The Most 40-Point Games With 0 Turnovers: Michael Jordan Dominating The Game

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The Most 40-Point Games With 0 Turnovers Michael Jordan Dominating The Game

Even though most fans think of basketball as a game of scoring and defense, there are many other factors that impact the scoreboard. I mean, you can't win a game by scoring 140 points if you turn the ball over 25 times and get outscored by 20.

That's why efficiency is such an underrated, yet crucial intangible when talking about the greatest players of all time. And that's why just a handful of stars stand out from the rest because of how they make the most of every single touch they have.

Throughout NBA history, some players have been able to dominate with the rock on their hands while taking elite care of the ball as well, which is easier said than done. That's why today, we're about to honor them by letting you know about the player with the most 40+ games with 0 turnovers ever.

5. Dominique Wilkins - 5

Dominique Wilkins

This stat right here shows you just how underrated and underappreciated Dominique Wilkins has been throughout basketball history. No one seems to talk about him anymore, even though he was one of the league's finest scorers during his career.

Wilkins was a high-flying athletic freak that could run the offense or play off the ball, and once he got hot, there was just no stopping him. Also, he was an underrated ball-handler as well, so it doesn't strike as a surprise to see him crack this list.

4. Kobe Bryant - 5

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

For most of his career, Kobe Bryant's haters called him out for not sharing the ball, which is ridiculous if you notice that he averaged 5.0 assists per game. More than that, they claimed that he wasn't efficient because he needed a lot of shots to make most of his damage.

Once again, that's a huge phalacy. Throughout his 2 decades in the NBA, Bryant was one of the most efficient players on both ends of the floor. He had games with multiple turnovers as it happens to guys that have the ball on their hands for most of the game, but he also had 5 40+ games with 0 turnovers.

3. Shaquille O'Neal - 6



Well, they didn't call him the MDE (Most Dominant Ever) for nothing. Shaquille O'Neal was an unstoppable offensive juggernaut in the paint that made opposing players - literally - get hurt or injured when they tried to foul him hard below the rim.

Shaq could go perfect from the field night in and night out thanks to his physical traits. He was stronger, faster, bigger, and more athletic than everybody else on the court. Also, his ball-handling skills allowed him to be a nice facilitator and log 6 career games with 40+ points and not a single TO.

2. Anthony Davis - 6

(via USA Today)

(via USA Today)

It's clear that Anthony Davis has already put up a Hall of Fame-worthy résumé and he's just getting started. Talent-wise, he might as well be the most gifted big man in the history of the league, and he has a strong shot at leading this list once it's all said and done.

Davis has the skills, moves, and handles of a guard in the body of a big. He can put the ball on the floor, create for others, spot-up, dominate in the post, you name it. That's why it's not surprising to see that he's so great at taking care of the ball and torching opposing defenders.

1. Michael Jordan - 15

(via EssentiallySports)

(via EssentiallySports)

Unsurprisingly, Michael Jordan sits at the top of this list, as well as many other lists of great accolades, records, and players. Throughout his career, he amassed 15 games of 40+ points without a single turnover and would've had many more if it wasn't for his early retirement.

Michael Jordan has the highest points-per-game average in NBA history (30.17) so scoring 40+ points in a game was just another day at the office for him. So, what impresses me the most about this feature is the fact that a player who had the ball in his hands for most of the game and was always guarded by the other team's best defender managed to avoid turnovers while scoring 40+ 15 times on his career. That's why he's the GOAT.

Credit: MJs Goat


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