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NBA Superstars often have multiple attributes that allow him to affect the game in many ways. If a player does not have more than a few strong attributes, it is hard for that player to be a superstar.

But what if we had the chance to choose three excellent superstar attributes to form one dominant player? We are going to select a total of nine attributes that NBA superstars currently have, and only three will be combined to form the best possible player. Using the main attribute of 9 distinct superstars, we will choose the three best attributes out of all of them.


Giannis Antetokounmpo – Size

Giannis Antetokounmpo is built unlike any other player we have ever seen. He’s 7 ft tall, is extremely long, and moves like an ultra-athletic guard. His size helps him dominate the game because he has the height of a center and an incredible wingspan.

His incredible size allows him to dominate the game in many ways, especially defensively and on the boards. Offensively, he’s simply unguardable in the paint. There is a reason why the Bucks have the best record in the NBA, and Antetokounmpo’s size is the major factor why.


Stephen Curry – Shooting

(via CBS Sports)

Not much has to be said here. Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter in basketball history. Nobody can get hot from the perimeter like Stephen Curry. He has unlimited range, shoots a very high percentage, and drains three as if they’re free throws. Even his free throw percentage is high, and there isn’t a bad shot for him.

If the perfect player is going to dominate the game offensively, he is going to have to be able to shoot the ball. Since nobody can shoot like Stephen Curry, this attribute will be highly valued.


LeBron James – Basketball I.Q.

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LeBron James has a ton of excellent attributes, but his basketball I.Q. is his best one. No player in the game today can read the game like LeBron James, and he has been one of the best passers in the NBA since his rookie season. His on-court awareness is sensational, and he controls the game in every way imaginable.

When LeBron James has the ball, everything stops and he dictates the pace of the game. As the leading assist man in the league, James has the highest basketball IQ.


De’Aaron Fox – Speed

(via Sports Illustrated)

Make no mistake, De’Aaron Fox is a lightning bolt on the court. When he has the ball and is running at full speed, he is a blur. He is most likely the fastest player in the league right now, and his ability to attack the rim and get inside the paint is his greatest strength. Fox’s speed is the reason why he does what he does on the court.

If the ultimate NBA player has Fox’s speed, he’ll be able to get anywhere he wants on the court to dictate the offense and put consistent pressure on the defense.


Kyrie Irving – Dribbling

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Kyrie Irving seems to break an ankle every time he’s on the floor. He very well might be the greatest dribbler that we have ever seen. He has the ball on a swivel, with the ability to do whatever he wants with the ball when it’s in his hands. Kyrie has an array of spin moves, crossovers, and stepbacks, making him a sensational offensive player.

If an NBA player has Kyrie’s dribbling attribute, you will be able to create his own shot from anywhere on the court. He can create space for a jumper or keep the defense guessing and attack the rim off the triple threat.


Chris Paul – Passing

(via NY Daily News)

Chris Paul is one of the best leaders in the game today, but his passing is his best attribute. Paul can make any pass on the floor, from any range. But his accuracy is off the charts since he always makes the right pass to the open man and runs the pick and roll to perfection every time.

This is a reason why Chris Paul is known as one of the greatest point guards to have ever played. If the NBA’s ultimate superstar has Chris Paul’s passing ability, he would be the ultimate leader and playmaker on the court.


Kawhi Leonard – Defense

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There are some really good defenders in the NBA today, Kawhi Leonard has the greatest defensive potential due to size and naturally born gifts. Kawhi’s massive hands help him knock the ball away and also contest shots. Leonard is a 2-time Defensive Player of the Year and one of the best perimeter defenders ever.

If the NBA’s perfect superstar has Kawhi Leonard’s defensive ability, he would have an ultimate all-around game that would make him extremely impactful on both ends of the floor.


Russell Westbrook – Heart

(via ABC13 Houston)

Russell Westbrook has a lot of strong attributes to his game, but his heart stands out from the rest. Russell Westbrook is a modern-day Allen Iverson, with the way he attacks the basket with no fear and always doesn’t mind getting knocked to the floor. Russ literally plays with every bit of energy he has in his body every game.

Nobody in the game today gives 110% like Russell Westbrook, and he wants to play every game to dominate it. This kind of mentality and heart is what is needed to succeed at the highest level.


Damian Lillard – Clutch

(via NBA.com)

Damian Lillard has ice in his veins. This man is basically responsible for ending Dwight Howard’s tenure in Houston, and even the Paul George- Russell Westbrook tandem in Oklahoma City. Anytime Lillard has the ball with the game on the line, it is pretty much game over. His deep range shooting and killer instinct allow him to dominate clutch situations.

If the perfect NBA Superstar wants to succeed in the clutch and make big shots, he would have to inherit Damian Lillard’s ability to come up in big moments.


My Choice:

LeBron James I.Q, Stephen Curry Shooting, Russell Westbrook Heart

This player would be unstoppable on both ends of the floor. LeBron’s I.Q. would give this player unbelievable passing ability and on-court awareness, while Curry’s shooting will open up the game for him tremendously. The mix of these two attributes would give this player a perfect offensive game.

With unlimited range, he would force the defense to keep close to him. When double-teamed or run off the three-point line, he would be able to read the floor to make perfect passes or score the ball efficiently. This player will have no weakness offensively.

To cap it off, this player will have Westbrook’s heart. A player with LeBron and Curry’s talent will go a long way if he plays like Russell Westbrook since he will be at his best every moment of the game.