(via Forbes)

One of the biggest concerns about the NBA restart in Orlando is how (and if) players will abide by quarantine rules. They are expected to spend weeks in quarantine away from their families, away from their homes, and away from any worldly pleasures that might risk exposure.

People are optimistic that these players will endure this stretch, but it seems someone may have already broken “bubble” protocols.

On Twitter, a user admitted to getting an “invite” to Orlando, seemingly suggesting that some kind of party was already set. Nobody knew who this player was until Mo Bamba apparently sold him out…

Mitchell has yet to comment on if this accusation is true, but the original poster “denied” it was him who invited her.

Whether she’s trying to cover for Mitch or it was someone else who issued the invite, every person not directly related to the NBA who makes contact with a player could threaten the status of the season.

With cases in Orlando already high and the steps they’ve taken to ensure the safety of their players, it’d be devastating news if a player came back positive for COVID-19.

Hopefully, invites to Orlando are kept to a minimum so that these players can stay safe and the season can finish without a hitch.