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The Most Points Scored By NBA Draft Classes: The 1985 Draft Class Scored 315,923 Points

The Most Points Scored By NBA Draft Classes: The 1985 Draft Class Scored 315,923 Points

Scoring has taken over the NBA. The days of low-scoring defensive battles may be appreciated by those who value defense but the flare of the league is when the ball goes into the hoop. Three-point plays and long treys are sexy. Scoring over 100 points is the new normal for each team. After all, the winner of the game is the team that scores the most points anyways.

The last decade has seen a transition in teams putting more effort into their scoring. What if we told you that high-volume scorers have always been around? The last decade of draft classes might be part of a trend of more overall team scoring. However, there have been those types of players coming out of the 2000s, 90s, 80s, and even as far back as the 70s.

Each draft class is different, but if you look at the top-10 draft classes with the most total points, it’s not just the 2000s. Heck, the 2000s is not even the highest-scoring draft class in NBA history, which goes to show that the older era was not just about defense. They could put the ball in the hoop too.

Outside of the 2022 draft class, because nobody has officially scored yet, we take a look at all draft classes and see who has scored the most. These are the most points by draft class.

1951 NBA Draft Class - 17,060 Points

The worst scoring class came from 1951. Some of the best players from a draft class will score over 10,000 career points. There was not even a player that scored over 5,000 career points. Mel Hutchins led the way with seven NBA seasons and 4,851 points. The second-most points came from Whitey Skoog with 2,800 points. Needless to say, this draft class featured a lot of duds given that the most recent draft class scored more points in one season than this entire class as a whole.

2021 NBA Draft Class - 20,116 Points

Five players began their basketball careers with over 1,000 points in a season. Four of those players were taken with the top-4 selections of the draft. Franz Wagner, the No. 8 overall pick, led all rookies in scoring last season with 1,197 points. Amazingly enough, after one season, the 2021 class scored more points than the entire 1951 class in the entirety of their careers.

1952 NBA Draft Class - 31,794 Points

After one more season from the 2021 class, the 1952 class will go back to being the second-worst scoring class. In the end, Clyde Lovellette needed help. Lovellette scored 11,947 points in his career and the dropoff after he was substantial. The second-most points came from Jack McMahon with 4,237 points. Sometimes, you have a diamond in the rough and that was the former Laker great in Lovellette.

1947 NBA Draft Class - 33,961 Points

The very first draft class did not feature any players with more than 10,000 career points but can say that this class will never be last in the all-time rankings. Andy Phillip scored the most points with 6,384 points. Red Rocha added 6,362 points. Phillip played in the league for 10 seasons.

1957 NBA Draft Class - 35,967 Points

This class would have been lower had Sam Jones not been a part of it. Jones was technically selected in the 1956 draft class but opted to return to college. He went from being the No. 59 overall pick to being the No. 8 overall pick in this class. He scored 15,411 career points. The second-most points from this class came from Woody Sauldsberry with 4,930 points. Without Jones, there would have been zero players scoring over 5,000 career points.

2020 NBA Draft Class - 39,188 Points

Coming out of Georgia, fans around the United States knew that Anthony Edwards was a talented scorer. The No. 1 overall pick owns 2,925 points to lead the class. LaMelo Ball will likely give him a run for his money. With that said, two surprises Saddiq Bey and Desmond Bane are one of four players to surpass 10,000 points.

1950 NBA Draft Class - 49,500 Points

Two players scored over 16,000 points in this class. Bob Cousy led the way with 16,960 points, while Paul Arizin added 16,266 points. Four players from this draft class played at least 10 years. Bill Sharman won four championships with the Celtics and added over 12,000 career points, while Larry Foust added over 11,000 points.

1963 NBA Draft Class - 50,282 Points

Only 18 players scored a point in the NBA from this class. Nate Thurmond led the way with 14,437 points. Thurmond was one of two players that played at least 10 seasons; although, Jim King scored half the points. Gus Johnson scored the second-most points with 9,944 points, while Eddie Miles added 8,120 points.

1953 NBA Draft Class - 60,393 Points

The University of Kentucky should be proud of this class. The top two scoring players from this class came from Kentucky. It all starts with former St. Louis Hawks standout Cliff Hagan scoring 13,447 points. Behind him was Frank Ramsey with 8,378 points. The two players made up at least one-third of the points from this draft class. Other players like Kenny Sears, Ray Felix, Walter Dukes, and Jack George scored over 5,000 points in their careers.

1948 NBA Draft Class - 60,826 Points

The great Dolph Schayes led the 1948 class with 18,438 career points with a long career with the Philadelphia 76ers. Schayes is currently ranked third on the all-time leading scoring list for the 76ers. Bobby Wanzer scored over 6,700 points to round out the top scorers from this class. Jack Nichols was one of three players that scored over 5,000 points.

2019 NBA Draft Class - 61,442 Points

When the draft happened, it was all about Zion Williamson. When healthy, Williamson has scored 2,187 points in two seasons. His issue is staying on the court. Instead, the 2022 Most Improved Player and No. 2 overall pick Ja Morant leads the way with 3,961 points. Right behind him are the No. 3 and No. 4 overall picks in RJ Barrett and Darius Garland, who have both surpassed 3,000 points. The 2022 Sixth Man of the Year Tyler Herro will pass 3,000 points next season.

1955 NBA Draft Class - 65,780 Points

The fact that the 1955 class is not the worst scoring class is a surprise. There were only 20 players from this class that scored in the NBA. Luckily, the class had a Hall of Fame big man in Jack Twyman. Fresh out of Cincinnati, Twyman stook around and helped the Royals compete at a high level. In 11 years, Twyman scored 15,840 career points. Behind him, longtime role player Tom Gola added 7,871 points.

1956 NBA Draft Class - 67,012 Points

Bill Russell led the class with 14,522 career points. Russell played over 40,000 minutes in the NBA, which was nearly double the next amount of playing time among the players drafted. Russell was one of the greatest rebounders in NBA history as well but was frequently a double-double machine. Tom Heinsohn and Willie Naulls scored over 10,000 career points as well.

1967 NBA Draft Class - 95,102 Points

Phil Jackson was a better coach than a scorer. The 11-time champion head coach scored just 5,428 points as a player. This class featured just three players with over 10,000 career points. That included Earl Monroe with 17,454 points in 13 seasons. Also playing 13 seasons was Walt Frazier. The former Knick legend scored 15,581 points and won two titles. Rounding out the club was Jimmy Walker and his 11,655 points.

1961 NBA Draft Class - 96,255 Points

Nearly one-fifth of the points came from Walt Bellamy. In his 14 seasons, Bellamy recorded 20,941 points. That included averaging 31.6 points per game during his rookie season. Three other players recorded over 10,000 career points. That included Kevin Lougher, Bill Bridges, and Ray Scott. Don Kojis (9,949) and Tom Meschery (9,904) nearly joined the group but fell just short.

2018 NBA Draft Class - 95,868 Points

This will be a close battle between two talented players. In four years, Trae Young leads the way with 7,067 points, while Luka Doncic is right on his tail with 6,962 points. The dropoff from these two players is significant, over 2,500 points. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Collin Sexton, Miles Bridges, and Deandre Ayton will be some names to watch over the next few years.

1949 NBA Draft Class - 98,965 Points

Two players scored over 10,000 career points and both were Hall of Famers. Ed Macauley led the way with 11,234 points, while Vern Mikkelsen scored 10,063 points. Harry Gallatin added 8,843 points, while Slater Martin scored 7,337 points. Jack Coleman and Dick McGuire were the only other players to score over 5,000 career points.

2016 NBA Draft Class - 99,206 Points

The 2016 class will be the next class to move past 100,000 points as a unit. To no surprise, Buddy Hield leads the way with 7,463 points. Hield was a former collegiate scoring sensation at Oklahoma. Behind him feature three members with over 6,000 points in Brandon Ingram, Jaylen Brown, and Pascal Siakam. Domantas Sabonis is just short of 6K points, while Jamal Murray would be well past that had he not suffered an ACL injury.

2017 NBA Draft Class - 102,662 Points

If Donovan Mitchell and Jayson Tatum keep this up, then both players will likely surpass 20K points. Mitchell currently leads the class with 8,234 points, while Tatum is in the area with 7,640 points. De’Aaron Fox has scored 6,148 points to place third. Kyle Kuzma, John Collins, and Bam Adebayo are a few other players to keep your eye on.

1954 NBA Draft Class - 102,863 Points

The 50s featured some low-scoring classes but the 1954 class was able to make the 100,000-point threshold. It helps when more than one player puts the ball in the basket. Hawks legend Bob Pettit carried this draft class with 20,880 points by himself. Four players scored over 10,000 career points. Along with Petit, Richie Guerin, Red Kerr, and Gene Schue all scored past that threshold. Larry Costello played in the league for 12 years, which was tied for the second-longest tenured player but recorded 8,622 points.

1960 NBA Draft Class - 108,970 Points

Three players combined for over 58,000 career points. Lenny Wilkins scored the third most with 17,772 points. Two players from this class scored over 25,000 career points. Jerry West scored the second-most with 25,192 points, while the triple-double king Oscar Robertson led the way with 26,710 points. With Robertson and West, that could have been a lethal combination had they ever played together.

1958 NBA Draft Class - 123,018 Points

Because Elgin Baylor decided to go back to college after being drafted in the 14th round in 1956, he became the No. 1 overall pick in 1958. Those points came in handy for this class. Baylor scored 23,149 career points. Hal Greer also scored above 20,000 career points and remains the all-time leading scorer for the 76ers. Three players scored over 10,000 career points with Don Ohl, Guy Rodgers, and Wayne Embry reaching the mark.

1968 NBA Draft Class - 123,754 Points

Only two players scored over 10,000 career points but one player scored enough points to match the career totals of four combined players from the class. The two greatest Washington Wizards, or Bullets back in their day, were the top two picks of this draft and were the only players to reach the 10K club. Hayes led the way with 27,313 points, while the former Bullet Finals MVP scored 10,624 points. The drop-off after Unseld was Stu Lantz with 6,782 points.

1959 NBA Draft Class - 128,285 Points

23 players scored in the league from this class but one player put this class on his back. The great Wilt Chamberlain scored 31,419 points in his career to make up nearly 25% of the draft class’ total. While Chamberlain had a great career, other players helped out too. Bailey Howell scored 17,770 points, while Dick Barnett added 15,358 points. Bob Boozer, Johnny Green, and Rudy LaRusso each scored over 10,000 career points as well.

2015 NBA Draft Class - 133,832 Points

This should be a fun battle for the leader in scoring. Devin Booker and Karl-Anthony Towns are within 100 points of each other. Booker currently holds the lead with 11,217 points, while Towns is right behind with 11,170 points. De’Angelo Russell is third with 7,504 career points. Had Kristaps Porzingis not suffered significant injuries, he would have likely finished with over 10,000 points by now.

1964 NBA Draft Class - 134,376 Points

Former Finals MVP Willis Reed scored the second-most points in the class. Reed scored 12,183 points in 10 seasons. The most points came from Jeff Mullins with 13,017 points. In 16 seasons, Paul Silas mustered 11,782 points. Happy Hairston and Jerry Sloan rounded out the players that scored over 10,000 points.

1973 NBA Draft Class - 136,926 Points

Considering there was not a single player that scored over 10,000 career points from this class, it’s amazing that this class is not near the bottom. George McGinnis led the way with 9,090 career points. Mike Bantom and Larry Kenon scored over 8,500 career points. Jim Chones and Doug Collins added close to a combined 15,000 career points.

1972 NBA Draft Class - 138,826 Points

Bob McAdoo won three scoring titles on his way to leading this draft class with 18,787 career points. McAdoo managed to outscore two very talented players in Julius Erving and Paul Westphal. McAdoo just beat Erving by about 400 career points. Had Erving not started his career with the ABA, he might have led this draft class in scoring.

1966 NBA Draft Class - 141,080 Points

Dave Bing had a lot of success with the Detroit Pistons, which led to him leading the draft class in scoring with 18,327 points. Lou Hudson was right up there with 17,940 points but he played one extra season. Jack Marin, Cazzie Russell, Archie Clark, and Dick Synder each scored over 10K points. Longevity helped with this class as 11 players played at least 10 seasons.

1962 NBA Draft Class - 145,513 Points

The all-time leading scorer for the Celtics was the leading scorer for this draft class. John Havlicek scored 26,395 points as the only player to surpass 20K. This class featured eight players with over 10,000 points. Behind Havlicek was Chet Walker and his 18,831 points. Dave DeBusschere and Jerry Lucas each scored over 14,000 points. Kevin Lougher, Don Nelson, and Leroy Ellis all reached 10K points.

2010 NBA Draft Class - 153,680 Points

When this draft happened, there was a lot of talk about how special the players from Kentucky were. Among the top-12 scorers, four players came from that university. After you look past Paul George’s 15,029 points, you will see DeMarcus Cousins (12,802) and John Wall (11,702). Eric Bledsoe owns the fifth-most as the final member of the 10K club. Patrick Patterson adds nearly 4,800 points. Gordon Hayward had over 11K points. If not for injuries, four of the five members of the 10K club would have many more points.

2013 NBA Draft Class - 155,605 Points

Two-time MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo is on pace to score well past 20K points. Giannis currently leads this class with 14,321 career points. C.J. McCollum is the second member of the 10K club. The longtime running mate with Damian Lillard in Portland owns 11,341 points. The next member of the 10K club figures to be either Dennis Schroder, Tim Hardaway Jr., or Victor Oladipo. All three players own over 8,000 career points.

1991 NBA Draft Class - 156,894 Points

The leading scorer from this class is not the former Carolina Panthers wideout. Instead, Steve Smith scored over 13,000 points in 14 seasons. Right behind him was one of the greatest defenders in the history of the NBA in Dikembe Mutombo. Larry Johnson enjoyed some successful seasons with the Hornets, while Kenny Anderson rounded out the 10K club. Unfortunately, Terrell Brandon came up six points short of scoring 10K points in his career.

2000 NBA Draft Class - 157,567 Points

This class was underwhelming compared to others from the 90s that preceded it. Jamal Crawford, a multiple Sixth Man of the Year winner, led the way with 19,419 points. Three other players reached over 10K points. That included league-leading minutes leader Michael Redd. Hedo Turkoglu and Mike Miller used plenty of outside shots to reach this mark too. Former No. 1 overall pick Kenyon Martin scored just over 9,300 points.

2014 NBA Draft Class - 159,997 Points

Andrew Wiggins was lacking the championship and All-Star appearance to validate his selection as the No. 1 overall pick. He got both of those accolades this past season with the Warriors. Wiggins currently leads this class with 11,519 points. Nikola Jokic is the second member of the 10K club after reaching that feat this year. The back-to-back MVP owns 10,364 points in seven seasons of work. Zach LaVine (9,466), Jordan Clarkson (9,216), and Julius Randle (9,191) are in reach. We also cannot forget about Joel Embiid, who owns over 8,500 points in six seasons but lost time due to injuries earlier in his career.

2006 NBA Draft Class - 164,899 Points

The Chicago Bulls are likely still kicking themselves for their trade of LaMarcus Aldridge, especially when he has scored over 17,000 more points than Tyrus Thomas. Aldridge leads the class with 17,349 points. He is one of five members of the 10K club. Rudy Gay scored over 17K points, while Kyle Lowry owns 15,116 points. Paul Millsap and J.J. Reddick each added a combined 26,000 points.

1969 NBA Draft Class - 170,034 Points

Not even the all-time leading scorer could lead this draft class to the top. Despite Kareem Abdul-Jabbar scoring 38,387 points, which remains an NBA record for most points in a career, the 1969 draft class is far from the top. Three other players chipped in over 10,000 career points. That included Bob Dandridge with 15,530 points. Jo Jo White scored 14,399 points, while Bingo Smith added 10,882 points.

2002 NBA Draft Class - 176,050 Points

Two members from the top 10, as well as a second-round selection, led the top-3 spots. Amar’e Stoudemire scored 15,994 points, while the No. 35 overall pick Carlos Boozer added almost 14,000 points. Caron Butler scored over 12K points. Tayshaun Prince, Mike Dunleavy, and Nene added over 10K points. Had injuries not hampered Yao Ming, he might have made the cut but finished with 9,247 career points in eight seasons.

2012 NBA Draft Class - 180,743 Points

This class just completed its 10th year in the NBA. The top 13 players from this class have all played at least 10 seasons in the league. That includes Damian Lillard closing in on 20K points. The 31-year-old owns 17,510 points and will eventually be the top scorer for the Trail Blazers. Another loyal shooter in Bradley Beal has pitched in over 14K points with the Wizards. Anthony Davis is slightly ahead of Beall and recently won a title in 2020. Khris Middleton, a 2021 champion, and Harrison Barnes, a 2015 champion, each round out the 10K club.

1975 NBA Draft Class - 181,125 Points

Seven players scored over 10,000 career points with World B. Free leading the way with 17,955 points. Gus Williams added 14,093 points, while the former great Phoenix Suns Alvan Adams nearly scored 14K points but was 90 points short. Junior Bridgeman, Dan Roundfield, David Thompson, and Ricky Sobers rounded out the group.

1965 NBA Draft Class - 181,131 Points

Two elite scorers led the way. The former great Los Angeles Laker Gail Goodrich scored 19,181 points. Rick Barry scored 18,395 points to come in second. Had Barry not left the NBA for the ABA, he would have scored a plethora of points and scored over 20K. Dick Van Arsdale and Tom Van Arsdale each scored over 14,000 points. Rounding out the 10K club were Bob Love, Billy Cunningham, and Jerry Sloan.

1976 NBA Draft Class - 185,148 Points

This class was top-heavy with three players combining for about 52,000 career points. Three players scored over 20K points. Alex English led the way with 25,613 points after a successful career with the Nuggets. Behind him was a former champion with the Celtics in Robert Parish, who used 21 seasons to rack up 23,334 points. Another great 80s scorer in Adrian Dantley scored 23,177 points with the Utah Jazz. One other player reached the 10K club with Dennis Johnson scoring 15,535 points.

1971 NBA Draft Class - 185,489 Points

Randy Smith led the class with 16,262 points in 12 seasons. Chicago Bulls' all-time leading blocks leader also did his job scoring in the paint by scoring over 15,000 career points. Spencer Haywood and Fred Brown both enjoyed successful careers with the SuperSonics on their way to scoring over 14K points. Sidney Wicks, Mike Newline, and Austin Carr each added over 10,000 career points. Each member of the 10K club played at least 10 seasons in the NBA.

1994 NBA Draft Class - 185,497 Points

Jason Kidd is one of the best point guards in the history of the league. While leading the league in assists a few times, Kidd also led his draft class in scoring in 19 seasons. Had a few injuries not hampered Grant Hill, he might have held this honor. Instead, both players scored over 17,000 points. Juwan Howard used 19 seasons to rack up 16,159 points. Two scoring role players in Glen Robinson and Eddie Jones each added 14K. Jalen Rose and Donyell Marshall rounded out the seven-person 10K club.

1993 NBA Draft Class - 186,979 Points

For many seasons, Chris Webber led the Kings in scoring and to their greatest stretch of success in the modern era. Webber’s 17,182 points also led the 1993 draft class. Sam Cassell was a core member for the Nets, Bucks, and Timberwolves on his way to scoring 15,635 points. Allan Houston added 14,551 points, while Nick Van Exel added 12,658 points. The other members of the seven-person 10K club featured Vin Baker, Jamal Mashburn, and Penny Hardaway.

1980 NBA Draft Class - 187,208 Points

During the 80s, Kevin McHale might have played the role of the sixth man, but he was a legitimate starter on any other team. The Celtics were lucky to have McHale a part of their championship culture. McHale led the 1980 class with 17,335 career points. Among the six members of the 10K club, there were some other notable names here as well. That included Kiki Vanderweigh scoring 15,980 points. Joe Barry Carroll, Darrell Griffith, Mike Woodson, and Mike Gminksi each scored over 10K career points.

1997 NBA Draft Class - 189,491 Points

Four players led the way with over 10K points in this top-heavy draft. Three of the four players were drafted in the top 10. That included No. 1 overall pick Tim Duncan leading the way with 26,496 points in 19 seasons. Tracy McGrady scored 18,381 points on his way to finishing with two scoring titles. Chauncey Billups, the 2004 Finals MVP, added 15,802 points. Stephen Jackson, a late second-round pick, surprised those who passed on him with nearly 13K points.

1990 NBA Draft Class - 197,227 Points

Many fans remember that Gary Payton was one of the best defenders in NBA history. What some forget is what he was able to score too. In 17 seasons, Payton accumulated 21,813 career points with many of those successful scoring seasons coming from the Seattle SuperSonics. Three other players made the 10K club. Coming in second was Kendall Gill, while No. 1 overall pick Derrick Coleman added over 12K points. Elden Campbell scored 10,805 points of his own. Toni Kukoc was just 190 points short of making the club.

1979 NBA Draft Class - 200,270 Points

Had his career not been cut short by an HIV diagnosis, Magic Johson would have carried this draft class up multiple positions by himself. Instead, Johnson finished with 17,707 career points in the service time he provided. Strong rebounding Pistons big man Bill Laimbeer was second with 13,790 career points, while longtime role player Bill Cartwright added 12,713 points. Five additional players made the 10K club with Sidney Moncrief, Vinnie Johnson, Jim Paxson, Cliff Robinson, and Calvin Natt reaching that total.

1986 NBA Draft Class - 204,348 Points

This draft class featured some big names in Dennis Rodman and Scott Skiles but both players scored about 6,600 points. Instead, there were seven players with over 10K points that helped this class reach over 200,000 career points. Jeff Hornacek led the way with 15,659 points. Ron Harper and Chuck Person each nearly scored 14,000 career points. Johnny Newman and Dell Curry scored over 12,000 career points in 16 seasons of service time. Mark Price and Brad Daugherty, two former Cavaliers studs, each scored past the 10K threshold.

1995 NBA Draft Class - 208,918 Points

The all-time leading scorer for the Timberwolves also owns the most points of his draft class. Kevin Garnett scored 26,071 career points to nearly taking the lead by 10K. Michael Finley scored the second-most points with 17,306 points. Jerry Stackhouse and Rasheed Wallace each scored just over 16K. Antonio McDyess, Damon Stoudamire, and Joe Smith each scored over 11K points.

2007 NBA Draft Class - 211,395 Points

This class has a lot of potential to climb the ladder in the next couple of years, solely because of Kevin Durant. Where he plays next season is unknown, but what we do know is that he is one of the greatest scorers we have ever seen. Durant’s 25,526 points significantly lead his draft class. In second place is Mike Conley Jr. with 14,221 points. Thaddeus Young, Jeff Green, Al Horford, and Marc Gasol are well-respected veterans that deserve to be over the 10K threshold.

2004 NBA Draft Class - 212,910 Points

If Dwight Howard can play for a couple of more seasons, he can reach 20K career points. Howard leads the 2004 class with 19,485 points as the only active member of the 10K club. Al Jefferson, Luol Deng, and Andre Iguodala all scored over 13K points. Kevin Martin, J.R. Smith, Trevor Ariza, Ben Gordon, and Devin Harris gave fans plenty of strong scoring moments. Jameer Nelson came up 60 points short of joining the 10K club.

1989 NBA Draft Class - 213,519 Points

Clifford Robinson used 18 seasons to lead this draft class with 19,591 career points. Following him, two swingman shooters in Glen Rice and Tim Hardaway came in with a combined 33,000 points. Shawn Kemp enjoyed a successful career with the SuperSonics on his way to scoring over 15K. Vlade Divac, Mookie Blaylock, Nick Anderson, and Sean Elliott were among other well-known names that made the 10K club. The top 19 scorers from this draft class played at least 10 seasons in the league.

1982 NBA Draft Class - 219,431 Points

There were many times when Dominique Wilkins had to carry the Atlanta Hawks offensively. For those times, he was rewarded with leading this draft class in scoring. The only member of the 20K club scored 26,668 career points in 15 seasons. Terry Cummings added over 19K career points, while former Finals MVP James Worthy came in third with 16,320 points. Ricky Pierce, Sleepy Floyd, and Fat Lever rounded out the rest of the 10K club. Despite a few 10K club members, this class had 21 players play at least 10 seasons in the league.

1974 NBA Draft Class - 221,650 Points

One of the greatest San Antonio Spurs ever led the way. George Gervin scored 20,708 points in his long Spurs career and he accomplished that in 10 seasons. Gervin was among nine players that scored over 10,000 career points. John Drew scored the second-most points with 15,291 points while Jamaal Wilkes added 14,644 points. Rounding out the group were Mickey Johnson, Maurice Lucas, Truck Robinson, Scott Wedman, Billy Knight, and Brian Winters.

1987 NBA Draft Class - 224,601 Points

Two players scored over 20,000 career points and both of those players left their respective teams as record holders for their respective franchises. In 18 years, Reggie Miller became the Pacers' all-time leading scorer with 25,279 career points. David Robinson added 20,790 points of his own. Two members of the championship Bulls Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant reached the 10K club. Suns standout Kevin Johnson scored over 13K, while longtime successful point guard Mark Jackson added over 12K points.

1970 NBA Draft Class - 224,820 Points

Bob Lanier had to score nearly 20,000 career points just to lead this class. 11 players made the 10K club. Lanier led the way with 19,248 career points, while Calvin Murphy scored 17,949 points. Tiny Archibald and Randy Smith scored over 16K points. Pistol Pete Maravich scored 15,948 points. Dan Issel added over 14,000 points, while longtime champion Dave Cowens scored 13,516 points. Rounding out the club were Rudy Tomjanovich, John Johnson, Sam Lacey, and Charlie Scott.

1992 NBA Draft Class - 225,630 Points

Two centers combined for over 42,000 career points. The top scorer featured Shaquille O’Neal with 28,596 points. Alonzo Mourning added just over 14K. The eventual Miami Heat teammates would win a title together in 2006. Latrell Sprewell scored over 16K points to come in second place. Jim Jackson, Christian Laettner, and Clarence Weatherspoon combined for 32,000 points. In 16 seasons and multiple championships, Robert Horry scored 7,715 points.

1978 NBA Draft Class - 227,190 Points

A top-10 NBA player of all time would put the Boston Celtics on his back at times. He also carried this draft class to a top spot in the all-time rankings. Larry Bird scored 21,791 career points to lead this class. Behind him was Reggie Theus with 19,015 points. Both players played 13 seasons in the league. The rest of the 10K group was Mike Mitchell, Purvis Short, Mychal Thompson, Maurice Cheeks, and John Long.

1999 NBA Draft Class - 229,258 Points

Nine of the top-10 picks from this draft scored more than 9,000 career points. Seven of those players reached the 10K club. Jason Terry led the way with 18,881 career points, while Shawn Marion was right behind with 17,700 points. Elton Brand and Andre Miller each scored over 16K points. NBA champions Richard Hamilton, Manu Ginobili, Metta World Peace, and Lamar Odom each made the cut. Baron Davis, Corey Maggette, and Steve Francis were also steady scorers that made it as well.

2001 NBA Draft Class - 229,939 Points

While Kobe Bryant took a lot of the spotlight in Los Angeles, it was Pau Gasol’s arrival that helped the team vault to winning titles in 2009 and 2010. Gasol also rose to the top of the class with 20,894 career points. That was just enough to top the 20,407 points from “Iso” Joe Johnson. Four-time champion Tony Parker scored 19,473 career points, while Zach Randolph added 18,578 points. The rest of the 10K club featured Richard Jefferson, Jason Richardson, and Gilbert Arenas. Gerald Wallace was 67 points short of making the cut.

1983 NBA Draft Class - 230,625 Points

Clyde Drexler finished his career with the most points in Trail Blazers history and can hang his hat on leading this draft class in scoring as well. Drexler scored 22,195 points in 15 seasons, which later featured winning a title with the Rockets. Sharpshooting Dale Ellis nearly hit the 20K mark but finished with just over 19,000 points. Jeff Malone scored over 17K points while Dere Harper added 16K. The rest of the 10K group featured Byron Scott and Thurl Bailey. Former No. 1 overall pick Ralph Sampson was one of the biggest “what ifs” as he scored just over 7,000 points.

2011 NBA Draft Class - 232,185 Points

The all-time leading scorer for the Charlotte Hornets holds a small lead for now. Kemba Walker’s 14,414 points are slightly greater than the 14,089 points by No. 1 overall pick Kyrie Irving. The second-greatest shooter of our generation Klay Thompson adds 12,647 points and that includes two full seasons where Thompson did not play. Nikola Vucevic, Tobias Harris, Jimmy Butler, and Kawhi Leonard make up a star-studded draft class. You know it is a successful class when the 60th pick, Isaiah Thomas, scored over 9,700 points.

1988 NBA Draft Class - 242,124 Points

Mitch Richmond scored 20,497 points to lead the way. Six other players scored over 10K points. Hersey Hawkins and Rod Strickland scored over 14K. Rik Smits and Danny Manning each scored over 12K, while Dan Majerie and Vernon Maxwell added over 10K. Anthony Mason, Vinny Del Negro, Brian Shaw, and Steve Kerr were among 22 players that played at least 10 seasons in the league.

2009 NBA Draft Class - 247,846 Points

The top-10 from this draft was star-studded. Two players own more than 20K points and a third player will join after this upcoming season. James Harden owns 23,477 career points, while Stephen Curry is the all-time leading three-point shooter with 20,064 points. DeMar DeRozan sits with 19,869 points and will pass 20K with the Bulls. No. 1 overall pick Blake Griffin had over 14K, while 2021 champion Jrue Holiday added about 13,600 points. Jeff Teague accumulated over 10K points during his years with the Hawks.

2005 NBA Draft Class - 250,846 Points

Chris Paul is coming off his fifth season of leading the league in assists but should also be remembered for his successful scoring. Paul owns 20,936 career points. Lou Williams, a three-time Sixth Man of the Year winner, is second with 15,593 points. Monta Ellis scored nearly 15K points in 12 seasons, while Deron Williams scored nearly 14K. David Lee, Marvin Williams, and Raymond Felton each made the 10K club. In 10 seasons, Danny Granger nearly made it but finished with 9,855 points.

1977 NBA Draft Class - 258,326 Points

It was never a race to be the true leading scorer of this draft class but Bernard King and Walter Davis made it seem like it was. King led the class with 19,655 career points but Walter Davis nearly caught him with 19,521 points. King did it in one less season, playing in 14 seasons compared to 15 from Davis. Altogether, 11 players scored over 10K career points. Jack Sikma was third with 17,287 points. The rest of the group featured James Edwards, Marques Johnson, Otis Birdsong, Norm Nixon, Cedric Maxwell, Robert Reid, Eddie Johnson, and Ray Williams.

2008 NBA Draft Class - 259,845 Points

The only member of the 20K club from this class is someone that gets a lot of attention these days. Russell Westbrook has taken a lot of criticism for his play with the Lakers but he owns 23,298 career points to lead a strong 2008 draft class. Kevin Love and Brook Lopez each have just over 14,000 points. Eric Gordon looks to add to his 12,263 points. Had injuries not hampered the 2011 MVP, Derrick Rose would have more than 12K points. Goran Dragic, Danilo Gallinari, Serge Ibaka, and Nicolas Batum are past their scoring days and are looking to win a championship with their respective teams.

1984 NBA Draft Class - 262,217 Points

The Hall of Fame talent is as good as it gets. Six-time Finals MVP Michael Jordan scored 32,292 points in his career, which featured two different retirements. Had those not happened, we might be looking at a top-3 scoring class. Behind Jordan was Hakeem Olajuwon, who scored over 26K points. Rounding out the 20K club was Charles Barkley with 23,757 points. That’s not all though. John Stockton, Otis Thorpe, and Kevin Willis each scored over 17K points.

1981 NBA Draft Class - 275,457 Points

There were 16 players from this draft that played over 10 seasons. Six seasons played over 15 seasons in the league. For that, it helped this class feature 11 players in the 10K club. Leading the way was Tom Chambers with 20,049 career points. Behind him were fan favorite Eddie Johnson and 19,2020 points. Isiah Thomas scored over 18,000 career points in 13 seasons, while his teammate from the championship years Mark Aguire added 18,458 points. Among the others in the group, Buck Williams, Larry Nance, Orlando Woolridge, Kelly Tripucka, Danny Ainge, and Herb Williams helped with a very deep-scoring class.

1996 NBA Draft Class - 277,202 Points

The top three scorers from this class combined for about 72,000 career points. All-time leading Laker scorer Kobe Bryant scored 33,643 points. Ray Allen and Allen Iverson each scored over 24K points themselves. Other sensational offensive athletes included Steve Nash, Stephon Marbury, Antoine Walker, Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Peja Stojakovic, Jermaine O’Neal, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, and Derek Fisher. Marcus Camby added just over 9,000 points, while Erick Dampier added about 7,300.

1998 NBA Draft Class - 279,300 Points

If it wasn’t for a pair of active players, the 1998 draft class would remain the second-best offensive crew in the history of the league. This class features four players with over 20,000 points. Starting with Dirk Nowitzki’s 31,560 points to lead the way, the 2011 Finals MVP is the Mavericks' all-time leading scorer. Behind him, Paul Pierce, Vince Carter, and Antawn Jamison scored 20K. Nine players reached the 10K club with Rashard Lewis, Mike Bibby, Al Harrington, Cuttino Mobley, and Larry Hughes reaching that mark.

2003 NBA Draft Class - 279,974 Points

Assuming LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony continue playing next season, the 2003 draft class remains alive. James is on pace to become the league’s all-time leading scorer as he stands with 37,062 career points. Anthony could join James with over 30K career points as he sits with 28,269 points. The legendary class also features Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh combining for over 40K. David West, Kyle Korver, and Mo Williams round out the 10K club.

1985 NBA Draft Class - 315,923 Points

The only class in the history of the NBA to score over 30,000 career points featured 25 players that played in the league for at least 10 seasons. At the top, you are looking at 36,928 career points from Karl Malone. The Hall of Fame list continues with Patrick Ewing’s 24,815 points. Then, the drop goes to Chris Mullin, Joe Dumars, Detlef Schremp, and Terry Porter all scoring over 15K points. Xavier McDaniel, Wayman Tisdale, Charles Oakley, A.C. Green, and Gerald Wilkins added over 10K points. Four other players contributed over 9,000 points, while two others added over 8,000 points. 


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