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Who Wins 1 On 1 Game: 16-Year-Old LeBron James vs. 38-Year-Old Michael Jordan (Full Breakdown)

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Metta World Peace recently made some media noise about a 16-year old LeBron James. After all, the latter was a phenom in high school by standing 6'3", with an incredible talent which included upper body strength and quickness suited for track and field.

Simply put, LeBron James was already a grown man among boys at 16 years old. The hype around him in high school was real, and the scary part was that he wasn't even getting started yet.

On the other side of the spectrum, many regard Michael Jordan to be the greatest player of all time. Even at 38 years old, many felt that he had already cemented his legacy as the number one basketball player to have ever lived. And to be fair, it's hard to argue with that. He even added more evidence to that fact when he dropped a whopping 51 points at age 38 in 2001. Clearly, Jordan is the man and there is no debate about that.

But what if a high school phenom in LeBron James played a Michael Jordan who had one foot in retirement? Would the former simply be too young, quick, and explosive for an old man? Or would MJs incredible talent and ability to score come in his favor?

Let's find out by placing each competitor in a one on one matchup to the score of 21.

1-0: Michael Jordan gets a quick basket by pulling up from mid-range. It's clear that James wasn't focused (typical teen) and MJ makes him pay.

2-0: MJ gets another bucket. This time, James plays him too tight and Jordan gets past him only to step back for another jumper.

3-0: MJ gets a third bucket in a row. This time, he attacks to the left of the basket and finishes a tough layup.

4-0: In astonishing fashion, MJ gets his shot tipped as he drives to the rim but gets his own rebound and puts it back in.

4-1: LeBron gets his first bucket of the game, contesting a Jordan jumper and using his explosiveness to score at the rim. James is awake now, and he has his "Game On" face.

5-1: But that doesn't last long. MJ makes James pay for gambling for a steal and blows past him for a dunk.

5-2: MJ misses a fadeaway jumper and James hits his own jumper after a quick hesitation move.

5-3: James gets another bucket by pump faking and drilling a nice jumper, swishing it through the net.

6-3: Jordan comes up with a steal and gets an easy layup. James shouldn't give up on the play like that.

6-4: James backs MJ down and doesn't manage to get too far inside, before draining a very tough fadeaway shot. Jordan smirks and daps up the young phenom.

7-4: Jordan uses his own body this time, backing James down and finishing with his patented fadeaway jumper.

Wizards Michael Jordan vs. Young LeBron James

8-4: Jordan completely fools James here. He fakes the fadeaway, sending James flying through the air, and pivots into a nice floater. An absolutely stunning move by the GOAT.

9-4: Once again, Jordan puzzles James. Hejab steps, attacks to the right, pull back and drains a long mid-range shot. Jordan's getting hot, which isn't good news for James.

10-4: Jordan attacks James' weaker foot and finishes with the up and under. It seems MJ is pulling away.

11-4: MJ gets his fifth bucket in a row, backing James down and using his fadeaway again.

11-5: Finally, James makes Jordan miss and steps back for a deep two.

11-7: James does it again, this time for a deep three-pointer. What a shot by James … but Jordan would swear on a stack of Bibles that it was lucky.

13-7: Jordan hit his own three-point shot, laughing as the ball swishes through the net. James doesn't let a second go by before reminding Jordan that he's old ... and we all know that.

13-8: James explodes to the rim, catching MJ slightly napping. Great attack by LeBron here.

14-8: James smothers Jordan, barely giving him an inch of space. But Jordan keeps calm, collected, and delivers his fadeaway jumper right in LeBron's face. Tough tough shot by Jordan.

14-9: James hit a crazy shot over Jordan. This is turning into a shootout, as James takes one dribble and swishes it in Jordan's face.

15-9: MJ fakes right, then attacks left before pulling up for an easy jumper. James needs to be more focused on.

15-10: Jordan steps back for a jumper, but is stuffed by James! James attacks the rim for a very tough finish, a shot that really shouldn't have gone in. Amazing play!!!! Will it last? Probably not.

16-10: Jordan has had enough. He remains in the triple threat position for a few seconds, then explodes right. James keeps up but sags a little too much and MJ makes him pay.

17-10: Jordan once again keeps in triple threat position, but this time attacks left. He makes James pay for keeping too tight and squeezes in another bucket close to the basket.

19-10: MJ jab steps, and drains along with three. Nothing spectacular here, just a demoralizing three in LeBron's face…

20-10: LeBron can't buy a bucket. Jordan is older, more experienced, and probably stronger (Old man strength). He contests James shots all night long and hits another jumper over young LeBron again.

21-10: In the most fitting fashion, Jordan uses his fadeaway jumper to put away young LeBron and end this unbelievable show of offensive firepower.

The final score is 21-10 for Old MJ. Young LeBron clearly has plenty left in the tank, and could probably go another game. But luckily for MJ, the game ends at 21 and he can still claim he's the best to ever do it.

LeBron has a bright future ahead of him, but MJ is the king as long as his fadeaway jumper is still money. Who knows, maybe one day LeBron James can change Michael Jordan's throne on the top of Mt. Rushmore...