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The Celtics And Warriors Superteam vs. Rest Of The League: Can Stephen Curry And Jayson Tatum Defeat LeBron James And Kevin Durant?

The Celtics And Warriors Superteam vs. Rest Of The League: Can Stephen Curry And Jayson Tatum Defeat LeBron James And Kevin Durant?

The Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors are locked in a 7-game series in the NBA Finals at the moment, and both have been arguably the best teams in the league from the start of the season until the playoffs. Of course, other great teams such as the Milwaukee Bucks and Miami Heat suffered injuries that cut short their postseason, which gave the Celtics a chance to come out of the East.

The Phoenix Suns and Memphis Grizzlies are two other teams that should have done better but faltered due to injuries and shocking play in the playoffs. That also meant the Golden State Warriors had little competition on their way to the Finals. In 2022, we will be crowning an NBA champion that will either be the Boston Celtics or Golden State Warriors. But would a combined team of the best players from both sides be enough to defeat any starting five around the NBA?

There is no doubt that there are supreme talents on both the Celtics and Warriors, but there is also some superstar talents across the league that play for other teams. By creating the best possible starting five from around the league, it is time to discover whether the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors have the best talent in the league to take on a starting five that has LeBron James, Luka Doncic, Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Nikola Jokic. Here is the team that comes out on top over a 7-game series.

Stephen Curry vs. Luka Doncic

Stephen Curry vs. Luka Doncic

Stephen Curry is the best shooter in the NBA and also arguably the best offensive guard in the league. He will bring his elite sharpshooting to the court against one of the best all-around talents in the NBA in Luka Doncic. Curry is a career 42.8% shooter from three and will make a living from the perimeter when surrounded by elite-level talent including Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

Meanwhile, Luka Doncic will bring his elite playmaking, rebounding, and scoring ability to a super team that features other tremendous offensive players. Doncic is a triple-double threat when on the court and his ability to break down the defense will be critical over a seven-game series. Of course, Doncic is a much larger guard than Curry and will find it easy to score on him just as he will find it difficult to keep Steph away from the three-point line.

Jaylen Brown vs. LeBron James

Jaylen Brown vs. LeBron James

This is a very interesting matchup because Jaylen Brown is a superb athlete with tremendous explosiveness and scoring ability, but he has also made strides on the defensive end. With his ability to knock down the three-point shot and also attack the rim against bigger players, Brown will be critical for his side because they could be slightly undermanned when looking at the opposition. But Brown is still an all-star player who will bring the action to LeBron James.

LeBron James is the smartest player on the court and will be the primary playmaker on a side that also features Luka Doncic. The King is a better leader at this moment in time and will make better decisions on the floor because he has elite shooters and athletes around him. It will be interesting to see how The King responds to Jaylen Brown’s athleticism because he will be forced to defend tightly and not give up easy baskets around the rim.

Andrew Wiggins vs. Kevin Durant

Andrew Wiggins vs. Kevin Durant

Nobody will ever be foolish enough to compare Andrew Wiggins with Kevin Durant, but the swingman has improved on both areas of the floor and is an All-Star contributor for his team. Due to his athleticism, length, and scoring ability, Wiggins will be critical to his side because he has to defend Kevin Durant for the majority of the series. He will do as good a job as humanly possible because he is giving up a few inches in height but will still be able to contest the opponent’s shots for the majority of the time.

Kevin Durant is the best scorer in the series because he has tremendous length and also some of the best shooting ability we have ever seen. A four-time scoring champion, Durrant will have no issues getting his shots up although he won’t be as efficient as usual because Wiggins is considered an elite wing defender. Regardless, Durant will shoot 48% from the floor over the series and will make 36% of his three-pointers, although he will struggle from the line at only 80%.

Jayson Tatum vs. Giannis Antetokounmpo

Jayson Tatum vs. Giannis Antetokounmpo

Jayson Tatum is a budding superstar in the NBA, and he will need to reach his potential quickly because he will be playing across from a two-time MVP in Giannis Antetokounmpo. Tatum is a much better shooter than Giannis from all areas of the court, and will also be a go-to offensive player for his side. Tatum is giving up some size when defending Giannis, but he will do his best to contest shots around the rim and try to spearhead a defense that should double-team the Greek Freak.

Giannis Antetokounmpo might be the most well-rounded star in the game today because his size and skill set is beyond what anyone can do in today's NBA. The Greek Freak will lead his team in rebounds, points, steals, and blocks while creating the most intriguing matchup against Jayson Tatum. Overall, when looking at pure impact and stats, The Greek Freak will win this matchup over the series.

Draymond Green vs. Nikola Jokic

Draymond Green vs. Nikola Jokic

Draymond Green will have his work cut out for him on the floor in this series because he will have to handle a two-time MVP in Nikola Jokic. Nikola is one of the most skilled big men in NBA history, and Green will need to stop him from controlling the game with his passing, size, and paint presence. As a former Defensive Player of the Year, Green will do his absolute best to bother Jokic.

But it won’t be enough, because Jokic will put up supreme numbers on the court in 18 PPG, 11 RPG, 6 APG, and 1.5 BPG. The center is prolific at playing fantastic team basketball, and his impact will be felt throughout the series. The Serbian big man won’t be the main force on the court, as that will be Giannis Antetokounmpo, but he will hold his own as the best pure center on the floor.

Celtics-Warriors Advantages

The combined superteam of the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors will get the job done due to their insane athleticism and heart. Brown, Tatum, and Wiggins are tremendous athletes who can run and jump with the opposition very well. Of course, they have the luxury of having the best shooter in the NBA in Curry. The point guard can create his own shots from three, a major advantage.

Not to mention, the superteam will have better chemistry on the floor. Draymond Green, Stephen Curry, and Andrew Wiggins are three of the most unselfish players in the league and will do their part to make sure Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum are well accommodated. Each player won’t have an issue with sharing the ball, as either one of them can be a primary ball-handler at any given moment.

Rest Of The League Advantages

The Rest Of The League Superteam has a few advantages mainly in the presence of elite playmakers in LeBron James and Luka Doncic, and also the best big man in the series in Nikola Jokic who can also be considered a playmaker. Not to mention, Giannis is a tremendous passer who will be a force to handle when he attacks the rim against a smaller front line.

Kevin Durant is also a massive advantage because he is surrounded by four superstar playmakers who will make the game too easy for him. We have seen Durant go ballistic when surrounded by other All-Star talents, and he will find it extremely easy to play the game and get his points up. But the standout player in the series will be none other than Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Who Wins A Best Of 7 Series?

Game 1 goes to the Rest Of The League, who starts off the game very slow only to find their rhythm in the fourth quarter. The Celtics-Warriors superteam holds a 90-80 lead heading into the fourth, with their effort on defense holding the opponents to only 42% shooting until the quarter. Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Luka Doncic take over the game, combining for 29 points in the quarter alone. Durant goes 3-4 from three, Luka gets a few And-1 plays, and Giannis does the rest by attacking Tatum. A monster jam by LeBron James over Jayson Tatum caps off a monster 27-4 run that kills Game 1.

The Celtics-Warriors superteam responds in Game 2, through the brilliance of Tatum and Curry. The superstar duo combines for 70 points in the game, as everything seemingly falls for them. Tatum goes 4-9 from three, Curry goes 7-14, and they have their release look beautiful as soon the ball leaves their hands. With the talented superteam rolling with their jumpers, the opposition is forced to accept defeat as they go on a 10-2 run in the final few minutes and lose the game by 10 points, 110-100.

Game 3 is all about the bigs, as Giannis Antetokounmpo and Nikola Jokic go ballistic in the paint together. Giannis finishes with 32 points and 12 rebounds, while Jokic drops 20 and 13 of his own. With the game tied at 100 with a minute remaining in the 4th quarter, Giannis somehow dribbles out of a double-team in the post to find a spot-up LeBron James for a three-pointer. Team Celtics-Warriors try to respond, but Curry’s shot from deep just rims out at the buzzer, resulting in a 105-102 loss for the point guard’s team.

Giannis, LeBron, and Durant completely take over Game 4, with the trio finding it easy to control the pace of the game and attack the helpless defenders. Other than Jaylen Brown who scores 29 points, nobody else shows up for the Celtics-Warriors. The trio of superstar forwards continue switching onto Step Curry and Jayson Tatum, punishing them through size and skill on defense. Durant specifically goes ballistic in the fourth, going 6-8 from the field and also coming up with 2 assists to Giannis Antetokounmpo. The game ends in a blowout, 107-90. With a 3-1 lead, the Celtics-Warriors need to win Game 5.

The scorers go at it again, as Tatum and Durant go at it throughout the game. Tatum finishes with an impressive 30 points against Durant’s 29, but it takes efficient games from Brown, Curry, and Wiggins to force a Game 6. Curry goes 4-8 from three, Brown makes 8-10 from the line, and Wiggins comes up with 10 rebounds and 4 steals in the game. With that amount of help, Tatum has enough to will his team to victory. Of course, the Rest of the League can’t find their rhythm and look to game 6 to close the deal.

It is absolutely essential for Team Celtics-Warriors to grab an early lead and maintain it because they will have to succumb to the talent the opposition has if they don’t. They do that in the first quarter, going up 30-21 with Curry and Brown combining for 18 points. But the opponents respond in the second quarter, starting with an 8-0 run to make the game 30-29 in just 3 minutes. Somehow, Draymond Green comes up with 4 straight assists on the fast break, finding Steph, Wiggins, and Tatum for easy buckets which pushes the lead to double-digits. Luka starts dancing, taking over the final 4 minutes of the second quarter to tie the game 62-62.

The second half starts slow, with both sides ending the third quarter knotted at 90. But the men of the hour, LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo, take over the fourth. James does it with his passing, coming up with 5 assists in the quarter while Giannis has the best 12 minutes by any player in the series. He goes 6-6 from the field, grabs 7 rebounds, and blocks 2 shots in the fourth alone, while also protecting the rim exceptionally well. Thanks to Giannis’ production in a close-out quarter, he wins Finals MVP due to his production that sparks a 15-6 run that ends the game at 127-120.

Final Result: Rest Of The League vs. Celtics-Warriors Superteam 4-2

Finals MVP: Giannis Antetokounmpo 


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