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Michael Jordan is often classified as the greatest basketball player to ever walk the earth. He’s also got a mean tongue.

Throughout his years in the NBA, Jordan was no stranger to trash talk. He routinely laid into his competition and was able to back up his words with dominating performances on the court. It’s also important to note that MJ had a knack for exacting revenge against those who tried to talk smack to him.

In one particular instance, he made Kevin Garnett pay after he ran his mouth at MJ. This is the story, as told by KG himself:

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“I can’t even really describe the next six to seven minutes of play,” Garnett explained. “In the next six to seven minutes of play, y’all, we get two 10-second [violation] calls. We down 25 now, it was just at two. Mike had 18, he had 40 now. J.R., myself, we ain’t scored in ’bout four minutes. It got bad quick, yo.”


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It’s a pretty stellar story and shows the nature of MJ’s mentality. When Jordan gets activated, it’s a wrap. Garnett paid the price and clearly learned his lesson. It’s just not a good idea to make the GOAT angry.

And yes, there are probably plenty more stories like this one out there.

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