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The Superteam That Would Beat Stephen Curry’s All-Time Team In A 7-Game Series

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The Superteam That Would Beat Stephen Curry’s All-Time Team In A 7-Game Series

Steph Curry is the greatest shooter to ever pick up a basketball. A 2-time MVP and 3-time NBA champion, there is no doubt that Curry can play the game. But does he know the game’s rich history? Curry has grown up around the game since a young age, hanging around with his father, Dell who played 16 years in the NBA. You would think someone who has been around the game for 30 years would be able to build the most unbeatable lineup ever, right? Well, not today!

Curry’s lineup begins of course with himself at point guard. When you're the greatest in the world at a certain skill, you can get away with that. As for his backcourt teammate, Curry selected the greatest playmaker of all time, Magic Johnson. Now with a lethal 1-2 punch, Curry decided to take his former teammate, Kevin Durant, with whom he won 2 championships. He wraps up his picks with Tim Duncan and Shaq, the 2 most dominant big men of the 2000s and 2010s. 

“I have a dominant center and a forward who can go inside and out and hit that 18-footer.” - Curry

Curry certainly knows his stuff, and this lineup poses a serious challenge. Today, Team Fadeaway world is ready for it!

Fadeaway World’s All-Time Squad: Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Karl Malone, Wilt Chamberlain

Steph Curry’s All-Time Squad: Stephen Curry, Magic Johnson, Kevin Durant, Tim Duncan, Shaquille O’Neal

Let's see what strategy we will take to beat Stephen Curry's all-time team.

Michael Jordan vs. Stephen Curry

Michael Jordan vs. Stephen Curry

As elite as it gets on both sides of the ball, Michael Jordan welcomes the matchup with Steph Curry. MJ will aim to do what he does best and break down Curry defensively quarter by quarter. By backing Steph down and making him work on nearly every possession, Jordan will hope to tire him out and leave him little energy to go to work offensively. Jordan will expose Curry’s defensive shortcomings with ease leaving Team Curry having to play a lot of help defense.

Curry will rely on the 2 things that have catapulted him to the top as a gifted scorer and shooter. First, he will need to maximize his movement without the ball. Curry is the best in the world at moving without the basketball and coming off screens to get to his sweet spots. The attention he draws, as it always has, will open up open looks for his teammates. Also, his unlimited range. Look, it is going to be extremely difficult to beat defenders like MJ and Kobe off the dribble, who have a length advantage and insane close-out speed. Steph will have to adjust to taking a few steps back, something he will have no problem doing.

Kobe Bryant vs. Magic Johnson

Kobe Bryant vs. Magic Johnson

Kobe Bryant draws a unique matchup with Magic Johnson. Kobe’s bread and butter, just like MJ, was getting to the mid-range level and rising for his jumper or blowing by his opponent for a finish at the rim. Kobe will need both to succeed and compensate for Magic’s height advantage. Defensively, Kobe will need to be very active and try to disrupt Magic’s passing lanes to slow him down.

No one can run an offense like Magic Johnson, whether, in a fast break or regular sets, Magic knows how to make his teammates better. Team Curry has an advantage in the paint and when you give the greatest playmaker of all-time 2 legitimate big men, it can be a long night for defenses. Also, look for Magic to run a smooth 2-man game with Curry on the perimeter, and look to free up opportunities from beyond the arc.

LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant

LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant

The beautiful thing about having LeBron James in your lineup is that he is going to be your primary playmaker no matter where he lines up on the court. It might turn into a stamina contest considering how James will want to push the pace utilizing his 3 best weapons, MJ, Kobe, and Wilt. When those opportunities are not there, James holds a considerable advantage over Durant or whoever else may switch onto the assignment.

Kevin Durant is a 3-level scoring threat who no matter what is in front of him, is going to get his buckets. Durant will be trying to integrate into the system already flowing between Magic and Steph on the perimeter. As the only other perimeter scoring threat, he will rely on trying to create his shot and rising above the defense or hopefully get some open looks from the attention Curry demands.

Karl Malone vs. Tim Duncan

Karl Malone vs. Tim Duncan

Karl Malone is a perfect fit into the high-paced offense run by LeBron James. Malone will be able to use his speed to get out in front of the defense on a fast break as another weapon. Malone can also step out and spread the floor a bit in set offenses, able to knock down shots from the mid-range level. As talented a scorer he is in the paint, these are the things he will need to rely on given Tim Duncan’s stellar interior defense.

Tim Duncan’s interior defense will be key to the success of Team Curry. Duncan getting key stops on Malone and WIlt will open up quick transition opportunities and Team Curry can utilize their perimeter shooting from Steph and KD. Duncan will also see success when able to post-up Malone with his high basketball IQ and dominant low-post moves.

Wilt Chamberlain vs. Shaquille O’Neal

Wilt Chamberlain vs. Shaquille O’Neal

Wilt Chamberlain’s freakish athleticism is the stuff of legend. For Wilt to be even the slightest effective, it will have to be on full display versus the giants on Team Curry. Wilt can run the floor with exceptional speed, so getting out in front in this offense is a must. He happens to be matched up with someone the same height but 50 pounds heavier so it is his length and athleticism that will be crucial to fighting for rebounds and 2nd chance opportunities.

All Shaq has to do is the same thing he did in his time in LA, throw his weight around in the most dominant way we have ever seen. Shaq will be able to back down Wilt but it won’t be easy because Wilt himself possessed incredible strength. Shaq can turn on another gear in crunch time, though. On the defensive end is where Shaq will have to use his brute strength and weight advantage to push Wilt out of the paint as much as possible, forcing jump shots and not easy finishes at the basket.

Team Fadeaway World Advantages

Having four Top 10 players of all time in one lineup is an advantage in itself but let’s dive a little deeper than that. Defensively, Team FW has a clear advantage on perimeter defense. Kobe has the most All-Defensive selection by a guard and LeBron and MJ have a Defensive Player Of The Year Award. Their ability to wear you down and tire you out is a clear advantage over a 7-game series.

The pace of play Team FW will play with is also a clear advantage in their favor. Team FW has 5 players who are among the very best at running the floor and finding the best spots to be for scoring opportunities for themselves and/or teammates. The scoring will be no issue but led by a playmaker the caliber of LeBron makes it virtually unstoppable.

Team Curry Advantages

Team Curry has two glaring advantages in this series as well. First, is the perimeter shooting provided by Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. Team FW can score from the outside as well but Durant and Curry shoot at all-time volume on all-time efficiency. Team FW’s defense is elite on the perimeter but Curry and Durant’s abilities as shot creators will still prove to be advantageous over a prolonged series.

The other advantage is the interior presence of both Tim Duncan and Shaq. Duncan provides superior defense in the paint to anyone else on the floor. He is just as skilled and productive on the offensive end as well which may prove ugly for Karl Malone. Shaq is also a very capable defender but it is his offensive presence that will be the biggest boost for Team Curry.

Who Wins In A Seven Game Series?

Game 1 is dominated by the bigs of Team Curry. Tim Duncan destroys Karl Malone on both sides of the ball, scoring at will and denying him any offense. Jordan, Kobe, and Lebron struggle from the field and combine for just 43% shooting from the field. Team Curry takes a convincing 1-0 series lead with a 123-105 victory. Tim Duncan finishes with 38 points, 16 rebounds, and 5 blocks.

Game 2 is MJ’s revenge game. After scoring just 22 points in Game 1, Jordan erupts for 54 points on 52% shooting from the field. Karl Malone has a bounce-back game, able to get Tim Duncan into foul trouble early taking him out of the game for the most part. Curry and Durant struggle from the field with LeBron and Kobe stepping up their defensive efforts. Team FW wins 115-102.

Kevin Durant has his breakout performance of the series, able to escape the defensive clutches of LeBron for at least one night to finish with 29 points, 8 rebounds, and 4 assists. Wilt has done a pretty good job on Shaq in the first 2 games but in Game 3, the Diesel makes his presence known. Shaq goes off for a monstrous 24-point, 20 rebounds game to even the series at 2 games apiece.

In a pivotal Game 5, Steph Curry would step up in a big way to give his team the series lead. With the defensive focus on stopping Shaq and Duncan, Curry can find his spots, going 11-17 from 3-point land and dropping a total of 38 points and 7 rebounds. Magic Johnson pours in 15 points and 15 assists as well. LeBron James puts forth his best effort with a massive 38 point, 15 rebounds, and 9 assist night but Team FW falls just short 108-103.

Game 6 belongs to The Mamba. With their back against the wall, Kobe goes into attack mode on Magic Johnson and explodes for 43 points. Michael Jordan mirrors the same strategy by going right at Steph Curry as well, contributing 32 points of his own. 35 points and 10 rebounds aren’t enough from Duncan for Team Curry as Team FW forces Game 7.

With everything on the line, Team FW turns to the GOAT to deliver them a championship. Team Curry swarms LeBron James and Kobe Bryant allowing for a monstrous Game 7 performance from MJ. With the bigs of team Curry stepping out a bit further than they’re used to, Jordan can pick apart the defense and find his spots at will. He closes the game with 39 points,6 assists, and 3 steals. Team FW wins 126-113.

Final Result: Team FW vs. Team Curry 4-3

Finals MVP: Michael Jordan 


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