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The Perfect Team Around LeBron James ($100 Million Budget)

The Perfect Team Around LeBron James ( $100 Million Budget)

The Los Angeles Lakers have seemingly had the best players of all time, as LeBron James is the latest superstar to deliver an NBA title for the Lakers. Even with all their success this season, they are far from unbeatable. The Los Angeles Clippers choked their postseason away while the Miami Heat were basically without 2 of their 3 best players in the Finals. Who knows what would have happened if these teams were fully healthy and playing to their level.

As a result, it would be interesting to see if the Lakers were not tied to any particular salary cap. Starting with the signing of current superstar LeBron James and his fellow superstar Anthony Davis, it is time to create the perfect Lakers team with a $100 Million salary cap limit. By choosing the best possible talent with the remaining salary cap after both LeBron James and Anthony Davis are signed, here is the NBAs perfect team around LeBron James.


Best Player From Team Automatically Chosen: LeBron James

Maximum 4 Players From Any Team

Maximum 3 Rookie Players

Maximum $100 Million Salary Cap


LeBron James - $37,436,858

(via Marca)

(via Marca)

No surprise, LeBron James will be signed to the squad for this unbeatable Lakers squad. He is still the best player in the game today and the best leader for the Los Angeles Lakers. James had yet another spectacular season by averaging 25.3 PPG, 7.8 RPG, and 10.2 APG as a runner-up to Giannis Antetokounmpo for the MVP Award. With LeBron James at the point, the Lakers can fill out the lineup with superstar level scorers who will thrive under LeBron's leadership.

Donovan Mitchell - $3,635,760

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Mitchell is a fantastic performer and the likely starter at the shooting guard position when LeBron James plays point guard. Mitchell can play well on both ends and has proven he shines brightest in big games. He's averaged 24.0 PPG for a title-contending Jazz squad and should have made it to the second round of the playoffs if the Jazz didn't blow a 3-1 lead in the first round. Anyways, Mitchell will be the perfect guard to play next to LeBron because he is explosive at attacking the rim and also creating his own shot.

Rajon Rondo - $2,564,753

(via Orange County Register)

(via Orange County Register)

An easy pick for the point guard position is Rajon Rondo. He is a bonafide championship player, using past playoff and Finals experience to back up LeBron James at the point guard spot. Rondo's ability to handle the ball and be a primary playmaker matches well alongside LeBron James, and he would be an integral part of the Lakers rotation off the bench.

Duncan Robinson - $1,416,852


Robinson has played extremely well for the Miami Heat this season and has been a great pickup for them. Robinson was a key part of the Heat's NBA Finals run, and his marksman shooting and three-point scoring (39% from three) will come in handy when needed. Expect Duncan to nail shots when he's in the game, and it will be hard to bench him when he gets going.

Alex Caruso - $2,750,000

(via Diario AS)

(via Diario AS)

Caruso has a promising future after his tremendous performances with the Lakers this year. Caruso has great size for a point guard and has shown the ability to pass the ball and attack the rim with explosiveness. Caruso's great defensive game is the main reason he is selected for this team because he gets after it and is not afraid of the moment. Caruso will be the third choice guard behind Duncan Robinson and Rajon Rondo off the bench.


Anthony Davis - $27,093,019

Lakers Nation Reacts After Anthony Davis Hits Game-Winning Buzzer Beater In Game 2

There wouldn't be an unbeatable Lakers squad without Anthony Davis. He is one of the greatest power forwards ever and one of the best talents in the NBA right now. In fact, he is a bonafide superstar by putting up 26.1 PPG and 9.3 RPG for the Lake Show. Davis is arguably LeBron's best-ever teammate and is an automatic inclusion into this all-time great Lakers team because they won a ring together and he will most likely have a few more before he hangs it up.

Jayson Tatum - $7,830,000

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

This was the year that Jayson Tatum arrived as an NBA superstar. Tatum led the Boston Celtics to the Eastern Conference Finals, falling short to an excellent Miami Heat team before the Finals. Still, Tatum is worthy as a starter alongside Anthony Davis and LeBron James because his scoring ability is special. Tatum averaged 23.4 PPG and 7.0 RPG for the Celtics this season, and he will possibly be the second option on offense for this Lakers squad behind Anthony Davis if LeBron wants to handle playmaking duties.

Carmelo Anthony - $2,159,029

(via USA Today FTW)

(via USA Today FTW)

Melo is a capable scorer who is averaging 15.4 PPG for the Trail Blazers this year. Anthony is a very suitable backup for this Lakers team because he brings a bit of flash and style to the game that suits this new Showtime Lakers squad. It will also be nice to see Carmelo Anthony play alongside LeBron James in the frontcourt because that has been the dream of many NBA fans for a while now. Melo has improved spot-up shooting and can also be trusted to go to work in the post. As a backup for Tatum, Anthony is a perfect fit for this Lakers squad.

Christian Wood - $1,645,357

Christian Wood

Christian Wood is developing nicely as a starter in the NBA and can be more than that if he continues his growth. Wood is a special forward because he can shoot the three, score down low, and also rebound well. Wood averaged 13.1 PPG and 6.3 RPG while shooting 56.7% from the field. Wood will be the backup for Anthony Davis at the four spot, giving the Lakers an immediate replacement of scoring and activity inside when Davis rests.

Eric Paschall - $898,310

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The Warriors have been an afterthought this season without Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, but Paschall has been a bright spot. His 14.0 PPG and 4.6 RPG average are impressive considering he only plays 27.6 MPG. Paschall can be a productive scorer for the Lakers squad behind four starting-caliber forwards.


Deandre Ayton - $9,562,920

(via Bright Side Of The Sun)

(via Bright Side Of The Sun)

Young Deandre Ayton is a special center because he is the type of player who can score down low and also has a nice mid-range shot. Ayton is also a player that can get the ball and go to work when he gets his touches, making him a great player for this unstoppable offensive team. Ayton has played very well this season, averaging 18.2 PPG and 11.5 RPG in 32.5 minutes of play so he gets the nod as the clear starting center for this team.

Jarrett Allen - $2,376,840

Jarrett Allen

Jarrett Allen has been one of the most consistent players for the Brooklyn Nets for the past 2 years. He is putting up 11.1 PPG and 9.6 RPG while shooting an amazing 64.9% from the field. His salary is perfect for this Lakers team and he backs up DeAndre Ayton as a defensive center and athletic glass cleaner.

Conclusion - Total Salary: $99,369,698

Clearly, this team would beat any of the NBA teams right now. LeBron's playmaking and leadership can allow him to play point guard, so Donovan Mitchell can dominate at shooting guard. This will be a fantastic backcourt that will have shooting, passing, and unbelievable leadership. After these two stars, Tatum and AD provide superstar scoring and an impact on the game with excellent all-around play. With DeAndre Ayton at center, this team could score 120 points in their sleep.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis won an NBA ring in their first season, so imagine if they had Donovan Mitchell and Jayson Tatum on the wings for open looks. Ayton is an automatic upgrade over any Lakers center right now because is a budding star and a go-to scorer in the paint. This team literally has no weakness with the likes of Carmelo Anthony, Rajon Rondo, and Duncan Robinson coming off the bench. The return of the Lakers Dynasty is here, and one can only imagine if there was a $100 million salary cap for the Purple and Gold around the great LeBron James.


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