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One of the biggest suggested additions to NBA All-Star weekend is a 1-on-1 tournament between the league’s best players. Can you imagine guys like Bron, Giannis, Harden, Kyrie, Dame, and Luka going at it in a 1-vs-1 matchup?

A lot of people are into the idea, but not everyone is keen on it. When asked about who he’d like to face in a tournament, he quickly shot it down, saying basketball is a “team sport.”

Russ has been criticized in the past for his approach to the game. Seemingly “hunting” for stats, there are questions about his humility and team-sacrifice.

But Russ has made it clear lately, and especially in recent weeks, that he is all about putting the team first. He’s near the top of the league in assists and seems to be adjusting his game to fit his team.

The idea of Russ going against another superstar individually, in front of the whole world, seems like an awesome sight to behold. But, judging from Westbrook’s own words, we shouldn’t hold our breath in anticipation of it actually happening.

We’ll just have to keep on dreaming.

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