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It’s not every day that you just rin into a 7-foot, 300 pound retired NBA superstar big man. But for Patrick Martin, he encountered Shaq at a Best Buy, of all places, and came out one lucky man.

Patrick Martin says he was at the Best Buy in McDonough, Ga., looking to buy a laptop on Wednesday when he spotted NBA legend, Shaquille O’Neal. In a self-made Facebook post in which he recalled the events, Martin says he offered his sympathies to Shaq about the deaths of Kobe and O’Neal’s sister, Ayesha Harrison-Jex, who died in October after a battle with cancer.

As an acknowledgment of the good gesture, O’Neal told Martin to “pick the nicest one in here and I’ll pay for it.” IT was just two guys being nice to each other, and it’s a happy story we all probably needed this week.

(via Patrick Martin/Facebook)

The story really just shows how much being kind can have a positive impact on someone. For Shaq, he was clearly moved enough by Martin’s condolences to pay it forward with a new laptop. For Martin, he’s been blessed with a new piece of equipment that he didn’t have to pay for — an experience that will likely make a lasting impression.

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