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In the aftermath of the Los Angeles Clippers elimination at the hands of the Denver Nuggets, Damian Lillard took to Twitter to roast the Californians with jabs aimed at Paul George and Patrick Beverley. The Clippers collapsed in Game 7 after having a 3-1 advantage entering the fifth game of the series. The Nuggets found a way to beat them and now are set to play in the Western Conference Finals against the Lakers.

Lillard and CJ McCollum had no mercy with the Clips, taking shots while the Clippers were eliminated from playoff contention.

Dame was a guest on SportsCenter, where Stephen A. Smith asked him about these comments. The 30-year-old simply replied he was trying to follow McCollum’s game and just have fun while the Clips’ dream fell apart.

“I wasn’t even really watching the game. I started watching like in the 3rd quarter. I honestly thought the Clippers was going to get it done, you know they’re a great team and once I saw they were down I was like ‘man, this game is getting interesting,’ so I kinda just tuned in at that point and I got a tweet from CJ and he was like ‘man, you got some room in Cabo?’ you know, just throwing a joke out there then I was like ‘man, if this really happened, this would be crazy if they really lose this game’ and I just sent a tweet after that, you know, I was just being funny, man,” Lillard said.

Lillard and the Clippers had some beef during the seeding games, which escalated from the court to social media and eventually saw the family of Lillard and Paul George involved in the whole situation. They had reportedly fixed things and everything was good between both parties but Dame didn’t miss the chance to roast the Clippers after a disastrous elimination.