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Re-Drafting The Legendary 1984 NBA Draft Class

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The 1984 Draft Class is arguably the best draft class in NBA history. This is the draft that gave us 4 Hall of Fame players, and the number one player we have ever seen. This draft class gave us NBA champions, NBA MVPs, and some of the best players of all-time.

This class was stacked with talent, and while many of these picks were done correctly, it is time to re-draft the legendary 1984 Draft Class knowing what we now know. To start things off, it is time to draft the greatest player of all-time at number one.

1. Houston Rockets

Original Pick: Hakeem Olajuwon

Re-Draft Pick: Michael Jordan

It is crazy to think that drafting the great Hakeem Olajuwon at number one was a mistake, but this is only the case because Michael Jordan came in the same draft. After all, it wasn’t the Rockets fault per se, since big men were still the main players on NBA championship teams and Hakeem did win two straight NBA titles for the Rockets.

Michael Jordan was still the best player in the draft, and the best player ever, so drafting him number one would have probably gifted the Rockets 6 NBA titles at least.

2. Portland Trail Blazers

Original Pick: Sam Bowie

Re-Draft Pick: Hakeem Olajuwon

The Blazers missed out on Michael Jordan and decided that Sam Bowie would be the next best choice. Needless to say, they got it wrong.

Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon should have been a Portland TrailBlazer. Hakeem's unbelievable footwork in the post, dominant two-way play, and exceptional leadership would have gifted Portland at least two NBA titles. While it is easy to judge in hindsight, Portland will definitely feel frustrated that they missed out on two players who won 8 titles in 8 years.

3. Chicago Bulls

Original Pick: Michael Jordan

Re-Draft Pick: Charles Barkley

The Chicago Bulls sure lucked out on this one. As a matter of fact, this draft forever changed the franchise for the rest of eternity. Since the Rockets and Blazers missed out on MJ, the Bulls gladly took him with the third pick.

With the re-draft done correctly, they would have ended up with Charles Barkley. While this is not a loss in an imaginary world, Barkley was simply not Jordan. He did not have the sheer dominance that MJ had and probably wouldn't have won 6 titles for the Bulls. Still, Barkley would have probably gone down as their best player ever.

4. Dallas Mavericks

Original Pick: Sam Perkins

Re-Draft Pick: John Stockton

Once again, big men dominated this draft class. This was perfectly normal, as big men were always the key contributors to championship teams. With this mindset in place, the Dallas Mavericks selected Sam Perkins with the 4th pick in the draft. While Perkins was a good player, they made a big mistake here.

John Stockton is one of the game's greatest point guards ever and one of the most difficult players to defend. His playmaking was truly second to none, as he ranks first in all-time assists. He also leads the league in steals all-time, showcasing his ability on both ends. Stockton would have set a culture of winning for Dallas, instead, they had to wait for Dirk Nowitzki.

5. Philadelphia 76ers

Original Pick: Charles Barkley

Re-Draft Pick: Alvin Robertson

The Sixers lucked out with Charles Barkley as well, as he had a great career as a member of the 76ers. While Barkley never brought championship success to Philadelphia, he remains one of their best players ever.

The Sixers would have ended up with Alvin Robertson instead in the re-draft. A defensive specialist and exceptional playmaker, Robertson is in no way a mistake in any NBA draft. But he wasn't Charles Barkley, so the Sixers should be happy how things turned out.

6. Washington Bullets

Original Pick: Melvin Turpin

Re-Draft Pick: Otis Thorpe

Without question the Bullets should have taken Otis Thorpe with the 6th overall pick in the draft. Thorpe was the starting power forward for the championship Houston Rockets and a tough-minded rebounder who helped make a winning culture.

The Bullets felt Melvin Turpin could help them the most, but Thorpe would have certainly given them an immediate starter and capable forward who could help them win games.

7. San Antonio Spurs

Original Pick: Alvin Robertson

Re-Draft Pick: Sam Perkins

The Spurs were extremely fortunate that Alvin Robertson fell into their lap. He is one of the best defensive guards of all time and a Spurs icon for the city. Any Spurs fan will always rant and rave about Robertson's ability on defense.

Instead, the Spurs would have ended up with sweet-shooting Sam Perkins instead. Perkins had a good career and was especially great in his younger days, but the Spurs got a gem in Robertson.

8. Los Angeles Lakers

Original Pick: Lancaster Gordon

Re-Draft Pick: Jerome Kersey

As we approach the end of the top ten picks of the first round, the Lakers should have drafted Jerome Kersey. Kersey was one of the main contributors to a playoff Blazers team that made it deep into the playoffs. Kersey averaged 10.3 PPG for his career, while Lancaster Gordon only averaged 5.6 PPG over his career.

9. Kansas City Kings

Original Pick: Otis Thorpe

Re-Draft Pick: Kevin Willis

The Kings ended up with Otis Thorpe, a nice player who started for the championship Rockets team. He was a nice draft pick, but they should have ended up with Kevin Willis. Willis was also a very productive big man, averaging 12.1 PPG and 8.4 RPG for his career.

Thorpe averaged 14.0 PPG and 8.2 RPG for his career, so the Kings would not have won or lost this re-draft although Willis carved out a nicer career earlier on in his career.

10. Philadelphia 76ers

Original Pick: Leon Wood

Re-Draft Pick: Vern Fleming

Wood was chosen by the Sixers with the tenth pick in the draft, with the hope that he will develop into a starting-caliber point guard and accompany Charles Barkley to stardom.

Wood averaged 6.4 PPG for his career, with a total of 6 seasons. Instead, the Sixers should have taken Vern Fleming who averaged 11.3 PPG as the point guard for the Indiana Pacers.

11. Atlanta Hawks

Original Pick: Kevin Willis

Re-Draft Pick: Michael Cage

Another team gets lucky by not having a re-draft. With the 11th pick of the draft, the Hawks selected Kevin Willis who was a very productive player for them. Willis had his career season with the Hawks, averaging 19.1 PPG in the 93-94 season.

With the redraft, the Hawks would end up with Michael Cage who only averaged 7.3 PPG over a 15-year career. While it worked out for the Hawks, they would have acquired a role player instead of an All-Star quality big man.

12. Cleveland Cavaliers

Original Pick: Tim McCormick

Re-Draft Pick: Sam Bowie

Unfortunately for Sam Bowie, he is mainly remembered for being picked second in the NBA draft ahead of Michael Jordan. The reasoning was not too far-fetched at the time since the Blazers already drafted Clyde Drexler a year earlier and did not want to take minutes away from him.

Nonetheless, he should be taken ahead of Tim McCormick by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Sam Bowie would have a long career which lasted 10 seasons, while McCormick would have a 7-year career and averaged 8.3 PPG.

13. Phoenix Suns

Original Pick: Jay Humphries

Re-Draft Pick: Jay Humphries

With the 13th pick of the draft, the Suns would have drafted Jay Humphries. It seems that it is their destiny since Humphries was the original pick.

Humphries averaged 10.8 points, 6.3 assists and 2.8 rebounds as a member of the Suns, and was the last really decent player in this draft. While he wasn't a star player, he was effective in his contributions and the Suns would feel good about their pick.

14. Los Angeles Clippers

Original Pick: Michael Cage

Re-Draft Pick: Tony Campbell

Campbell did not have a very consistent career, as he was a role player for the majority of his career. However, like many NBA players, he had a solid run in the league by averaging a career-high 23.2 PPG with the Minnesota Timberwolves. His run lasted three years although he faced many inconsistencies in his scoring output.

15. Dallas Mavericks

Original Pick: Terence Stansbury

Re-Draft Pick: Ron Anderson

The Mavs would have drafted Ron Anderson, who wasn't a star but had a great run as the sixth man for the Philadelphia 76ers where he averaged 16.2 PPG. Stansbury lasted only 3 seasons with the pros and clearly wasn't the right fit for the Mavs.

16. Utah Jazz

Original Pick: John Stockton

Re-Draft Pick: Tim McCormick

The Utah Jazz were massive winners in this draft, drafting one of the best point guards of all time and the man who would form one of the best duos ever with Karl Malone.

Stockton is the all-time leader in assists and steals and was an absolute steal with the 16th pick. If the re-draft was done correctly, the Jazz would have ended up with Tim McCormick who was not even in the league by the time he was 30 years old.

17. New Jersey Nets

Original Pick: Jeff Turner

Re-Draft Pick: Danny Young

This was a forgettable draft pick, whether Turner or Young were chosen. Both players were very mediocre and contributed very little to their teams.

18. Portland Trail Blazers

Original Pick: Vern Fleming

Re-Draft Pick: Jim Peterson

The Blazers would have ended up with Jim Peterson, who had a career 13.8 win shares. Standing at 6'10", he clearly had ever size to play in the NBA and could have given the Blazers some extra depth at the center position and not much else.

19. Indiana Pacers

Original Pick: Bernard Thompson

Re-Draft Pick: Steve Colter

Colter was a point guard who offered not much more than being a benchwarmer and a role player during his career season. His career year was averaging 8.7 PPG and 3.2 APG for the Portland Trail Blazers.

20. Detroit Pistons

Original Pick: Tony Campbell

Re-Draft Pick: Melvin Turpin

Turpin is one of the most forgotten members of this draft, mainly because he could never really stay in shape for the majority of his career. He struggled with his weight and never made much of an impact especially for the 6th overall pick. Turpin has a career 13.7 win shares.

21. Milwaukee Bucks

Original Pick: Kenny Fields

Re-Draft Pick: Jeff Turner

Turner is mostly remembered for his time with the Magic, where he averaged 6.5 PPG. Another benchwarmer in this draft, Turner was only counted on giving minimal minutes and had a career 8.9 win shares.

22. Philadelphia 76ers

Original Pick: Tom Sewell

Re-Draft Pick: Leon Wood

Wood bounced around the league for the majority of his career, even playing overseas in Spain for an entire year. Wood never made much of an impact in the league, shooting a very putrid 39.2% from the field.

23. Los Angeles Lakers

Original Pick: Earl Jones

Re-Draft Pick: Ben Coleman

The most thing Ben Coleman would be known for if he was drafted by the Lakers was his nickname "Big Ben". Coleman stood 6'9" and over 230 lbs, and held on to that name until Hall of Famer Ben Wallace took it over. Coleman bounced around a bit and played in Spain for three seasons.

24. Boston Celtics

Original Pick: Michael Young

Re-Draft Pick: Charles Jones

Charles Jones was a decent backup big man for the Suns as a rookie, averaging 8.4 PPG and 5.1 RPG. He only played three more seasons after that and unfortunately failed to replicate any sort of impact again.