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Throughout the course of history, the NBA has seen some players make a huge impact on ways that is highly unlikely that someone ever beats their records.

Either because of their durability and longevity, rule changes, different styles or because of the fact that players nowadays tend to rest and manage their load, some records are almost impossible to be broken.

So, which are the most impressive records in the history of the NBA? will they be broken by active players? Let’s break it down:


NBA All-Time Points Leader


Kareem Abdul Jabbar – 38,387 PTS

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Player Who Can Break It


LeBron James – 33,416 PTS

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LeBron James is currently 4th all-time in the scoring list. He only trails Kobe Bryant, Karl Malone, and obviously Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He needs to score 4,965 points to climb all the way to the 1st spot. So, if he averaged 25 points per game, he’d only need 198 games to break that record, which would be little over two seasons. He still has three years left on his contract, so barring a major injury, he’ll definitely break this record.


NBA All-Time Rebounds Leader


Wilt Chamberlain – 23,924 REBS


Player Who Can Break It


No One

The closest player to Wilt is Dwight Howard, who has grabbed 13,427 boards throughout his career. He’s still 10,497 rebounds behind. If he grabbed 10 boards per game, he’d still need 1,049.7 games, which would mean playing 12 more seasons in the NBA.


NBA All-Time Assists Leader


John Stockton – 15,806 AST

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Player Who Can Break It


No One

The closest player to John Stockton’s record is Chris Paul, who has handed out 9,411 assists over the course of his career. He would need to hand out 6,395 more dimes until the end of his career just to tie his record. If he averaged 10 dimes per game, he’d still need to play almost 8 more seasons in the league, which is unlikely given his history with injuries and the fact that he’s already 34 years old.


NBA All-Time Steals Leader


John Stockton – 3,265 STL


Player Who Can Break It


Chris Paul – 2,176 STL

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Chris Paul is the only player in the league that could currently break John Stockton’s steal record. He’s now 9th all-time in the list, and is just 1,089 steals behind John. Throughout his career, Paul has averaged 2.2 steals per game. If he keeps that pace, he could pass Stockton in 495 games, six years from now. It’s a long shot, but he could pull it off.


NBA All-Time Blocks Leader


Hakeem Olajuwon – 3,830 BLK

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Player Who Can Break It


No One

The closest player to Hakeem’s record right now is Dwight Howard, who’s currently 17th all-time with his 2,102 blocks. He averages 1.9 blocks per game per his career, but the fact that he’s playing limited minutes coming off the bench, his proneness to get hurt and his age, it’s highly unlikely that he can take that record down. He’d need to play 909 more games swatting 1.9 shots per game just to tie him.


NBA All-Time Turnovers Leader


Karl Malone – 4,524


Player Who Can Break It


LeBron James – 4,294

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LeBron James is on pace to break Karl Malone record for most turnovers ever as he’s only trailing him by 230 turnovers. Thus far, the King is turning the ball over 3.7 times per game, which means he’s just 62 games away from having the least honorable record in the league.


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