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Derrick Jones Jr. Explains How He Knew Aaron Gordon Wouldn't Get A 50 On His Final Dunk



As usual, the NBA Slam Dunk contest was followed by controversy.

In what was a very tight affair, Aaron Gordon lost to Derrick Jones Jr. in a contest that some say could have hone either way. Was Gordon robbed once again, or was Jones Jr., really the better dunker last night?

The deciding factor ultimately came down to the final slam by Gordon, who made it over 7'5" center, Tacko Fall. It was a great finish but did not earn a 50 from the judges. According to the winner (Jones Jr.), he knew it wasn't worthy of a perfect score.

Looking back on the footage, there is no arguing the truth. Gordon does, indeed, clip Tacko's head. Usually, it results in a ding on the final count.

The fact that Fall is literally over 7 feet tall is nothing to scoff at. Had he been a foot shorter, Gordon clipping his head would have been much less understandable.

The fact that Gordon did this at all, on the first try, is seriously impressive. There is certainly a case to be made that he should have gotten a perfect score.

Alas, we'll never get the chanc eto change any of that now.