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Ever since his high school days, Zion Williamson has really turned the basketball world upside down. He’s drawn comparisons with Karl Malone, LeBron James, and a smaller Shaquille O’Neal due to his strength.

Zion’s hops are crazy. A guy so big and heavy shouldn’t be able to jump so high. He’s explosive, athletic, and has an NBA ready body that most veteran defenders are not going to be willing to take a charge from.

Also, he’s way more than a dunker, as he’s constantly stated. His defense is underrated, and so is his ball-handling. He’s got the highest PER ever for a college player with 44.43, so there’s no doubt why most NBA teams are desperate to get his hands on the potential generational prospect.

Barring injury or a major disaster, he’s a lock to be the next 1st overall pick, and today, we’re going to let you know about the top 5 teams most likely to Draft him.


5. Atlanta Hawks

Sitting at a 12-29 record, the Atlanta Hawks currently have a 10.5% chance to get their hands on Duke’s most exciting prospect ever. Next to John Collins, they’d have the best young frontcourt in the league for years.

Trae Young is still coming together and has shown glimpses of greatness, but even if he winds up being an average playmaker, they could be something else in the pick-and-roll. Still, we wouldn’t like to see him land in such a small market.


4. New York Knicks

With their 10-31 record, the New York Knicks currently have a 13.2% chance of Drafting Zion Williamson with the 1st overall pick, and he’s already shown a lot of respect from Kristaps Porzingis by not using his locker room.

The Knicks could trade Kristaps Porzingis until the February deadline in order to make a run at Durant in the summer, and their pitch would be way more impressive if they have Zion Williamson to sign one of the best players in the league.


3. Chicago Bulls

Also, with a 10-31 record, the Chicago Bulls have a 13.3% chance to have the 1st overall pick again, hoping Zion Williamson isn’t another Derrick Rose for them, but rather another player of the likes of Michael Jordan.

The Bulls are already stacked with young talent at the frontcourt with Lauri Markkanen and Wendell Carter Jr, but they’d be the dumbest team in the history of the NBA if they passed on Williamson because of fit. Take the best talent, that’s the premise.


2. Phoenix Suns

With a 10-33 record, the Phoenix Suns have a 14% chance to get yet another 1st overall pick to try and put an end to their everlasting rebuilding process, and landing Zion would definitely be a step in the right direction.

There’s simply no way defenders could contain a Zion-Ayton frontcourt. With that kind of physicality, defenders know their due for a major beating on a nightly basis, and they would only need a point guard to finally compete.

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1. Cleveland Cavaliers

With an 8-34 record, the Cleveland Cavaliers could land yet another 1st overall pick, taking the so-called next LeBron James to kickstart their new era, even though they’re facing the risk of losing their 1st round pick for the Patrick McCaw deal.

Either way, getting Zion would be the perfect way to go full circle and bring back hope for Ohio fans after LeBron’s second departure, as well as entice top-tier free agents to go back to the Q, as the Cavaliers aren’t the most attractive market in the world.

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