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With 2019 set to close in a few months, NBA.com took it upon themselves to finish with a bang.

Earlier today, the league released their selections for the All-Decade teams — that is, the top lineup of players from the year 2010 to 2019. Their selections were based off the past decade alone, meaning any accomplishments before do not count.

Of course, the backlash was inevitable, and the teams have been scrutinized since their release. But what do you think? Did the NBA get it right?

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All-Decade First Team

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Steph Curry, James Harden, LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant


All-Decade Second Team

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Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, Blake Griffin, Anthony Davis


All-Decade Third Team

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Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant, Paul George, Giannis Antetokounmpo, LaMarcus Aldridge


Despite some notable no-shows (Dirk Nowitzki, Chris Bosh, Tim Duncan, Kevin Love, Damian Lillard), it is a pretty decent list that really encompasses the best of the 2010s. People will debate it anyway.

But as we enter a new era of pro-basketball, the question will now become this: who is next? With plenty of young stars eager to take their place on the mantle, it will be fun to see who ends up on a similar list by 2029. We have a few guesses…