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The Superteam That Would Beat Kevin Garnett's All-Time Squad In A 7-Game Series

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The Superteam That Would Beat Kevin Garnet's All-Time Squad In A 7-Game Series

Superteams are becoming more of the norm in recent years, as superstar players have figured out that teaming up with each other gives them the best chance to win NBA titles. Of course, talent wins chips and there have been some all-time great teams that have dominated the league in their era. We even have a couple of superteams at this moment, even if they are not performing at a great level. The Brooklyn Nets have 3 superstars although Kyrie Irving is yet to play a single game. The Lakers also have 3 Hall of Fame talents in LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook although the team only has an 11-11 record.

With regards to superteams, Kevin Garnett formed one of his own when he named his starting lineup of 5 greatest players. “The Big Ticket” named Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, himself, and Wilt Chamberlain as the most dominant starting five that would defeat anybody. While it is hard to argue against Garnett’s list, we have selected a particular starting five that would be just as dominant if not better.

By creating an all-time great starting five of our own, here is a team that would defeat Kevin Garnett’s starting five. It is important to note that the players chosen will be at their absolute best to make this an all-time great series that will expectedly end in 7 games.

Stephen Curry vs. Magic Johnson

Stephen Curry vs. Magic Johnson

This matchup is between two very different superstar players. Stephen Curry is already an all-time great point guard because of his unrivaled shooting ability, averaging 43.3% from deep over his career, and will soon rank 1st in all-time threes made. Steph is an offensive machine who does not mind sharing the ball, although his offense will come first.

Meanwhile, Magic Johnson is the ultimate team player and it is no wonder why Kevin Garnett chose him to handle the ball and make the decisions on the floor. Magic does a lot of other things well on the floor, including rebounding and also making plays to boost his team’s momentum. Magic and Curry are different players, but both will make a great impact on their sides.

Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant

Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant

This matchup is about as even as it gets because both players have the unstoppable scoring ability and a killer instinct that cannot be usurped. Jordan and Kobe play the same way and are almost identical, but the difference comes in the way they will receive the ball from their point guards.

Kobe and Magic will form an amazing duo with perfect chemistry in this series, while Jordan and Curry will approach every game as two individuals. The main difference is in styles of play, not due to particular deficiencies on the court. Either way, Jordan vs Bryant is the marquee matchup in this 7-game series.

LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant

LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant

At the small forward position, LeBron James will be chosen to counter the scoring ability of Kevin Durant. Durant is a 4-time scoring champion and one of the most unstoppable players ever and will make Team Garnett a tough team to defeat when he starts alongside Magic and Bryant on the wing. Durant can spot up for shots, handle the ball, and score at will.

LeBron James will be the primary ball-handler of the team and will set up Curry and Jordan with perfection on each possession. James is very unselfish because Curry coming off screens and Jordan getting the ball in his spots will be the best way for his team to win. LeBron and Durant have had multiple battles against each other, and this will be yet another one.

Tim Duncan vs. Kevin Garnett

Tim Duncan vs. Kevin Garnett

Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett are two of the greatest power forwards of all time, and arguably the two most dominant power forwards of their era. Duncan and Garnett won everything in the game, including NBA titles, MVPs, and Defensive Player of the Year. Duncan and Garnett were superstar two-way players who did it all on both ends of the floor and did it for a very long time.

It is not surprising to see Garnett take himself in his all-time starting five, because he was truly one of the most competitive players to have ever played the game. The Big Ticket could score from mid-range, in the post, and also talked trash to his opponents to throw them off. While trash-talk won’t affect The Big Fundamental, Duncan will have great competition on his hands in an all-time great matchup.

Bill Russell vs. Wilt Chamberlain

Bill Russell vs. Wilt Chamberlain

In the battle of the giants, it is obvious that Bill Russell will need to be chosen to counter Garnett’s choice of Wilt Chamberlain. Russell and Chamberlain went to battle on countless occasions, with Russell coming out on top on most occasions. The 11-time NBA champion was not only the greatest defensive big man ever, but had a knack for making his team win with his passing and leadership. There is no better competition for Wilt than Russell in that regard.

Wilt Chamberlain is the greatest stat-sheet stuffer in NBA history, as scoring 100 points in a single game is no easy feat. Chamberlain had a physical advantage over most players in his position and might be the most unstoppable scorer of all time. Chamberlain was truly a gifted athlete who could run, jump, and dominate a basketball court; so his showdown with Russell will be extraordinarily great.

Fadeaway World Superteam Advantage

For the sake of simplicity, the chosen superteam will be called Team FW. This superteam is stacked at every position, as the duo of Curry and Jordan will compete as much as possible to Magic and Kobe. But the biggest advantage for Team FW is the team’s leadership. Curry is not known as a vocal leader, but the point guard leads with his play and is the greatest shooter ever. Of course, Jordan is the best individual player on the court and will take his game to another level when he sees Kobe Bryant across from him.

Even though Team Garnett has Magic Johnson, Team FW has LeBron James who is the closest thing to Magic. James makes his teammates better, and his on-court leadership will help Team FW get efficient shots as Curry moves without the ball and Jordan strives to get open from a defense catered to stop him. The two bigs, Duncan and Russell, might form the greatest defensive partnership ever to combat the likes of Garnett and Wilt.

Kevin Garnett All-Time Team Advantage

Team Garnett has a ton of superstar talent, and their greatest advantage will be the natural fit of all their players. Magic Johnson is the greatest point guard ever so Team Garnett has an immediate advantage there, but Magic’s partnership with Kobe Bryant will be almost impossible to contain. Johnson is a master at making his teammates better, and Bryant will have the game come so easy to him in that regard. Kevin Durant is also the perfect player to start on a team filled with superstars.

Kevin does not need the ball at all times, can spot up for jumpers, and is also very unselfish. Unlike every other superstar, Durant can manage to adapt to any playing style because his skills and strengths cater to that. The bigs are also a perfect fit because Garnett and Wilt will be nearly impossible to score against. They bring size, hustle, impact, and size to a team with two scorers and the best playmaker of all time.

Summary: Who Wins The Best-Of-7?

This series will go down to the wire, although the first 2 games are even blowouts. Game 1 goes to Team Garnett, as Kobe Bryant puts on a show on the offensive end. He shoots 50% from the floor and drops 45 points, making it clear that his game will remain at a high level. For Team FW, their guards react in Game 2. Jordan and Curry combine for 65 points, and Russell blocks key shots at the rim during the last minute of regulation to get his team the victory.

In Game 3, the big men come to play. Duncan and LeBron combine for 58 points, and Curry finds his spark again chipping in 22 points and 10 assists. Garnett has a monster 18-15 double-double but it is not enough to win the game. In Game 4, Michael Jordan slightly struggles from the perimeter thanks to Bryant’s efforts on defense, but still drops 32 points. Once again, LeBron James runs the show and Duncan’s defense stifles Garnett in the post. With a resounding 3-1 lead, the series looks all but over for Team Garnett.

Game 5 is all about Magic Johnson. The point guard GOAT drops 24 points, 14 rebounds, and 13 assists while controlling the pace of the game. Magic realizes that he has to adjust his aggression levels to help Team Garnett come back in the series, which he does with a resounding effort. Kobe Bryant comes to life again with 28 points including a contested three-pointer over Stephen Curry to give them a 5-point lead with 1 minute left in the game. Thanks to defensive plays by Garnett and Wilt, they keep alive in a 5-point victory.

Game 6 will go to 3 OT. Team FW starts out hot, gaining a 10-point lead in the first quarter. Curry and Jordan go off to combine for 20 points in the quarter alone, and Team Garnett looks like their series will come to an end. Luckily, Wilt has a near double-double in the second quarter alone to even the score at 65 by half-time. Clearly, this game will be an instant classic. The third quarter ends with the score tied again, at 90-90. Every time Team FW gets a bucket, Team Garnett responds with either Wilt or Kobe Bryant. The fourth quarter is much of the same, except Kobe Bryant cannot nail a game-winner over Michael Jordan at the buzzer which forces OT.

OT is yet more of the same, except Kevin Durant scores the last 6 points of the quarter to help Team Garnett come back from back-to-back threes by Stephen Curry. Once again, Kobe has the ball in regulation but fumbles the ball as a 2OT is needed. In 2OT, Bryant makes amends by scoring 6 points (4 free throws) in the period including a fallaway jumper over Jordan to give Team Garnet a 2-point lead with seconds to go. Michael gets double-teamed, and Curry cannot drain a good look from the perimeter which forces a Game 7.

It is amazing how Team Garnett comes back from 3-1 down to force Game 7. Thanks to clutch plays from the superstars on the court and Magic’s unrelenting leadership, Team Garnett will not go down without a fight. But in the end, Jordan and his team prove to be too much. Michael drops a game-high 40 points and the two bigs put up monster double-doubles to gain the victory over an exhausted Team Garnett. Michael leads all scorers at the end of the series, Magic leads in assists, and Chamberlain leads in rebounds. The difference in Game 7 was the leadership of Team FS because Jordan, Duncan, LeBron, and Russell are 4 of the greatest on-court leaders in NBA history.

Result: Fadeaway World Superteam vs. Kevin Garnett All-Time Team 4-3

Finals MVP: Michael Jordan


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