten finish but will be delayed by the Lakers. The Canadian-based team will struggle at Staples Center, and the Lakers will cruise to victory.

Lakers @ Timberwolves (16 March) - L

The Timberwolves will finally get revenge against the Lakers in their final meeting of the season. While losing to a team below .500 win percentage is always painful, the Lakers will accept the defeat and come back stronger in their next game.

Lakers @ Raptors (18 March) - W

The Lakers will commence another round of winning streaks at the home of the Raptors. It will be a closer affair as the Lakers will struggle to find separation, but a few inspired clutch plays from LBJ will seal it for the Purple and Gold.

Lakers @ Wizards (19 March) - W

The Lakers will travel to the nation's capital and come out victorious against a team that beat them in their first meeting this season. Trust that Montrezl Harrell will be in search of revenge but his efforts will not be enough to rally the Wizards to another win. They will lose the game with a double-digit margin.

Lakers @ Cavaliers (21 March) - W

Things will go from bad to worse for the Cavs as they will record another loss which will keep them at the bottom of the Eastern Conference table. The Lakers will run circles around them, with the only form of resistance coming from Jarrett Allen.

Lakers vs. Sixers (23 March) - W

The Lakers-Sixers matchup will have a different outlook from the last time they met. While it will not be an easy run for the Lakers, they will steal the victory. Given Embiid's injury struggles, the Sixers might have to play without him, a void that Andre Drummond cannot fill on both ends of the court.

Lakers @ Pelicans (27 March) - W

Brandon Ingram will have to face his former franchise again and will be desperate for a win. He will continue his excellent form for the Pelicans in partnership with Williamson, but their efforts will not be crowned with a victory. It will be a low-scoring game for both teams, but the Lakers will get the W.

Lakers @ Mavericks (29 March) - W

With less than ten games left in the season, the positions are starting to be a lot clearer. The Mavericks will be eager to get every win to not feature in the play-in tournament. However, the game against the Lakers will not end in their favor. It will be a single-digit lead in favor of the Lakers, but it will hurt the same as a blowout given how pivotal it can be in the championship run.

Lakers @ Jazz (31 March) - L

The Jazz gets another win in their run as they look to close the season on a high. It is a much-needed win for them as they look to maintain their position as one of the top four teams in the West. A close loss, but one all the same as the Lakers are still within reach for the top seed in the conference.

Lakers vs. Pelicans (1 April) - W

Giving up on the top seed is something the Lakers do not want, and they showed it with an emphatic win over the Pelicans. The victory gives them some separation, but they need two more wins to clinch the top spot.

Lakers vs. Nuggets (3 April) - W

The Lakers continue their winning form in front of their home fans as they host the Nuggets. At the end of the game, they have 59 wins and are guaranteed top seed in the conference.

Lakers @ Suns (5 April) - W

The Lakers-Suns game is personal for the franchise and is not one they would be looking to flake out on considering the history. The first-round exit is still fresh in the minds of the fans and the Lakers delivered another victory for the record books.

Lakers @ Warriors (7 April) - L

Teams have started to rest players or intentionally tank for hopes of getting a better matchup or improve their chances in the 2022 NBA draft lottery. For the Lakers, they opted to rest their starters to keep them fresh and avoid any injuries with the start of the playoffs close. Similar to what was seen in their preseason, they lose to the Warriors emphatically.

Lakers vs. Thunder (8 April) - L

The Thunder also take a jab at the Lakers and come out victorious. The Lakers second unit put up a good fight, but Giddey, who has grown more confident, put together a class display offensively to spur the Thunder to a victory.

Lakers @ Nuggets (10 April) - L

The Nuggets still needed wins this late, and they got one against the Lakers to end their season. The Lakers were already in playoff spirit as they continue resting their key players ahead of the postseason.

The Lakers Bright Start to the Season Goes A Long Way in Building the Much-Needed Confidence To Win 60 Games

It's always advised to start strong as it is much easier to ride on that wave down the stretch. The Lakers will do exactly that in a bid to instill fear in the opposition even before stepping on the court. Losing 20 games will be a lot for this Lakers squad but considering injuries and the age of the lineup, 20 losses seems about right.

Their 60 wins will take them atop the Western Conference standings and could make light work of the No. 8 seed who will emerge from the play-in tournament. There will be concerns every time AD goes down seeing as he is the focal point of the Lakers' offense. However, the front office has done a good job in bringing in bucket-getters and does not have to risk reinstating Davis faster than normal into the starting lineup, giving room for a re-aggravation of his injury. He can take a bit more time to fully recover and be 100% every time he steps on the hardwood.