It looks like Allen Iverson is still scoring out there. The Philadelphia 76ers legend recently turned 45 and he apparently hasn’t stopped celebrating. AI is now involved in rumors suggesting he’s dating one former NBA player’s ex-wife.

In recent hours, rumors have grown saying the Answer is dating Shannon Brown’s ex-wife, Monica Sparks. Sparks was married with the former Los Angeles Lakers star for eight years before they decided to get divorced a look for different paths.

Well, it looks like Monica’s journey found her with Iverson after pictures surfaced of her with Philadelphia 76ers legend.

As expected, fans were crazy about it, with some even claiming they could see the pair getting together.

They haven’t confirmed anything yet, but a picture says more than words. They’re single, they’re young and seeing the reaction of fans, they sure do a great couple.

AI recently made the headlines with the payment he’s set to receive once he turns 55 in 10 years and if things go well, he’ll have plenty of things to buy for Monica.