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Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James — it’s the ultimate debate. And while “The Last Dance” may have hurt James’ case, not everyone is so keen to crown Jordan as the GOAT.

One of LeBron’s former teammates, Channing Frye, recently chimed in to give his take and said that, without accounting for titles, LBJ is the clear greatest player ever.


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Okay, so, putting titles aside, let’s compare James to Mike.

LeBron has scored more points, is averaging more assists and rebounds, has more All-Star appearances, and has more All-NBA selections. Jordan, on the other hand, has more MVPs, more All-Defensive team selections, and has more than triple the number of scoring titles.

They each have their own advantages, and it’s pretty close when you ignore Championships.

But should we? The true mark of greatness is winning and even though it requires a good team, the best players are usually the ones leading their squads to the top. Winning is the whole point, after all, and can we really measure a player’s career without factoring in title wins?

Needless to say, many feel the same way — which is why Jordan often gets put the King.

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